avatar Written by Scott on Tuesday, February 6th, 2024

2 games yesterday.

The Leafs tied it up with under 5 minutes left but the Isles answered less than 3 minutes later and held on for the 3-2 win snapping the Leafs 3 game win streak and the Isles ended their losing skid at 3 games.  Had the Leafs to win in regulation but Leafs gonna Leaf.

The Rangers beat the Avalanche 2-1 in overtime.  The loss ended the Avs win streak at 3 games and this was the Rangers 2nd win in a row.

8 games scheduled for tonight.

Canadiens vs Capitals Betting Tips:

Both teams have had rough seasons so far.  Both are ranked 7th in their divisions.

The Habs are 3-4-3 in last 10 and on the road they have gone 10-9-5.  They rank 28th in goals and shots, 27th in GAPG and 30th in shots allowed.

The Caps are on a 4 game losing skid and are 4-5-1 in last 10 and 13-7-4 at home.  The are ranked 30th in GPG, 29th in shots, 13th in GAPG and 21st in SOGA.

Either team has shown me anything to back them so I’m passing here.  Would lean towards the Caps but not with enough confidence to make it a play.

Flames vs Bruins Betting Tips:

The Flames are 5-5 in last 10 but 1-4 in last 5 with the win being 1-0 against the Hawks which isn’t exactly something to brag about.  On the road they have gone 10-11-4.  They rank 17th in GPG, 10th in shots, 16th in GAPG and 13th in shots allowed.

The Bruins are 7-1-2 in last 10 and riding a 2 game win streak.  They are 5th in GPG, 18th in shots, 4th in GAPG and 23rd on shots allowed.   At home they have been great going 16-4-3.

With the Bruins playing so well and the Flames on a slump I’ll take the home team Bruins here.

Bruins in regulation

Ontario: 1.85 Odds at Sports Interaction
Rest of Canada: 1.85 Odds at Sports Interaction
USA: -125 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 1.85 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv

(Odds correct as of 2024/02/06 9:27:23 AM EST but are subject to change.)

Jets vs Penguins Betting Tips:

The Jets have lost their last 3 games and are 6-3-1 in last 10.  On the road they are 14-5-3.  They rank 15th in both goals and shots and 1st in goals allowed and 7th in shots allowed.

The Pens are 4-3-3 in last 10 and have gone 12-8-3 at home.  They rank 20th in goals, 5th in shots, 6th in GAPG and 17th in shots allowed.

I want to see the Jets get out of their slump before I tip them and the Pens play of late isn’t encouraging enough for me so I’m passing.

Flyers vs Panthers Betting Tips:

The Flyers limped into the All-Star break losing 5 games in a row but had won the 5 straight before that.  On the road they have gone 14-7-4.  They rank 25th in GPG and 3rd in shots so if they can find a way to start to bury more of their shots they would be in much better shape.  Defensively they rank 11th in GAPG and 5th in shots allowed.

The Panthers are 6-2-2 in last 10 and have won their last 4 games.  They are 14-7-2 at home and rank 13th in GPG, 1st in shots, 3rd in GAPG and 2nd in SOGA.

The Flyers 5 losses were all decided in regulation and if taking the Panthers we would need that to continue.

Stars vs Sabres Betting Tips:

The Stars are 7-2-1 in last 10 and on a 3 game win streak.  They have gone 14-5-4 on the road and rank 3rd in goals,  14th in goals allowed,  17th in shots and 15th in shots allowed.

The Sabres are 6-4 in last 10 and have won their last 2 games.  At home they are 11-12-1 and rank 18th in goals, 19th in goals allowed, 12th in shots and 9th in shots allowed.

I would lean towards a Stars win but it would have to be in regulation and with the Sabres winning their last 2 games and at home I feel better avoiding this one.

Canucks vs Hurricanes Betting Tips:

I’m curious to see if the break did anything to how well the Canucks have been playing.  They are 8-0-2 in last 10 and 15-7-3 on the road.   They rank 2nd in both GPG and GAPG, 27th in shots and 16th in shots allowed.

The Canes have also been playing well of late going 7-2-1 in last 10 and are riding a 3 game win streak.  At home they have gone 15-5-4 and rank 10th in goals, 6th in shots, 12th in GAPG and 1st in shots allowed.

There is value in taking the Canucks but they had some games against teams they should have beat with ease but they couldn’t take advantage one way or another.

Avalanche vs Devils Betting Tips:

The Avalanche played yesterday and lost to the Rangers 2-1 in overtime.

The Devils have played badly recently going 3-6-1 and have dropped their last 2.  They are 14-9-1 at home and are 9th in GPG,  14th in shots, 29th in goals allowed and 11th in SOGA.

The Avs played yesterday and the Devils are looking to get out of their slump I’m passing.

Oilers vs Golden Knights Betting Tips:

The 3rd in the Pacific Oilers are playing so well at the moment that it’s crazy.  They have won 16 straight and are one win off of the 1992-93 Pittsburgh Penguins who had 17.  They are 4th in GPG, 2nd in shots, 8th in GAPG and 3rd in shots allowed.  They have the 4th best powerplay and 5th best penalty kill.  On the road they have gone 13-9-0.

The Knights are in 2nd in the Pacific and are 6-3-1 in last 10.  At home they have gone 18-5-2. They rank 14th in GPG, 7th in GAPG, 13th in shots and 22nd in shots allowed.

The Oilers are 5 points behind the Knights but have played 5 fewer games. 

I want to take the Oilers here but the break has me concerned.   The Knights have been a strong home team too.  Would have to take the Oilers in regulation but I just can’t.

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Leans only:
To WIN moneyline: Dallas
Full game UNDER 7.0: Oilers/Knights

First game back, I’m not getting involved in much. Buffalo up against a quality club will likely lose. Sabres have been winning against bad teams. Philly I can’t figure out, and when Florida is out of sync, it’s crazy.

Winnipeg fully rested, with Monahan added and mostly all back healthy, loaded with high expectations, I can see commanding how this game goes, I’ll be watching that game if I can. Go Jets! Pittsburgh picked up Puljujarvi, who with the Oilers couldn’t seem to fit in on ANY plays, and the Oilers have been trying many things.

No team has scored more than 2 goals against the Oilers in their last 10 games, and the Knights are also strong on defense. I think it’s going to be a low-scoring event. Both teams can unleash goals but are prepping for the playoffs and need integrity of team strategy, and the clampdown has obviously started in Edmonton. OVER games should be more the rarity there now. An OVER is a possibility, as these two teams are fast and highly talented on offense, but they are also fast enough to keep obstructing each other’s flow of playmaking, which helps the goalies see shots clearly.

The Flames will have many important player changes and adjustments in tonight’s game, but while I expect them to play very well and highly motivated, starting off against Boston may not be where they get to first see great results on the scoreboard. Could be a great second half of the season for the Flames, but I’ll wait a day before I put money on anything.

Most OVER/UNDERs and props I’m not touching in this situation.


Vegas +130

I don’t mind taking a shot on Vegas at these odds. Especially if Hill starts tonight. Vegas has a better than 43 percent chance to win this game in my opinion, so it’s worth it to me to go against the Oilers here.

Asle MartinsenD

I gotta back the Oilers tonight. I like this Vegas team, but I feel last season and this one are for breaking records. And it’ll make an already good game even better. Oilers in regulation!

Also believe Bruins and Panthers will take it home, but I don’t trust them to do it in regulation.

Canucks though, if they’re to win, I think they’ll do it in regulation. They rarely go to OT. But Canes should be performing like they’ve done lately, and underperformed big prior to their late form. Open game. It’ll be interesting to see who picks up where they left off after the break!


Dominant 2nd period by Edmonton but still tied. Edmonton really in the offensive zone nearly the entire period. It’ll be interesting to see if any frustration sets in for Oilers still tied at 1. Also interested to see how Vegas responds in the 3rd or if it’s just more of the same. Hard to see Vegas surviving another 20 minutes like they just did.

Live line Edmonton -135 and Vegas +105.

I get the tie score after two. But if you liked Edmonton before the game it’s hard to not like anything you just saw and feel any different. So I’m a little surprised Vegas odds have dropped.

Small sample situational Vegas when tied after two at home 2-2-1 and 6-3-2 overall. Edmonton when tied after two away 3-0-0 and 6-1-1 overall.

After surviving the second I’ll still ride with Vegas to show something last period. But the first five minutes will tell me a lot. If Edmonton picks up where they left off, regardless of result, it’s hard to argue that was the right side.

Over Under set at 4.5 and shaded to the Over which is a little surprising,but I guess you would factor potential empty netter if one team gets ahead 2-1. And still potential for both teams to score which would push it to the over as well. I’m interested to see how it plays out.