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8 games yesterday.

Had the Bruins to win in regulation but they came out flat and were down 2-0 at the start of the 3rd.  In the end it was the Flames winning 4-1.  They outshot the Bruins 29-22.

The Canucks beat the Hurricanes 3-2 with Lindholm scoring twice in his debut for the Canucks.  The Pens beat the Jets 3-0 and this was the Jets 4th straight loss.

The Flyers beat the Panthers 2-1 to snap their 5 game losing skid.  The Knights beat the Oilers 3-1 ending their win streak at 16 games which was one off of the record and the Devils beat the Avalanche 5-3.

Only 3 games tonight.

Lightning vs Rangers Betting Tips:

The Lightning have been off since last Saturday so they have had 11 days off.  In their last 10 they have gone 8-2-0 and are on a 3 game win streak.  They’re 6th in GPG, 23rd in GAPG, 19th in shots and 12th in shots allowed per game.  They are 10-13-2 on the road.

The Rangers won their last game against the Avalanche 2-1 in OT.   They’re on a 2 game win streak and are 5-4-1 in last 10.  They have gone 16-7-0 at home and rank 12th in GPG, 9th in GAPG, 12th in shots and 6th in SOGA.

I’m a little worried about tipping this game with the Lightning having so much time off as we have seen some weird results from teams coming off of the break.

Stars vs Leafs Betting Tips:

The Stars played yesterday and beat the Sabres 2-1.  They have won 4 straight and are 7-2-1 in last 10.  They are 3rd in GPG, 16th in shots, 13th in GAPG and 18th in shots allowed.  On the road they have gone 15-5-4.

The Leafs lost their last game to the Isles.  They’ve gone 4-5-1 in last 10 and rank 9th in goals, 7th in shots, 21st in goals allowed and 19th in shots allowed.  At home they have gone 11-10-2.

No confidence in the Leafs and the Stars on a back to back on the road I have to skip.

Wild vs Blackhawks Betting Tips:

Wild on a 2 game losing skid.  They have gone 4-5-1 in last 10 and are 9-12-2 on the road.  Statistically they haven’t been very good either ranking 18th in goals, 20th in shots, 25th in goals allowed and 20th in shots allowed.

The Hawks are the Hawks.  They are in last place in the league and are 2-8-0 in last 10 and are on a 4 game losing skid.  At home they have gone 10-11-1 and are 31st in both goals and shots, 28th in goals allowed and 27th in shots allowed.

I have no faith in either team here and both have been off since January 27th so it’s an easy pass.

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