avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Another winning night last night with our 0.5u play on the Sens/Leafs Over 6.

Speaking of – a quick clarification about unit/confidence betting after a bunch of comments/e-mails yesterday – this will not affect your ability to follow us or make bets based on our tips.

All we’re doing is advise you bet different amounts depending on our confidence levels for games. That’s it.

So if you normally bet $10 on every tip we give out, if we advise you bet 1u that means you’d bet $10. If we advise 2u, you bet $20. If we advise 0.5u, you bet $5.

You don’t even need to pay attention to that! You can simply ignore the unit betting and bet as per usual. Everything will be the same – the only difference is we’re giving you our level of confidence per bet.

We had some people saying their sportsbooks “dont offer unit betting” but there’s no such thing – it’s something you would be doing, just deciding how much you want to bet on a game. Basically all you’re doing is varying your bet amounts based on confidence.

Hopefully that clarifies but like I said yesterday – leave a question in the comments or hit me up at betnhl.ca@gmail.com and I’m happy to help.

Anyway a good winning start and games like that are why we added the unit betting system – normally Leafs/Sens would not have been a play. As it was, it was a fairly close one that eked over and got us the win which was nice.

I have to say that betting “over 6” and then seeing the game go to 3-3 is probably my favourite thing ever. Because we’re guaranteed a win but it’s still not hit yet – and it’s just a nice feeling at that point after sweating the game – being able to relax and just enjoy it while you wait for that inevitable 7th goal to win your bet officially.

It’s another quiet night in the NHL with just 3 games. I’m fine with that! Since coming back from Scotland I’ve been swamped with work so it’s been nice to have a few quiet nights to really get caught up.

Only the one tip today and it’s goalie dependent:

Capitals vs Hurricanes Betting Tips:

The Capitals have quite the home run going at the moment. They’re coming up on their bye week with back to back games against the Hurricanes then they’re off.

With the last home game before the bye week you’d think THAT would motivate the Caps here along with keeping their run going.

Holtby is expected to be in net which indicates they’re focused on this one. He has a solid record against the Canes.

The Canes are a team I respect, however if Holtby is in net it shows the Caps are taking this game seriously. I’m concerned too about the Caps having to go to OT so often but this is a game they should really take in regulation. Canes had that close game against Tampa but they can’t rely on PPGs like that all the time.

Capitals in Regulation if Holtby is in net

Canada: 2.13 Odds at BetOnline..
USA: +105 Odds at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 2.13 Odds at BetOnline..

(Odds correct as of 2018/01/11 9:46:33 AM EST but are subject to change.)

Unit/Confidence Betting Tips:

(We are experimenting with adding unit/confidence to our betting tips. For more details see this post.)

0.5u: 1-0 (+0.48u)
1u: 0-0
2u: 0-0

Capitals in Regulation – 1u.

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How much units you put on the caps ?

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Listed at the bottom of the post which is where we’ll list all unit sizes – 1u.

Oliver Trigg

Ah poor Graeme & Scott still trying to explain unit betting lmfao. I ended up taking Ottawa yesterday instead of Toronto, as they looked the better side and even after going a goal up were at an underdog price. The over 6 on the game also hit. Hawks unfortunately spoiled the party somewhat, resulting in a small loss for me. Hopefully today we can make some profit-

POTD – Jackets ML/Reg (85%/80%) – It looks like rookie Linus Ullmark is in net for Sabres and it also looks like after a very heated practice defensemen Bogosian is out injured. Kane and Falk seem to have got into a little bit of scrap, and that just screams issues in the camp. Kane has wanted out of the Sabres for a while and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen soon. With a rookie in net, problems in the camp, and against a side that has won 4 of the last 5 meetings I don’t see any hope for the Sabres here. Sabres have won just 4 of their last 20, and I’m surprised the odds are as good as they are on ML for the Jackets. This pick is more of a fade on Buffalo than faith in the Jackets, but the Jackets will get it done. try and get on this before the line drops.

Caps Reg/ML (70%/90%) – The Canes have allowed 12 goals in their last 2 games and are a miserable 7-13 in their last 20 on the road. The Caps are an excellent 17-3 at home, and I don’t see them dropping this game even if Grubbauer is in net, because quite simply both Ward and Darling look poor right now.

Tampa Reg (80%) – The juice again is high on Tampa and there is no value on the ML, but despite Calgarys recent success the bolts should handle them. Calgary have won just 10 of their last 20 on the road, with 4 of those road wins coming in a 4 game stretch at the beginning of the season. Tampa is just the superior team here, with an excellent 16-4 in their lat 20 at home and I won’t put money on a very average Flames side to topple one of the leagues giants. I have faded Calgary in their last 3 games and been burned, but I don’t see that happening again tonight.

**May add some total picks later**

GL to all!

Oliver Trigg

***UPDATE- Holtby is in net for Caps so yeah even more reason to take Caps.


No disagreement from me on these tips. All very solid bets with high degree of confidence.

Oliver Trigg

Here’s hoping it isn’t one of those weird nights.


Seriously! I put some change on these bets


Carolina is the most frustrating team to fade. I wouldn’t back them. I really do think Tampa barries Calgary

Oliver Trigg

I can see that. Last season Canes were always the ones screwing me. I’m hoping with their defensive and goaltending issues that’s not the case tonight.

Oliver Trigg

Did I jinx it ?


Damn.. I don’t usually watch/bet on NBA.. I was gonna hop on with the Celtics but they started already.. I didn’t know NBA starts early on the weekdays..

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

This game is in the UK that’s why.

Oliver Trigg

Wish I had jumped on it when 76ers were up 20+ points. Odds were insane. 25/1 on ML for Boston?!


Haha thank god I did. And also -2,5 pregame, looks good now though

Oliver Trigg

First tip of the day winning! Not going to complain either way!

Oliver Trigg

It’s because it’s in the UK today 🙂

Peter Johns

I need more! Tell me how confident you are about TAMPA and COLUMBUS on a 0 – 10 scale… tks!!

Oliver Trigg

Tampa 8 reg. Columbus 8.5.


I concur


Still good to go large on CBJ?


Buffalo, Caps and Tampa with 1u;
O’Reilly, Skinner and Stamkos with 0.5u.

Johnny Hockey

BET OF THE NIGHT: Caps. Have got a lot of money on them – Let’s go!

Peter Johns

I’m a Caps fan, also have good money on it, but they kinda like letting me down when I do that…. :O

Johnny Hockey

I know ^^ But I’ve got a good feeling. Also on Tampa and the Jackets…


My only game for tonight is Tampa vs Calgary and I say Calgary will win. Its my wish!

Good luck everyone!

Oliver Trigg

Will Lion ever choose a favourite? Find out next time on BetNhl….???


Actually he does but not tonight 😀


I don’t know if you guessed the w or had some inside info.

Congrats on the pick ! That’s a beauty dog win.

Arto Reinikainen

Quick rundown without any in depth write-up:

Last 4 games Calgary beat Chicago, Los Angeles, Anaheim and Minnesota, all good teams so the Flames were battle tested

Last 4 games Tampa lost to Ottawa and Montreal, beat Detroit and Carolina, nothing too impressive

Smith hot lately, Vasilevskiy meh

Calgary won 2 out of last 3 meetings

Odds: Tampa 1.80, Calgary 3.75

Doesn’t make much sense to go for anything else than Calgary from betting standpoint.. Sometimes you have to give credit where it’s due and go for the body of work instead of position on the standings, and the bookies made it easy on this one


I had no look on Calgary. I almost live wagered Tampa to win they were down 1 zip.

LOVE seeing the dogs win. I got Buff tonight. That was my barking dog all the way to the bank.

Don’t be afraid to post sh$t like that. lol

I’ll start writing a bit more. I’ve never been big on write ups as I’m lucky if I finish the week up, it’s a roller coaster ride and I learned long ago, not to get cocky with knowledge of what should happen to win the wager because 50% of the time it never ends up happening lol.
I don’t know where you guys get the time to write the story’s you do but all the info is better than no info !


I am not someone special. Lightning has good position and not much to worry. On the other hand I love how Calgary plays although they lost most of the games that they were playing good. It was my wish and my wish came true.
Btw, I know there is no point to say it now but I had feeling om Sabres and Canes as well. Just wanted to go only with one game.


Well congrats ! I have a look at your picks every once in a while and I’ll give you a lot of credit for NOT being a follower and always picking the chalky obvious favourite.

Best of luck the rest of the season.

Arto Reinikainen

*highfives* nice to see someone else was on Calgary as well 😉


Nice to hear mate! Congratzz

Juri Safoshin

Maple leafs regulation, Tampa -1.5, Caps in regulation, Blue Jackets regulation – all those stakes are for fun, half unit or less.

GLTA to all NHL gurus and the IH lovers!


Maple leafs?

Juri Safoshin

Disregard them, were in mine yesterdays parlay with the todays picks ).

John UduakD

Sabe win today.
I’m 80% sure


I’m kinda feeling it. They got their a$$ chewed out at practice and play well against Colum. I always like teams in this spot.

I’m 90% lol

Irakliy Latariya

could u suggest which one u prefer. caps over 3 or tampa over 3,5?)


TB over by far


Anybody have over/under picks?
I’m new here but have been a follower for a long time
I like TB over any thoughts

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

I initially liked the Caps/Canes over a lot. Scott much preferred Caps to win though and with Holtby in net decided to go with that instead. Got a small bet on that over tho.


Thanks Graeme!!


Scott Darling will let in 3 goals against Caps. Will the Canes score 3 against Holtby??? Tough call.

I’m playing the over in this game.

4 3 or 4 2 game is what I’m feeling.


Wow bad night! I cheered from the sidelines!
Caps let us down, they didn’t even show up to play
I took TB and the over in a parlay too (well they did go over)
Oh well, still love hockey
Good luck tomorrow!!!

Geir Aage R Jensen

Carolina to win 1.periode (small bet) and Capitals win ML full time. High scoring game, over 5.5 and J. Skinner to score.

Sabres win ML (small bet) , under 5.5 and J. Pominville to score. Sabres ML is not the best bet but just have that feeling, even when rookie Linus is playing.

Lightning win Reg and over 5.5, B. Point to score. Lightning is on fire and playing really well as a team. Flames is also playing well so thats why i think
It’s going to be a high scoring game


Today’s parlay:

Washington ML, Columbus ML, and Tampa Bay ML

Best of luck everyone!


Placing a late bet just before the games start – Wash/Car over 5.5

Irakliy Latariya

caps 0:0 after the 1st, damn


Sabres brooght it in the first 10

Deservedly scored first

Calle Medin

Miserable performance from Washington. Completely heartless and nonchalant.


Terrible ! Crushed my parlay win.

As hockey always goes it looks great on paper but ANYTHING can happen for the loss or win.

Arto Reinikainen

Damn it, wish i was here in time to post but couldn’t quite make it in time. Really liked a couple dogs tonight. Even faded the Caps with OT but Canes surprisingly pulled it off in regulation..

comment image

Juri Safoshin

What I loss, 0 positive predictions, inc. some thoughts on Overs.

Smth. to think about.