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These are some amazing schedules that the NHL has came up with this season. A full board of games on the Thursday, then on the Friday we have ONE game? One stinking game? Although it is an intriguing one as the Anaheim Ducks visit the Dallas Stars, and we’ll talk about that in a minute.

Quite the day of hockey yesterday. The Blackhawks continue to look absolutely scary. Whatever the opposite of the Blackhawks are – that’s the Capitals. The Habs blew their chance at victory, completely blowing a 4-2 lead to lose in shootout. And in even bigger news – Phil Kessel scored! Holy crap! Going to be interesting to see if he can follow that up now.

So usually every day, we offer 3 betting tips. I prefer doing exactly 3 as it allows me to really narrow down the tips to what I think the best ones are. But today we only have the Ducks vs Stars. So I’m going to give you my best Ducks vs Stars Betting Tip – basically the top tip of the day – then two additional tips that I think you should consider.

Ducks vs Stars Betting Tips: Ducks To Win

The Anaheim Ducks are one of the hottest teams at the moment. Leading their division, they’ve looked great be it home OR away. They’ve also only played 9 games to the Dallas Stars 11 games and are one of the top scoring teams in the league at the moment, averaging 3.44 goals per game.

This early in the season, the lines are always crossed in regard to just how important home advantage is. That’s why a lot of my tips – such as the Blackhawks yesterday – are road teams, because the Vegas lines just aren’t set well enough yet to really factor in home advantage.

Same deal with the Anaheim Ducks vs the Dallas Stars. My top betting tip of the day is to bet the Anaheim Ducks to defeat the Dallas Stars. The odds on this are -120 at most places but you can get a very healthy -110 odds at Pinnacle on this game which is some really nice value.

Ducks vs Stars Betting Tips: Team Scoring First Wins Game: No

This is more a value bet than anything else. The odds on “No” here are +195 over at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv which is a really good value bet. It’s one of those things where the bookies are just assuming a clean sweep for the Ducks here. Even if the Ducks do win, the Stars can often start very fast – and they’ve scored first most of the time at home this season.

Ducks vs Stars Betting Tips: Under 5 Goals

5 is not the best line for an over/under obviously, but that’s why line shopping is important.

If we went to 5Dimes you would get just +105 on the Under 5 line, meaning $100 wins $105. However if we head on over to Pinnacle we get a whopping +116, meaning $116 profits or 10% extra.

This is a good bet. While the Ducks enjoy scoring, they seem to do so while keeping a shutout or close to it. Stars themselves have an average of 2 goals per game(although it’s higher at home). This one ends up at under 5 over 50% of the time, making the +116 a steal.

Bet that at Pinnacle.

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