avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

It was a 1-1 night last night with the NHL tips, and a real kick in the crotch night too.

Things were looking great for a 2-0 night with the Rangers game going over easily in the 2nd, and the Islanders/Devils putting up 5 goals early on. Unfortunately the Devils/Islanders surprisingly went 0-0 in the 3rd period.

In situations like that, it’s a good time to remind you that the online sportsbook Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv has a cashout feature which allows you to cash out your bets early on at a reduced price. When all odds are equal, I personally bet at bet365.

In saying that, the odds for that one probably wouldn’t have been worth cashing out at that point but it’s still something handy. To use an example from soccer recently – I was out at a restaurant with a friend watching the Arsenal vs Chelsea game. Arsenal scored to go up 1-0 at the 63 minute mark.

For fun we bet on Chelsea to win at 8/1 odds. Sure enough Hazard scores 4 minutes later then Mendoza scored with 5 minutes left to play. I’d bet $150 to win $1200 and I could cash out for an $1181.30 return at that stage. I was quite happy to do that and did so:

And if you follow soccer you’ll know that Arsenal scored in injury time causing the bet to be a loss – but as I cash out, I was all good.

I don’t take advantage of it too often in hockey but there are times where I’ll do a multiple unit bet, regret it after watching the game but then see a favourable spot to cash out. If I had the Leafs last night for example to win, I might have considered a cash out if I had a feeling they were shaky and that the Blues might score.

Another nice reason to bet at B365 is their early payout offer. If you bet a team to win on the money line and they go ahead by 3 goals they pay out the bet! Even if they end up losing. I’ve won money on that before as they have the same rule with the NFL – if a team goes up 14-0 they pay out the bet immediately.

I personally can’t recommend Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv enough for little things like that. Like I said above if the odds are equal, I find myself betting at B365 more than any other book.

Alright it’s January 17th, 2018 and we’ve got just two games on the board. Bruins vs Habs and Ducks vs Penguins.

No Tips Today. Nothing we feel strongly enough about to even wager 0.5u on it. Some quick analysis:

Bruins vs Canadiens: To back Bruins we’d have to take it in regulation and we aren’t too sure on that one. We were both very concerned with their performance against the Stars. It’s probably a blip and they’ll dominate against a trash Habs team but throw in the rivalry between these two and that’s a bit off putting. We looked at the over with it being a rivalry game and all but they have played 5x in the last 2 seasons with 3 of those games going under. Throw in Bruins home stats and Habs road record – last 4 on the road they scored 0,1,1 and 1 and it’s just not worth advising. Granted a couple of those games involved a GOOD Carey Price so we’d lean over.

Penguins vs Ducks: Scott likes the Penguins tonight but I still don’t have confidence in them. Maybe they’re coming off the bye week and hitting the rest of the season hard but I need more than home wins over the Rangers and Red Wings to have faith in them at this point. As underdogs and possibly out for revenge(Ducks beat them 4-0 on the 23rd) it’s very close to a 0.5u play but I just can’t pull the trigger. Best I can get is 2.10 odds and I think I’d need at least 2.15 to play it.

If you’re Canadian, this is an excellent spot to back the Penguins by using the $20 free money line bet available at Sports Interaction. If you’re not Canadian – man, don’t move here. I can’t remember the last morning I woke up without having to shovel piles of snow in -30 weather. It sucks.

OHL / WHL / AHL / KHL Betting Tips:

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. )

WHL Betting Tips (19-16, +1.70u): Swift Current Broncos incl OT/SO at 1.74 odds.

AHL Betting Tips (13-14, -1.22):Syracuse Crunch in reg 1.72.

OHL, WHL & AHL & KHL Betting:

Canadians: Bodog and 888 Sports.
Americans: Bovada.
Everyone Else: 888 Sports.

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Julien’s first visit back to Boston since they fired him 11 months ago. B’s players are tired of talking about him since these two teams have played each other now a few times in less then 10 days. After the slow start they had against the Stars on Monday and overall loss I expect a much different energy tonight. Monday was a holiday, early game start time, non conf game and 2nd game off the bye so it’s okay. But tonight we get a original six rivalry which is always fun to watch no matter where the teams are in the standings. Montreal will play with a spark for their coach and the B’s want 2pts Because they can still catchup to Tampa. with having played a few lesser games.

Tukka doesn’t have great overall numbers against Montreal so I wonder if Khudobin gets another start. Bruins have actually won the last 3 overall games versus Montreal but they are still 1-6 SU when they play them in Boston.

I’m a homer(Bruins, Sox, Pats, Celts) are my Teams so I am a bit biased but I think Bruins get it done, overtime worries me though. The ML is pricey @ -185 so probably will lay off but B’s get this win.


Good to see another Masshole here. Where ya from?


Quincy how about you?





Peter Jordan



Right on! How bout those Bs?

Calle Medin

I’ll side with Boston and Pittsburgh tonight.

Arto Reinikainen




Oliver Trigg

Lmfao, I’m not even going to bother with an in-depth analysis tonight. This has been the most horrendous run I have ever had on the NHL, and I advise anyone who reads what I write right now to play everything with extreme caution. I am ice cold lol. I’ve got uni deadlines so here it is-

Boston Reg- Four overtime matches in a row? I hope not. Boston are still the superior team despite blips in their performance, and Habs have been very bad all season long.

Pens ML – Not about to bet against a surging team, especially when they’re at an underdog price. They know they got their asses handed to them last time by the Ducks, and in their current form should put up more of a fight.

Lets see if I stay colder than the Antarctic tonight lol

Johnny Hockey

No Overs today.

> I’m still not a fans of the Bruins. Habs played pretty good vs the Isles. Maybe I’ll put a unit on them – nice odds!

> I like the Pens at the moment – especially their offense. They’re underdogs tonight: I have to take them here.


Thanks G.
Here’s a snapshot of the stats:
GF 2.57 29th / GA 3.09 24th
PP 19.4 15th / P.K. 78.2 26th
FO 49.2%

GF 3.19 6th / GA 2.52 3rd
PP 20.7 11th / 82.8 9th
FO 51.6 8th

GF 2.89 15th / GA 3.04 21st
PP 26.5 1st / PK. 82.6 10th
FO 51.0% 12th

GF 2.67 / GA 2.67 7th
PP 17.2 21st P.K 83.9 6th
F0 50.8%
source: NHL.com
Of course, we know none of this matters once they drop the puck:)
BTW G, we’ve been shoveling lots of snow too; Thank God we got a snowblower for Xmas!


Silfverberg to score with 5u.

Lee Andrew Dodd

Is the 3-0 moneyline payout just for certain regions? I’m from UK but don’t get the payout if a team goes 3-0 up in the NHL although strangely enough have the 14-0 up payout offer via the NFL, but I don’t bet on that.

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

I am not sure. When logged in I see it on the side beside “NFL Early Payout offer” and “NBA Early Payout offer” and “Australian Open Early Payout Offer”.

I read the terms and conditions just now and I don’t see anything about specific countries.

This is the URL for it: https://extra.bet365.com/promotions/en/other-sports/nhl-early-payout-offer


The cash out feature was a money maker for me last night. Got some parlays at 10-1 payouts. Doubled my current bankroll even though it’s small I’m happy.

No bets currently for me. I do like the Pens tonight in Reg though. Still thinking it over.


Personally I don’t feel strongly about any NHL tips, but I guess it’s reasonable to elude from time to time.

In any case, tonight I’m convinced that Boston will win. Like it was pointed out below need those two points in order to catch up to other big names. They have also much better form and Canadiens are missing couple of key players.

Second match seems more like a tie to me, however I would certainly consider Anaheim as the likely victor in game extension.


My free bet crashed out last night

Going with Syracuse Crush Reg
A buddy told me to go with Grizzlies , Thunder and Clippers on the NBA

Geir Aage R Jensen

I am happy with winning all my bets back yesterday 🙂 on Rangers and Nashville win in Reg!
For tonight my first thoughts are Ducks ML and Boston vs Montreal OT
But i will come back later with were i put my units on

Oliver Trigg

On a separate note. There is a guy on Youtube, who does a fantastic job of previewing/reviewing games. He is actually pretty darn accurate as well (called Nashville last night and Oilers over Vegas) and for those of you wanting to learn more about Hockey its worth a look. Just search the Hockey Guy on youtube 🙂

Juri Safoshin

Boston in regulation and, a risky, but a nice odd bet – Penguins in regulation.

Oliver Trigg

I took both on reg on a parlay for a pretty good 3.86 x return for a small amount. Lets hope we cash not crash (again)

Juri Safoshin

Thanks Oliver, – that year has been a disaster for me on the NHL and NBA so far ))), – loosing larger bets and winning only 0.5 unit ones 🙂 Currently just small stakes from my side, i am a bit more lucky betting on the european basketball and football.
Good Luck.


That’s what I have


I think Montreal has a good chance to win against Bruins but better to pass that game.

I think I ll still take Ducks win ML. It is going to be tough one.

Good luck!


Lions, can you give us tomorrow early pick plus over 5.5 too


I ll try to posy them as early as it is possible. I have busy day


I’m already looking at tomorrow as there are only two games tonight and I would like to hear your thoughts.
My bookie offers 2.6 odds for Avs and Dallas in regulation. I’m not sure why these teams are considered as dogs. Colorado is playing at home against Sharks and Dallas is playing against bad Columbus.
I wanted to write this today because I expect those odds to get lower.


2-1 Last night with Stars ML and Rangers PL picks ?

Tomorrow’s game look more appealing .

Pittsburgh for + 100 my only play ..

Tony Le

Hello guys
Im thinking to open an account at this site ” sportbetting ” .
They offer 75% bonus for first deposit up to 1000 , 25 % bonus for life , 50$ for first bet on mobile , 25 for first live bet.
Just too good to be true , i went though the website and all they have in the contact section is 3 email address.
I wonder if anyone here have an account , and review ??

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

What’s the domain name? And note our spam filter can be a bit aggressive so you might have to write something like “sportbetting dot com” or whatever it is.

Tony Le

Mobile dot sportsbetting dot ag

Tony Le

And when i go to deposit section , i got directed to another website
Depcur dot ag ?????

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

It’s ran by the same guys that run Betonline.ag. In that sense they’re sorta legitimate – they’ve been around forever in one form or another.

We promoted Betonline here in the past to American but have stopped listing them in regard to the “best odds”. There was big drama involving them being caught cheating at Blackjack (relative link: https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/5uwrwt/do_not_use_betonline_caught_cheating_at_blackjack/ ) and to be honest they’re just a site I don’t really like to recommend.

They’re probably safe enough but there’s a few red flags with them that turn me off. In regard to the bonus it looks like theres a 12x rollover and the rollover is deposit, fees and bonus so just be aware of that if you take advantage of it.

Tony Le

Thank you Graeme . I ll pass this site then

Eduardo Caldeira

yesterday i did just over and unders and did 3-1-1 … Scott and Greame just wanna let u know if u bet pre-live on bet365 and the team you choosed is winning by 3 goals u automatically win FYI… its a bonus they are offering 🙂

if I have time today will give my thoughts , cant post that much due to too much work .. but today its only 2 games so sometimes the best is to stay out unless u are truly confident… I learned some Technics by my own , but if it wasnt for u guys probably i would have taken longer how to manage and bet properly… I always take a pic at the explanation and also odds

cheers guys

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Yep I mentioned that deal on Bet365 above 🙂 It’s great as they do it for the NFL as well and NBA etc.

Eduardo Caldeira

they do it also Graeme… NBA i believe its 14 points adv and NFL the same… something like that but I will check and let u know…. even if I live in Canada my Bet365 is in portuguese xD

Eduardo Caldeira

had some spare time so I checked… for MLB its 4 runs adv , NFL 14 points adv , NBA 18 points adv , Tennis for Aussie Open 2 sets adv and NHL 3 goal adv… but u need to bet these pre-live and its just for moneylines and 3 way

Geir Aage R Jensen

A. Vermette to score with 2.5 units
Anaheim and Montreal win ML with 3 units
Pastrnak and silfverberg to score with 2 units

Good luck everyone!

Christopher Cherry

Geir what bookmaker do u use?

I prefer to try pick a few scorers but only william hill seem to offer scorers pre match.

I usually go for the favourites as im not that clued up on hockey just know a few good scorers like mcdavid, ovechkin etc

Tonight iv gone for Crosby and Pastrnak

Geir Aage R Jensen

Unibet is good. And Pastrnak is a good choice today


Good start!


Good start!

Geir Aage R Jensen


Chriss RH

1 unit – Penguins win
0,5 unit – Penguins PL (I cant resist the odds, have also a good feeling about them today. If they win, i think it wil be with PL)

Bonus NBA:

1 unit – L.A. Clippers -4,5
1 unit – O. Thunders -8,5


Also on a horrendous run.

Tonight’s games are almost a pass from me. I have a feeling that Habs will actually win in Regulation and I don’t know why..


Nah, Bruins will win in reg

Eduardo Caldeira

I will be following those minor league tips from Scott and Greame (yes I do follow if I agree on them statistically and they seem to have good value)

My thoughts for tonight

Montreal @ Boston for me is an over game , the return of the former Bruins coach and the debating pretty makes me think its gonna have some goals… I’m gonna play this live so I’m gonna try to see if the Over 5 RT goes to 2.05 and if it takes a while will be putting another stake Over 4 @ 2.05 or more and Over 3 (double stake) @ 2.05 or more

Pittsburgh @ Anaheim – Love how the pens have been clicking lately and despite playing the ducks which are always a hard team to predict they seem to be more fragile lately… My pick will be Pens +2.5 Goals TT in RT @ 1.88 (and if its possible and the Pens take a while +2 goals TT in RT @ 2.05 or more and also +1 Goals TT (double stake) in RT @ 2.05 or more

Trust me this method for goals on overs and team totals in long term will work long term , and yes it works most of the time , but u need to be live and if you dont .. then maybe it can be much slower the process…

if you cant follow live I would go +5.5 habs and bruins and that TT +2.5 pens



I’d chllange your over goal and team totals with my under 6.5 play any day.

With the safety net of 7 or 8 total goals in game you will always break even or walk with $$$

I don’t have the amount of games that have gone over 9 goals so i can’t give % but I do know if you stick with hot goalie teams or teams that play a defensive first style not the run and gun theses games always stay under 6.5


Eduardo Caldeira

1 void – over 5 bruins game
2 wins – over 2 team total pittsburgh and over 2.5 team totals pittsburgh
2 losses – minor leagues…

a little loss but not that bad . pittsburgh saved the night


After Matt Murry’s father passing, I can see the Penguins playing some inspired hockey for the kid tonight.


However, Matt Murry WILL NOT be dressing for the game tonight


Anyone like live bet plays ??

It has a winning % of 80 but ANYTHING can happen lol

Take 500 put it down on the under 6.5 play Boston Montreal – 2 decent goalies so why not right !?

To cover your wager bet the correct amount of goals at 7 +295 for 127$ that would pay 501 $, if you really want to play safe throw another 42$ down on total of 8 goals +1100 as I’m writing. That pays 504$

Now if all goes well and you hit the under 6.5 you take a hit of 169 from your 500

Winner winner still $ 331

I do it all the time. If anyone else wants to make easy money there ya go.

BUT if they score 9 your fa$kked lol

2 decent goalies I like this play a lot


I love the B’s defense since allowing that quick goal a minute in by Pacioretty. MTL hasn’t had a shot on goal in over 15min of hockey and B’s take a 2-1 lead.


They really brought it tonight, solid game. I knew they’d bounce back after that snoozer against Dallas

Juri Safoshin

Really like Boston Bruins regulation win.

Draw bets://
Ottawa Senators – Toronto Maple Leafs will take Draw, X, for fun – it is Saturday night.
St. Louis Blues – Arizona Coyotes will take Draw, X, for fun

Blackhawks – regulation, still believe in em
Wild – win at regulation

Edmonton Oilers – Vancouver Canucks, is a tough one, i prefer Nucks win, with OT.