avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

It was a night of action packed hockey with some good games.

We thought Bobrovsky was in last night for the Jackets but they ended up pulling him around lunchtime due to illness and Forsberg came in. It looked to be a tight game but two poor goalie performances saw that one go over in an 8 goal thriller.

The Bruins got off to an amazing start against the Blues and while St. Louis clawed their way back into it it wasn’t enough for them as Boston came out 5-3 winners. Marchand grabbed two.

One thing this year seems to be teams who SHOULD be able to wrap up a game in regulation that can’t. Blackhawks and Predators were two of those last night who required overtime to beat their inferior opponents. Both teams blew leads. It can be frustrating from a betting perspective as there’s too much juice to take a team with OT/SO – and we never like to do that with a favourite anyway. Blackhawks and Predators were two teams that we wanted to back yesterday but we could only justify the odds in regulation. Thankfully we stayed away from both there.

We move onto Wednesday, January 11th with a small schedule of just 4 games.

Capitals vs Penguins Betting Tips:

It’s always a fun one when this comes up on the board for me and Scott. I know right off the bat he’s going to want Over 5.5 goals. My job is always to play devils advocate to him – which can be quite tough when you’re trying to argue against a high scoring game with two of the best offenses in the NHL.

However tonight I fully agree with him – Over 5.5 Goals. On one side you have the Washington Capitals who are playing some bloody great hockey at the moment and are on a nice run. On the other side you have the Penguins and you better believe they want to erase the memory of their humiliating loss the last time they played the Capitals. However the Penguins don’t have the ability to stifle a game – I’d be extremely surprised to see a 1-0 win for the Pens or something like that for example.

I’m on Over 5.5 Goals. Letang isn’t fully healthy and Oshie is back which is good too.

Flames vs Sharks Betting Tips:

The Flames have a good home record lately with 4 wins in a row but that’s against the Avs, Coyotes and Canucks(twice). Not exactly what you’d call a murderers row. I’d like to back the Sharks but they’re a hard team to back this season. Their price is nice though. However I’m going to go with Over 5 Goals incl OT/SO. It’s a big divisional game with both teams motivated to win. Flames offense will be wanting to show what they’ve got after being shut out especially being at home.

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Other Game Thoughts:

Islanders vs Panthers: Initially my thought was Over 5 thinking Greiss won’t have the momentum anymore from waivering Halak – then I looked at the odds and I liked Islanders to win. However then I studied the Panthers road form lately and decided to stay away. They’ve had some really impressive close battles and this could be another one. If they get a 1 goal lead I could see it being a bad night for the Islanders.

Jets vs Canadiens: If Price was in net for the Habs I would have been all over them. I still think the Jets will struggle to score but we just don’t have faith in Montoya. Generally for the Habs to win a game with him in net they have to score at least 2. They’re not exactly banging them in on the road. With Laine out for the Jets as well it’s tough to back their offense so the Over isn’t as appealing either. I’d lean Habs because of the price but can’t tip it.

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