avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, February 9th, 2018

It was a 2-2 night last night, and both losses were just brutal knees to the back of the head. I’d rather have a clash with Alex Burrows than lose in that fashion – and to have both happen in one night – ugh.

Our first loss was with the Islanders. The Islanders were down and out at 3-0 with over half the game played and then mounted an AMAZING comeback to tie the game at 3-3 against the Sabres. We had little time to celebrate before Reinhart scored, made it 4-3 and that was it.

Our other loss was thanks to ANOTHER 3 goal comeback. We had the Wild and they were up 3-0 when the Coyotes came back with a huge comeback including a goal with just 19 seconds left to play to tie it up. Coyotes won it in OT.

Two frustrating losses – such is hockey. Flames delivered for us as they beat the Devils, and the Lightning/Canucks game went over with relative ease so not too bad.

Results like that – particularly the Wild one – can be tilt inducing when it comes to gambling. If you find it’s affecting you emotionally, take today off. If you bet a lot on it and you’re freaking hard – take the night off.

Results like that are why it’s important to have proper bankroll management in play. If you have a maximum unit bet and you bet that on the Wild and it’s really affecting you – that’s a sign your maximum unit bet is too much.

I know how frustrating results like that can be. Coyotes really have nothing to play for. Wild have that excellent home record and Dubnyk has been killing it. Wild are just in a wild card spot at the moment and every win is crucial at this stage. It’s a tough loss to take but you just have to roll with the punches and not go crazy tonight trying to chase the losses.

It’s hockey and the variance in it is crazy. It happens and it sucks but that’s the beauty of the game.

It’s Friday, February 9th and I love Fridays as it’s my day off from work and I use it to chill the hell out and chuck something in the slow cooker for dinner. Both my kids will have friends over so I generally hide out in my man cave. Even moreso because we’re meant to get 20cm of snow today. In 7 hours I’ll be sitting down to watch the hockey, with a few beers and this delicious Mississippi Pot Roast:

Perfect night.

It’s a night where the odds are annoying. We’d like to back the Rangers and the Penguins but the odds are almost insulting – especially the Rangers.

Here’s what we got:

Jets vs Blues Betting Tips:

The Jets are a tremendous team at home and are the best in the NHL at winning in regulation at home. Blues are fairly average on the road.

Jets have Scheifele back now. Hopefully that doesn’t mess things up – you never know about how that will affect things in the short term.

Blues have had some issues lately beating the top teams. I mean the last time they beat a top team in regulation was January 4th when they beat the Knights.

Jets have been the better team this season and we like them to continue their winning ways.

Jets in Regulation

Canada: 2.05 Odds at BetOnline..
USA: -105 Odds at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 2.05 Odds at BetOnline..

(Odds correct as of 2018/02/09 11:55:12 AM EST but are subject to change.)

Unit/Confidence Betting Tips:

(We are experimenting with adding unit/confidence to our betting tips. For more details see this post.)

Jets in Regulation – 1u.

Wings/Islanders Over 6 – 0.5u. Wings offense is struggling but they went into the last game with the Islanders stuttering a bit and they got 6 goals out there. Mrazek is in net but he was last time and Islanders got by him enough. 2.00 or above is fine I see 2.04 at best at BetOnline..

OHL / WHL / AHL / KHL Betting Tips:

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. )

WHL Betting Tips (22-17, +2.33u): 0.5u on Regina in reg at 1.6.

AHL Betting Tips (24-17, +4.94u): The system has 3 big favourites it likes. Your call how you want to bet them but I’m gonna risk a 0.5u treble of Grand Rapids/Marlies/LeHigh in reg at 3.51 odds. Also 0.5u on Ontario Reign incl OT/SO at 2.65.

OHL, WHL & AHL & KHL Betting:

Canadians: Bodog and 888 Sports.
Americans: Bovada.
Everyone Else: 888 Sports.

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Geir Aage R Jensen

Rangers win Reg

Johnny Hockey

I like the OHL/AHL picks – ibet on all four teams 😉


Anyone use Bodog ? Bookie cut OHL, I guess he was losing his shirt.

I’m not interested in their payouts with bitcoin, has anyone used this site with positive payouts ?

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Never really had an issue in regard to getting withdrawals from them. I’ve seen people had the occasional issue with a cheque but Bodog have taken care of it when it happens.

Although I use Bitcoin there these days – I used to get cheque withdrawals or bank transfers.


Bodog are a petty and classless group. That’s all I’ll say



I have an account back when bitcoin was 800$ It was pain in the Azz to cash them. Kick myself every time I bring it up.

I’ll give it another go for OHL as I already have account.

Thx for reply.


The OHL/WHL gms are posted today on BD. Haven’t had any issue with BD on bank transfers.


Rangers, Caps, Red Wings and Stars with 1u;
Hayes, Larkin, Radulov and Silfverberg with 0.5u;
Now I have 5u on TPS ML@2.7. Live bet at the end of the first at 2-1 for Assat.
If i win this i will play also 5u on Rangers in regular time.


Yo dude…I like your picks. What is TPS?


TPS is a team playing in the best league of Finland

Geir Aage R Jensen

I only like 2 of your picks Rangers win Reg and Radulov to score


Assat killed it! No Rangers bet then?

Oliver Trigg

Don’t touch Rangers bru. Take Flames.

Oliver Trigg

Can I just say this now, what the fuck were the Wild playing at last night? 3-0 up and then lose. And Preds doing nothing against the Sens. Wtf.

Picks to follow later.

Renaud Cellini

Fully agree with you …
Bet yesterday on both but fortunetaly on same ticket.
Put lights and stars on both so at least everything was not lost 🙂

Juri Safoshin

That was kind of small miracle, i took -1.5 Wild, but was seriosly thinking to take the -2.5 line.


I lost a parlay that was paying $3000 cause of them ?



Preds cost me £425 last night in a parlay.

To say I’m not amused is an understatement.

Oliver Trigg

Man, hit me for £270. Know your pain. 3-0 and fucking went home. Wild are now the team I hate most in the NHL. Lazy assholes.


Well said G. Feel very lucky today. Focused my resources on TB and backed off on the Wild. Onward and upward guys:)
Was thinking of backing the Rangers but lots of distractions in the organization right now and hard to tell how the team reacts to it. Only scored 10 in last 5 gms. These distractions can help the Flames but it is their 3rd gm in 4 nights. Think I’ll pass.
Think the Caps have the edge on the Jackets based on: home record 19-8-1, beat Clb 3-2 last Sat and offense. Last 5 gms, Caps GF 19 vs Clb GF 10.
Still analysing the other gms:)


Caps Reg
Jets Reg
Ducks Reg

more picks to come


Careful with Ducks!
Our defense really sucks lately.:(


I know that it is not really 100% pick, but they are playing at home and they really need points in the tight playoff race. They are coming off a road trip and I bet they will want to show up in the home game. Also, the reg odd rn is 2.17, I will take a shot in that one.


Luckily, tonight they allowed only 2 goals.


Almost make a heart attack in the last 2 minutes.:)


Yes, they did not have to give up any of those goals, especially the first one.

Renaud Cellini

I put Pings & Caps reg
+ North Caro & Ducks reg
But got suspicions with ducks actually in up & down these last games …


And only to pist everyone off today my Ranger win !!!


Not everyone.:)

Erik Verschuren

Looking good so far my man! 😉


Rangers are a hot mess with talks of blowing up the roster and rebuilding. They aren’t showing any signs of life and the Flames are coming off a huge win against the Devils who are much better than the Rangers. Flames are the 2nd best road team in the league at 15-5-5 .700. Smith in net tonight. Bet the Flames with confidence and for fun bet Monahan to score.


Was thinking of a possible upset too but you’re right It is a stretch. Watch’d the Nucks play Fla & TB and they were awful. Overall, 2.59GF (27th) & 3.20GA (26th) Also 31st in SOG
and they give up the 1st goal a lot! IMO, reasons for a possible upset are the goalie stats. Markstrom (likely) is
4-1-0 (1.70) GA vs Canes; Darling (3.12) GA is starting (daily face off) and Canes are 2.61 (25th) GF & 2.98 (21st) GA. Hope they come through for ya:)


What are the Stats in Stars B2B ?

Geir Aage R Jensen

B. Connolly to score


@Graeme…So how about sharing that recipe with us dude?

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Ha. It’s a nice & simple one.

– 4lbs of chuck roast (beef blade roast in Canada)
– packet of ranch dressing mix
– packet of au jus gravy
– 5-6 pepperoncini peppers
– 1 butter stick

Roast in slow cooker, cover it in ranch, cover it in gravy, put the butter stick on top then throw on the peppers. Then just cook it on low for 8 hrs.


Thanks! sounds perfect for my diet

timo likavčan

Caps and Jets OT for tonight, everything else seems pretty scary for me


Personally considering…
Jets reg (stated above, only downside are the low odds)
Ducks reg (playing home, despite tough luck lately still relevant)
Hurricanes OT (full strength, point motivation against weak Canucks)

Panthers vs Kings might be another interesting match, but recently it had become little too unpredictable, in any case I would still say over 5,5 including OT

In the end I might as well take a night off as I have also suffered Wild’s terrible loss….


I feel your pain, I got destroyed by Preds lack of effort last night. If it helps, Ducks get back Gibson tonight which will be huge boost for the team.

Juri Safoshin

Agree, will try luck again with -1.5 line for Jets, Hurricanes and Ducks.

Dallas Stars, win with OT.

Red Wings win at Regulation. All separate single bets, 1 unit.

Luck tonight !!!

Marius Larsen

Caps reg
Carolina reg
Jets reg

Regina -1
Silvertips -1

My picks for tonight

Matti Tuukkanen

Greetings from Finland,
Been following your tips for around two years every evening (our local time) and then make own bet / decision and in the morning and wake up to see how much I lost during my sleep ;=D

There seems to be good spirit in this discussion in general.

For today´s games let us pick combination as follows:

– NYI in regulation
– Calgary in regulation
– WINnipeg in regulation
– Anaheim in regulation

Simple as that guys!

Oliver Trigg

Don’t touch anything Islanders. Anything they touch turns to shit, and they have Greiss in goal.

Tony Le

Duck reg and over
Cap reg and over
Pen reg and over

Proline combo 6 for 0.05 u :))
I have to take a month off my bankroll
Got damages big time this week

Oliver Trigg

Don’t count out Stars. Pens have trouble on the road and little success in Dallas.


Iszzzz Wings Under 6 -110

I’ll add a few more. Few changes in line ups came out to make me have sec thoughts.

For what it’s worth Pitts and Colum
“Dads trip “ no one wants to play shitty in front of their pops lol


Add Panthers 1st p ML -108

Hate wagering against my boyz but I’ll like $$$ more !


Am I the only one who’s looking at the Canucks tonight. I might just take them for unbelievable value. 4.55 odds against a struggling Carolina team


All trends lean for them to get the W but injuries and back to back and Caro pretty much in must win I’m staying away. Liked it tho.

Oliver Trigg

Wild and Preds can go die in a fire. Lets leave that at the door, that was pathetic by both teams, especially the Wild. Today I include some NBA, as its been kinder to me lately- hockey has been stupidly weird lately.

POTD- Flames Reg (85%)- If you haven’t heard, the Rangers suck and have a lot of key players missing. Rangers have a good record at home to the flames, but much like the Bruins it won’t matter. Flames are on a roll, Rangers are in the sewer. Play the hot hand. You cannot back a rangers side that has been outscored 17-4 in their last 4. OH AND GUYS PAVELEC IN NET.

Caps Reg (65%)- Jackets suck plain and simple. Caps can win this at home.

Jets Reg- Home juggernaut.

Kings ML- They’re the better side, and needing to gain ground to get to the playoffs.

Pistons -3
Cavs -2
Boston -4
Rockets Nuggest under 221


Oliver Trigg

Indiana -6


Jackets Caps under 5.5 -115
Wings islzzz under 6 -105
Panthers 1st p ML -108

Go 2 and 1

Play late game.


2 g 6 shots Det 4 mins in lol o my my Griess lol


LIVE WAGER Iszzzzzz to win !!! 5 min pp
down 54 6 mins to go.

Missed it … fu$k


Before i even read yesterday’s tips I liked Wild last night and Jets tonight. Felt even better when this site was on them as well. What terrible luck last couple nights. Jets really messed up in the 2P by not skating, poor turnovers and awful execution in their own zone. The crazy thing is St. Louis didn’t clear customs until 2am after playing in St. Louis last night.