avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Hi guys,

First let me apologize for the delay in tips today. I’ve been on vacation for the last 2 weeks in New Orleans and Las Vegas, and just got back on Monday.

I spent yesterday and today getting all caught up on NHL. For whatever reason when I’m on vacation I just automatically tune out from sports for the most part. Not sure why that is I think I just generally use it as a break from them considering I watch a ridiculous amount of sports.

Big thanks to Scott for solely covering the tips while I was gone.

Just the one game tonight which is nice to ease myself back into it. I’m a bit rusty and not fully knowledgable of teams momentum etc at the moment. A lot of betting is general “feeling” so it can make it trickier.

More of a Stats based tip tonight.

Blackhawks vs Wild Betting Tips:

I’m going to take Over 5.5 Goals.

No Dubnyk for the Wild tonight and Kuemper is in net. Games go over the majority of the time with him in net, and Crawford is also still extremely leaky.

Fatigue is a slight issue for the Wild and from what I saw last night I wasn’t fully happy with their performance. In saying that, it doesn’t take much for their offense to click and it’s a rare occasion when they don’t.

This is a pretty huge game for both teams. Blackhawks coming off the back of two high scoring road victories know that with Dubnyk out it’s winnable and will be playing strong offensive hockey. The Wild meanwhile simply need to breathe on the puck at home and it goes in the back of the net.

Most signs point to Over 5.5 Goals in this one.

Sorry again about the delay. After consuming 10 days of hockey(watching, reading etc) in about 36 jetlagged hours it’ll be nice to chill back with a beer and focus on just the one game.

Good luck tonight!

PS: WTF is going on with my Habs????

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Sabreen Dhaliwal

It is sad to watch the Canadiens right now.. I hope they pick it up

Eduardo Caldeira

they should pick up julien… would be an excellent signing

losing to the avs is embarrasing but worse is being shoutout LOL


Well, a nice 4 out of 6 night last night. Profit of about 18% of my bankroll. I need to use more than one book for better odds. It hurt to bet PIT regulation. Was going to leave it but couldn’t resist.

My tip/thought for tonight is MIN (TT -2.5). But I think I will be passing on putting money on tonight’s game.

Good luck all touching tonight’s game. Tomorrow has some better value.

Eduardo Caldeira

I think the opposite tbh… Min im not sure if they will win I believe they can score 3 goals … because I believe its an over game

but yes maybe its better to look at the NBA

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Minny TT O 2.5 – Crawford isn’t an elite goalie anymore. His defense hasn’t been very good. The Wild has so much depth on offense that every single line can score.

Good luck all!

NHL Daily Tips

Agree with S&G tonight
Im going for the sameas them, MIN/BLACKHAWKS over 5.5



I took over 5.5 also and I put a small bet on Wilds ML considering their B2Bs with hawks…

NHL Daily Tips

I see your Wild ML, but with Kuemper in goal..? Hopefully a exciting match!


Yeah I know, thats why I placed a small bet on it but at @2.43 I couldn’t resist. I hope it will be an exciting match… It starts for me at 3.05am but I’m still gonna watch it 😀

NHL Daily Tips

I understand! It starts 2.05 AM for me, im watching it too! Blackhawks are my fav team.
Enjoy the night and good luck!


I lean to the over tonight as well. And the Wild TT over 2.5. Hawks have given up 3+ goals a lot recently and the Wild’s offense is rolling right now scoring 4+ goals in 4 of their last 5 games.


I took Hawks TT o2.5. Good luck everyone.


Deciding to take a small bet on the over at -105. Good luck all.