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Whew – what a game Game 4 was. We picked up the win with the Blackhawks winning at 2.15 odds, but we had to sweat it out. Initially we had debated going with the Over, so we were sitting there in frustration as both teams hammered in goals at will, wondering if we would have to regret that decision.

Thankfully the Blackhawks picked up the win, won Game 4 in a ridiculous 6-5 thriller. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d say. Wow. 11 games, what an incredible match that was.

So with that, Chicago reclaim home ice advantage and host the Boston Bruins tonight, June 22nd, 2013. We hope to continue making money this series – although man, it’s been tough haha. Just an incredible series and with at least 2 more games left, there are expected to be a lot of surprises.

The Blackhawks are heavily favoured tonight at 1.66 odds. Honestly the way this series has gone – there’s value in the Bruins at 2.30 odds. Game 1 was a huge morale killer for the Bruins, but they came back in Game 2 as if Game 1 had never happened. And that one was in Chicago.

We’ve got our Blackhawks to win the cup bet ongoing though, so at this point we’re going to hold off on picking a winner. Instead, due to the higher odds we’re going to go with:

Goal Before 9:30: Yes

The odds for this one are relatively high. 1.80 odds. On average they are around 1.70 odds.

The odds on this are higher due to the fact that in the previous 4 games, only 1 game has had a goal before 9:30. Also this one is expected to be a low scoring game – Under 5 is just 1.66 odds.

The Blackhawks however, have really found a way to unlock the Bruins defense. This was the problem in the first few games – the Hawks struggled to score. Even in Game 1, there were a couple of ugly goals – particularly the overtime winner by Shaw.

Chicago will want to continue their momentum from Game 4. Boston conceded 6 goals in that game, and despite what they say Rask will still be doubting himself slightly. Chicago know their best chance of winning is an early goal to rattle Rask, and they’ll be pushing for that. Boston meanwhile have had no problems finding the net this series.

We like this one to start off fast early. Bet the goal before 9:30 at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

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