avatar Written by Graeme on Sunday, January 16th, 2022

It was a 1-0 night last night with the NHL Tips, as the Tampa Bay Lightning delivered.

Some real good games yesterday. How about those Panthers? My god 9-2. What a team. Then the Leafs/Blues in a thriller.

Oilers getting thumped at home by the Sens too 6-4. Sens man – like I said yesterday, lot of big road wins.

Today we’ve got just the one game so I guess let’s look at it:

Capitals vs Canucks:

Caps decent favourites at 1.54 odds.

Coming in on a B2B after that solid 2-0 victory over the Islanders and are at home. They don’t really perform any better at home than they do away.

Canucks on the roead where they are 8-11-2.

Caps haven’t had too many B2Bs this season but they’re decent enough on the 2nd leg.

Canucks come in on a bad run having lost their last 3 in regulation, all by 2+ goals. But I mean that’s the Canes, Tampa and Florida.

Unfortunately, the Capitals are another good team. Canucks are on another B2B as well. Halak had to enter COVID protocol.

I think Caps probably cover in regulation. But they have been so spotty in January so far, that I find it hard to back them. I’ll probably regret not backing them but I jump back and forth from them handing out a pounding, to this being a big letdown spot. That can be such a tricky team to back at times.

No bet. But if I were it’d be Caps in reg.

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