avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

An excellent start to the month as we went 3-0 last night for some good money.

We had the Florida Panthers to beat the Washington Capitals. Panthers were 2.30 odds to win that one and they delivered in a big way with a 5-2 win over the Capitals.

We also doubled up on the Oilers game with McDavid back and HOLY CRAP what a goal he scored. I’ve said it before but the mental game is so huge in hockey and we saw great evidence of that last night. We had Over 5.5 goals at 1.95 and also Oilers to win in regulation at 2.25 odds.

So yeah – an awesome night and hopefully we can continue. This is usually a good time for the bets because each game matters so much more now. The all star break is over with and teams are starting to really look at the standings and realize how important each individual game is.

Props to Sidney Crosby last night for a nice hat trick. The Penguins have really changed recently and it’s good to see. It also helps that they can’t defend to save their lives so it’s made for a lot of tight but fun games.

Sabres vs Canadiens Betting Tips:

I hate, hate, hate, hate doing this – but I have to go with the Buffalo Sabres over the Montreal Canadiens.

Watching the Habs is so tough at the moment because you just can’t put your finger on what is wrong. They look like a team that could turn it around any second.

Montreal look lost, Sabres have had some solid road wins(Senators, Coyotes, Wild and Jets in the past 3 weeks) and Buffalo have a good recent history in Montreal. The odds are just too good to ignore here.

Sabres to win.

Canada: 2.36 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.
USA: +136 Odds at BetOnline..
Everyone Else: 2.36 Odds at Pinnacle Sports..

That’s the only tip for tonight. Wings vs Lightning is always a tricky game. The under is appealing but you have two solid offenses who can catch on fire out of nowhere. And while the Hurricanes had two great results prior to the all star break their road form is still suspect to say the least. This is one game where I’d rather see how the teams perform post-break before tipping them in any games.

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Arto Reinikainen

Solid night of hockey yesterday. Really felt like we’re due for a great 30 or so games.

I thought about the Sabres for a good 30 minutes today and while i do think their odds are probably worth it, the Habs shaked off their rust yesterday. Sabres haven’t played in over a week. This could potentially play a big role in Montreal getting a rare win as getting the lead would be huge for them in a tight game. Also they scored 7 goals against Buffalo earlier this season which could help the mental-side of things. For me this game’s got too many variables.

But i do like the Bolts and Flames carve out wins tonight. Both teams are better than their opponents and want payback for earlier losses – at home i think this is an advantage for some extra jump.

Anyway, not a single “must-bet” game tonight, so im going to keep the stakes at low amounts.

Good luck !


Good calls again Arto. I stayed away tonight because it felt pretty slim. Nice to see you pick up where you left off.


Great start post all-star guys! 4-0!! Always tough to bet on “your” team but way to be rational about it. I feel for you Habs.