avatar Written by Graeme on Saturday, January 17th, 2015

Bah – 1-2 last night.

Our win was with the Rangers vs Blue Jackets. We had that to go Under 5.5 goals and it did just that with the Rangers running out 2-1 winners in a tight one.

We lost with a risky 2.30 bet on the Washington Capitals. Capitals came back from 2-0 down to take the lead, but Nashville scored twice in the last 5 minutes to lock up the win.

We also had the well rested Blackhawks to get their first win of the season against the Winnipeg Jets. 53 seconds in we were rubbing our hands with glee when the Blackhawks scored almost immediately. Full credit to the Jets though – they were clearly tired but put a fantastic performance in and thoroughly deserved the win.

The coach even said that they were tired.

We play on energy, and I can’t imagine [we] had any,” Maurice said. “We won a game in Dallas [Thursday] night, and it was the quietest bus I’ve ever heard. You’d have thought we lost Game 7. Just great leadership in the locker room. They found a way to get themselves up and ready to play.”

Which makes that performance even more impressive. Hats off to the Jets there.

It’s Saturday night, and if you’ve never tried Daily Fantasy Hockey before then now is the time. Saturday nights are always the biggest days at DraftKings and it’s a great way to get started. (USA & Canada only)

We’ve had some people contact us who are just overwhelmed by it all – so here’s a quick step by step guide to play for free:

  1. Click this link to visit DraftKings.
  2. Click “Play Now” and sign up.
  3. Once logged in, click the drop down menu to filter it by NHL.
  4. Sort by Entry Fee and you will see the NHL Daily Free Contest. Click “Enter”.
  5. Pick your team!

Play for free to begin with, and use that time to get used to how it all works and what gets points etc.

Click here for DraftKings.

Now for the NHL Tips today:

Blues vs Leafs Betting Tips:

“Disaster” is one way to describe the Leafs at the moment. It actually feels like an understatement. They’re coming off 3 road losses in a row, and this road trip doesn’t seem to have anything good going for them.

Honestly I expected -1.5 to be under 2.00 today. Anything above is a bonus. Take Blues -1.5 at 2.30 odds.

Flyers vs Sabres:

Let’s take the Flyers -1.5 here. 2.65 odds is a decent price – they’ve been shut out the last two games but they showed against Tampa they have what it takes. With Buffalo as we’ve seen there really seems to be no fight in them.

Capitals vs Stars:

Peters is in net for Capitals tonight. Stars were held to that 2-1 loss against the Jets but they had a billion shots and I think they’ll come out firing. Washington are playing good hockey too though. Stars are also a bit banged up – going to go with the Over 5.5 goals here.

Few thoughts on other games:

Bruins vs Blue Jackets: based on recent form, Bruins should get the win and betting them in regulation is fine. However Jackets match up well with Bruins, and we think they could push this to overtime.

Islanders vs Canadiens: We like the Islanders here – but 2.10 is not the price we want. We’d want at least 2.25 for them.

Predators vs Red Wings: Leaning towards over 5.5 here but can’t pull the trigger.

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What about Panthers and Oilers? Do you think there will be an overtime in this one?


Like your picks. Don’t know if McElninney who has a 0.899sv% is starting for Clb, but playing a btob with Bos on a winning streak is not the best scenario for Clb to end it’s losing streak, Even if Marchand is serving a suspension, Pastrnak, Lucic & Krejci are providing the offense and playing their next 3 on the road including a btob out west will give Bos that extra motivation to win. Being shutout twice, Phil has a great chance to end it’s goal drought against Buf and with Zepp starting, confidence in net. Leafs can upset St.L only if and that’s a big ‘if’ they ‘trap’ them into it. Good luck tonight!


Fla/Edm in OT? Definitely a possibility when you consider both teams have stats that show just over 50% of their games have ended by 1 goal.
i.e. Pathers: 42GP: 26 ended by 1 goal including 15 in OT or SO
Oilers: 45GP: 21 ended by 1 goal including 10 in OT or SO


I’m trying this NHL Draw betting system since 2 months and Panthers are my biggest ally in this system in 2014/2015 season. But they played 8 straight games without OT and i’m running out of money. So i’m still thinking about should i give up this set and start from the beginning. But it also concerns me, what if i don’t bet tonight and they’ll go to OT? =)

I’m really confused here. I’m almost sure that they’ll have an OT in one of their next 3 games, but you can’t be sure right.

Samy Bouzrara

Good idea and system ๐Ÿ™‚ you can play on Ducks too …


Sarmanno, Is this NHL draw betting system a specific game on the NHL site or are you talking about betting with a sportsbook like Bodog?


It’s like, you pick a team, for example, Blackhawks. And you start bet on them for DRAW in regulation. In european betting system, the draw rate is between 3.60 – 4.25. Means, if it’s 3.80, you bet with 100 dollars and you get 380 dollars back. So you start betting the Blackhawks for draw, and each time you lose, you bet on them again and double your bet.

It’s like :

Chicago – Colorado : X (Lose)
Chicago – Florida : X (Lose)
Toronto – Chicago X (Win)

So, we started with 10 dollars, then bet with 20 and third game, we bet 40 dollars. Total, we put 70 US, and we get 152 US back. (40$ X 3.80)

I think you already know that stuff, but i just wanted to share =))


Anytime you’re confused about betting, don’t. You never lose money if you don’t bet. If you’re betting system has worked in the past, you were lucky and that’s great. Every team can go on streaks, for wins,loses, 1st goal scored, OT…but they can begin and end at any time but one never knows when. Would hate to see you lose lots of money, so I would suggest you treat each game individually. We can only predict an outcome Stats, injuries, schedules, line changes, sports previews can help you decide but there’s no guarantee who will win. Hope this helps. ๐Ÿ™‚


My betting prediction for today is:Flyers winning,Leafs winning,Capitals winning,Bruins winning,Canadiens winning and Red Wings winning.