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11 games yesterday and thanks to the start times we had a full day of hockey.

I had 1 tip and it was the Devils to win in regulation against the Sharks. They won 4-3 but it was done in a shootout.

The Lightning beat the Kraken 4-1. The Kraken only had 23 shots on goal. The Panthers beat the Sabres 4-1. The Avs chased Husso from the net when the Avs beat the Wings 6-3.

The Bruins pounded the Flyers 6-0 and Pastrnak had 2 goals and an assist and Krejci picked up 3 helpers in his 1000th career game.

The Stars shutout the Knights 4-0 in coach DeBoer’s return to Vegas, the Pens won 4-3 in overtime against the Ducks and the Preds beat the Flames 2-1.

We have 8 games scheduled for us tonight.

Panthers vs Leafs

The Panthers played yesterday and won 4-1 against the Sabres.

The Leafs have lost their last 2 games but return home for this one where they have gone 15-3-4.

The Panthers have gone 1-4 in games with no days rest. They started Bobrovsky yesterday so they are expected to start Lyon for this game with Knight injured.
On the road the Panthers are 10-14-1. With the Leafs at home they should get a boost and snap their losing skid.

Leafs win in regulation

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(Odds correct as of 2023/01/17 9:33:22 AM EST but are subject to change.)

Jets vs Canadiens

The Jets are playing well right now. They have won 3 in a row and have gone 8-2 over their last 10.

The Habs have gone 3-7-0 over their last 10 and have a home record of 9-11-0.

They have played once this season and the Jets won that one 3-2 in overtime.

With the Jets going 12-8-1 on the road against a struggling Habs team I am fine taking them in regulation.

Jets in regulation

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(Odds correct as of 2023/01/17 9:33:22 AM EST but are subject to change.)

Wild vs Capitals

Both teams have the same record over the 5-3-2. The Wild have 52 points and the Caps have 54 playing 4 more games than the Wild.

This game could go either way. The Wild are the favorites but not by much so I’m skipping.

Ducks vs Flyers

There is nothing I like from this game. Easy skip for me.

Jackets vs Predators

The Jackets are in 31st overall. They have won 2 times this month and one of them was in overtime.

The Preds have gone 6-3-1 over last 10 and 10-7-3 at home.

I do like the Predators chances to win this game but I would have to take them in regulation and they aren’t a team I have any confidence in so I have to skip.

Sabres vs Blackhawks

The Sabres lost yesterday and are 1-4 over their last 5 and have scored only 11 times over those 5. 5 of the 11 came in the win over this stretch. For the top ranked offense something is off.

The Hawks are bad, really bad. They are at the bottom of most statistical categories.

This should be a game the Sabres get themselves back on track but I’m a little nervous to tip them with their results recently.

Wings vs Coyotes

With the Coyotes on a 9 game losing skid its hard not to bet on the Wings to win this game.

Only concern I have is that the Wings are expected to start Hellberg after Husso got lit up yesterday.

With the Coyotes returning home for this game they may show up. They have gone 7-6-2 at home.

Kraken vs Oilers

The Kraken lost their last game but before that they had an 8 game win streak.

The Oilers are so hard to predict. On paper they should be at the top of the league but they are far from it. They are currently in 8th and final wild card position in the West.

I want to take the Kraken here but the Oilers are expected to start Skinner who, depending on the night, can have a big game.

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Philly in regulation -110

I posted this play late in yesterdays comment section when looking at the opening lines. Wanted to grab the best price as I anticipated this line would climb and it has. Philly opened -175 and now currently sits at -205. Philly in regulation has climbed to -125. I like Philly in this spot off the beat down in Boston. Especially if the Ducks start Stolarz.

Also I would usually take Seattle here especially after they climbed up to +155. Them choosing to start Grubauer yesterday non conference vs the Lightning, and keep Jones for this game, indicates to me which game they think is more important. I also think the Kraken have a better than 39 percent chance to beat the Oilers, which is what they are currently being priced at. However I’m still worried about the fatigue factor and because of that will reluctantly pass on a play here.

Last edited 1 year ago by DeNapos
Arto Reinikainen

Man, such a dumb loss by the Flames. Spot the Perds 2 goals and the rest of the game felt so winnable but something was just missing, expected more attitude in a revenge game. Huberdeau so bad lmao, Sutter is about done with him. Maybe something in the water against Nashville, so gotta remember that moving forward.

I think betting the Flyers in regulation against the Ducks is fine, price a bit steep but the Ducks are the worst defensive team in the League and Philly have played some good team hockey of late. Yeah tough loss to Boston but losing to the top team doesn’t mean much here and they bounced back nicely after that bad Toronto game. I think those b2b regulation wins over the Caps carry them to a win here. Handled the Ducks clean in Anaheim too. I always like games where one team has a clear head after losing big while the other team lost a frustrating close game in OT like the Ducks did.

Don’t really have time to look into other games for now, but looks like a card with a couple potential plays today.

Arto Reinikainen

Interestingly, while the CBJ are worse this year, in this same W/L pattern last year they beat the Canes 6-0 on the road, which was shocking.

Larsen called them out back then for lack of energy in home loss to Chicago, just like last game against the Rangers. And came out flying.

Perds were loose and generally just bad in their loss to Columbus earlier in the season.

Throw in fatigue for both teams and I think a sloppy game gives the Jackets a better chance.

Gonna have to try it, Columbus in regulation @ 3.60


Seattle +155 half unit.

Seeing Campbell is starting for Edmonton I have to take a half unit play on Seattle. I will say looking at his game logs over the last 8 or so games, he has been much better. Weird game logs though despite lower goal totals. Jets held to 17 shots, Islanders, Ducks, and Sharks not exactly offensive juggernauts. Did give up three vs the Knights in his last start. Not crazy about it and still the potential of fatigue by the Kraken. But I’m hoping the loss yesterday and this being a division game will have Seattle playing at full effort, and if so there’s just way to much value on them at +155 here.

Seattle +155 half unit.