avatar Written by Scott on Monday, January 18th, 2016

A good night last night as we went 2-1.

We had over 5 in the Rangers vs Caps game and the Caps got back in the win column when they won 5-2.  Ovechkin scored to bring his goal total to 27 which has him 2nd overall in the league. Justin Williams scored a hat trick.

Had over 5 in the Panthers vs Lightning game but this one stayed low when the Lightning won 3-1.

Our last tip of the night was the Blackhawks in regulation against the Canadiens and they won 5-2.  The Hawks tied a franchise record with their 11th straight win.

The Pens came away with the 5-0 win and Crosby scored twice in the game.   The Kings beat the Ducks 3-2.  Perron scored in his debut with the Ducks and Lecavalier scored which is his 5th point since joining the Kings.

Only 5 games tonight and all I could come up with is 1 tip but here is the NHL Betting Tip for Monday, January 18th

Avalanche vs Jets Betting Tips:

The Avalanche are having problems scoring goals right now.  They have only scored 7 goals in their last 4 games.  They have beat the Jets twice so far this season.

The Jets are on a 2 game win streak and have gotten some solid goaltending from Hellebuyck. 

With both teams in the basement of the Central this is a game for both to move closer to the teams above them.  I like the Jets to come out of this game with the win

Jets Win

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Martin Letáček

I have a question for you. When you have only one bet today do you put a only “one unit” on it or do you bet as much as you would with 3 bets?


I think they mean to bet 1 unit.

You would need to be very confident on your bet to bet 3 unit and I don’t think they would recommend you to do so.

Martin Letáček

Yeah, I thought the same, just wanted to be sure.

Eduardo Caldeira

its always one unit

Arto Reinikainen

If not for the Red Wings missing a gallore of scoring chances, 5 min PP’s etc. i would’ve clicked with my 7-game parlay (290 odds) yesterday, but what can you do.

It’s quite funny how you can have 7 good games for one night and really nothing out of 5 games you like the next, and that’s how i feel about tonight.

If i had to guess i think the Panthers can win it but it definitely won’t be an easy victory, i could see them winning late in the 3rd or something like that. For the odds available now the value is definitely not there. Blues are somewhat of a possible option tonight i feel like, but the Pens could’ve got a boost from the Hagelin trade so i think im going to leave it alone to see how they do.

Don’t feel comfortable with the Jets at all, and yesterday i actually thought about going with the Avs who are currently sitting at 3 odds. Avs might be a bit more focused on winning the game, as the Jets have a personal vendetta against Colorado who they have lost 3 games in a row to. And the Jets lost a 3 goal lead vs Preds + came out with a narrow victory over the Wild who are struggling heavily right now and have been unable to generate solid emotion into the game for multiple games in a row which is very concerning if i were a Wild fan. So im not too impressed with the Jets wins, but at the same time there’s a possibility they got a stronger boost than what they normally would get and their positivity could be through the roof after a tough 1st half, somewhat similar to the Sharks and Lightning. A lot of variables in this game and im not too sure im all that confident in my prediction.

Arizona would be my pick but that’s if they feel like this is a must win game. Sometimes when you win multiple games in a row losing 2 after is not enough to generate desperation into that 3rd game. So 2 odds are not worth it..

Stalock is in net for the Sharks but they might have something special going on right now, and could very well keep the winning streak going if they can clean up some of their defensive collapses which is probably what they’re looking to do after that Dallas game. Below 2 odds are not good though as i feel like the Sens could potentially be dangerous tonight.

So.. feels like in every game there’s a “but” and that’s never a good thing. So going to sit this one out.


Jets game will go over 5 goals same as Arizona vs Buffalo. Buffalo showed offensive talents when walking over Washington. Penguins moneyline also , small stake.