avatar Written by Scott on Friday, February 5th, 2016

The great start to February continued last night as we went a perfect 3-0 to bring us to  7-0 on the month.

We first went with the Oilers to continue their momentum with McDavid back and beat the Sens and they did.  The Oilers won 7-2 and McDavid picked up 2 assists.  Eberle had a good game too scoring twice and adding a helper.

Next we had Over 5 in the Hawks – Coyotes game and this went over with ease when the Hawks won 5-4 in OT thanks to a goal from Toews which was his 5th OT winner of the year.

Last we had the Stars to beat the Avs and this was a close one but it was Dallas winning 4-3 in OT. 

Graeme is off to Vegas to watch the Super Bowl at a sportsbook so I’ll be doing the tips for the next little while.

We have a slower night of action tonight with only 4 games.  Let’s keep the winning streak alive with the NHL Betting Tips for Friday, February 5th

Penguins vs Lightning Betting Tips:

With the exception of 1 game, the Pens have had some high scoring games of late.  Their last 6 games had goal totals of; 11, 2, 9, 7, 7 and 5.  They’re on a 4 game win streak and need to gain ground with their push for the playoffs.

The Lightning are 9-1 over their last 10 and are on a 2 game win streak. Their last 7 games have had a mix of high and low scoring games with a 7, 9 and 10 in there.

The Penguins have had the Lightnings number over the last 10 meetings going 8-1-1 but the average total goals during those games is 7.40.  The first game between these 2 this year was a 5-4 Tampa Bay win.  You have to like the chances of an over in this one.

Over 5

Coyotes vs Ducks Betting Tips:

The Coyotes are 3-5-2 over their last 10 and are on a 3 game losing streak. They played last night and lost to the Hawks 5-4 in OT.

The Ducks have caught fire going 8-2 over their last 10 including winning their last 5 games. The played last night and won 4-2 against the Kings.  After their horrible start to the year the Ducks have climbed back into the playoff picture and currently sit in 8th in the West.

With their hot play of late, playing at home and taking on a struggling Coyotes team I like the Ducks in this one.

Ducks in regulation


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I’m not sure of the Over in the Pens-Bolts game; Pens are w/o Malkin and a lot of good teams have trouble scoring vs Bolts. Not much value anywhere else in that game.

Calgary should destroy CBJ so I’m betting they pile up the goals. Flames -1.5 and O3..5

POD (parlay of the day) – single ML Canes, Flames, Ducks. pays 4:1
Canes are the better team than Jets right now and they come into this game with some rest. Flames-see above. Ducks are on fire and playing with confidence. Both teams played last night but Yotes traveled to Anaheim last night after their tough game vs CBH. After tonight, they will be 2-10. Come to think of it, Ducks -1,5 isn’t a bad value play

Eduardo Caldeira

Good tips , I would also add Calgary RT (even if the odd fell I caught it at 2.00 , knew they where going to drop it, while they are fresh Columbus had a tight game yesterday against the nucks and with the big win against the Canes and normally by Calgary being a much better team at home then away, looks very good for another win and also a very big game if they want to keep their chances of getting a spot (not that I think they are going to make it , but looks a very good game to pick up pace and a streak)

Arto Reinikainen

I see you guys have had a fantastic post-break, good job !

For some reason i got excited last night and had a bet on every single game and it ended up paying off, going 10/12 and more than tripled 500 unit overall stake. I got every single OT game right which was remarkable and some ridicilous odds like the Ducks at 3.3 (wtf?). Too bad it was a busy night so i didn’t have the time to post anything here.

Tonight i feel like the Bolts and Ducks are pretty much must-bets.

Losing your star player for one game doesn’t always mean everything, but without Malkin the Pens are terrible, almost laughable in fact. Their whole bottom 6 is AHL-caliber and Cullen as your 2nd line C feeding Kessel ? Good luck with that. Not to mention their below average defense.. Yeah i can see the Bolts having a bit of fun tonight. Pens are dynamite at home right now, but not on the road. Same can be said for the Bolts but since this game is at their building i think they can get it done in regulation. Nothing is ever (or, almost) easy in the NHL though, and the Pens will try their hardest. But i just don’t see the Bolts letting this one slip away.

The first thing that came to my mind when thinking about the Coyotes-Ducks came was a coyote thrown into a cage with a bunch of lions. They’ve lost 3 in a row, no time to rest after last night’s OT game, the Ducks are on fire, licking their chops to avenge all the 3 losses they’ve had vs Arizona this season, at their building… i mean, if they Coyotes somehow avoid losing this game then im going to be absolutely speechless.

It’s hard to tell whether the Jets will be frustrated or not. They had a pretty good game vs the Stars and it just came down to converting your chances which they obviously didn’t do but looking at their interviews after the game guys there didn’t look completely devastated. If i had to choose i’d go with the Jets because they’re clearly the better team and in need of a win, but like i said if it turns out their frustration starts to mount during the game then they will lose.. So i don’t see this game being worth it, i don’t like to guess things.

Tonight’s value bet for me is going to be Jackets-Flames OT. I think a lot of people are expecting the Flames to win and rightfully so, they looked good against Carolina. But they had lost a bunch of games before that and more often than not teams just don’t start smooth-sailing after one win. The Jackets are a resilient bunch right now and can take advantage of their chances. I like their underdog position here and these two being cross-conference teams OT is always more likely, it doesn’t really matter for the Flames if they win after regulation or in regulation. Besides, i don’t think they’ll be as focused as they were in their last game, they got a bit of a breathing room now and i doubt they would see the Jackets as a big time opponent.

These are my thoughts, good luck guys !