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We had a great winning 2-1 night last night. The Grand Salami bet was a little close – we had over 55.5 and there were 56 goals….that was a tight one that we just got on the right side of. The Flyers unfortunately beat the Lightning but I stand by that bet based on the odds alone. And the Leafs got the big win at +150 odds against the Capitals. Beautiful.

Only 3 games on the board last night – and boy am I nervous as the Bruins come to town to take on my Habs. That’s going to be the game of the night. I’m also looking forward to the Stars vs the Oilers. That’s going to be an interesting game with both teams very evenly matched.

Habs vs Bruins Betting Tips: Habs to Have First Powerplay

This is going to be a physical game – and the Bruins are going to be the most physical of all. With this being in Montreal the Bruins are going to be coming out with a lot of stiff challenges to really set the pace.

That’s why todays bet I am recommending is the Habs to have the First Powerplay. I think the Bruins are going to be a bit reckless here and in setting the tone of the game, are going to land themselves with a quick penalty(or 8). The odds of this bet aren’t up yet but you’ll be able to bet this one at TitanBet so register there and check back later in the day for those odds.

Ducks vs Avalanche Betting Tips: Over 5 Goals

Whew – quite a nice over/under line here at just 5 goals for the Ducks vs Avalanche. The Avalanche don’t have a great goals scored average, but both teams have forwards that are on fire at the moment.

Players like Petzlaf, Ryan, Kolvu and even Souray have to be considered for the Ducks, as does Bonino coming off that great hat trick against the Kings. Stastny is also looking good lately, as is Parenteau. Goals are the name of the game here. The best odds for over 5 are at Pinnacle.

Oilers vs Stars Betting Tips: Under 5 Goals:

This is another bet that we need to make purely based on the odds alone. Stars have one of the lowest scoring ratios in the least with under 2 goals per game – AND they’re on the road here where they haven’t been performing great.

The Oilers meanwhile have had some close ones at home, and also really aren’t firing on all cylinders when it comes to goals per game. They’ve lost their last 3 games and are going to be tightening up defensively. Lehtonen is also probably the top player on the Stars right now. The goaltender has been doing great with 65 shots against him in the last couple of starts, and just 60 conceded which is a nice record.

This IS one of those games where everything could go out the window and we could see a crazy 7-4 game but the statistics and betting odds dictate the under 5 points bet. Go for the best odds you can on this one – check out our live betting odds page for that.

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