avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

What a crazy night of hockey it was last night.

One thing you’ll rarely see here is us tipping the Unders in an Over/Under. We generally have to be extremely confident for us to go with the unders. Yesterday when we looked at the games and lines we both had a feeling the Stars/Rangers game might go under.

So we looked into it to see if we’d do a rare under bet(first of the season I believe) and all the stats matched up. Everything pointed towards an under and we went with it.

So I hope you all enjoyed our first and LAST under tip of the season. Holy shit. Soon as that first goal was scored in 20 seconds we just knew how that game was going to go.

The Leafs salvaged the night for us slightly with a battling performance against Buffalo. They were down 2-0 but came back to win it. More and more these days they’re looking like a playoff team. I’m very conflicted because on one hand living in Ontario I pay attention to the Leafs more than most teams, and I’d like them to make the playoffs. On the other hand they probably have some of the most unbearable fans out there(next to the Oilers) so there’s part of me hoping they crash and burn.

We move onto Wednesday, January 18th.

Canadiens vs Penguins Betting Tips:

I saw a lot of media touting up the Habs “better defense” after the game against the Red Wings but I’m not sure if that’s the case. There were some improvements but the Wings aren’t exactly an offensive juggernaut.

The Habs offense is my main concern but they’re on fire at the Bell Centre while the Penguins concede a ton on the road. The Pens are playing some really open games at the moment and I just hope after that Capital games their offense can keep it going. We’ve seen them drop before – beat the Rangers 7-2 then lost 7-1 to the Jackets for example – but that was a big win for them and they’ll be doing everything they can to keep the momentum going.

Over 5.5 Goals.

That’s the only tip we have tonight. We were extremely close to taking the Red Wings over the Bruins but after examining the stats fully we just couldn’t pull the trigger despite the Wings being a nice price at home.

Mathematical/Experimental Betting Systems:

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. Previous Records: OHL 15/16 28-15 (+17.15u)

WHL Betting Tips(22-21, -3.02u):

OHL, WHL & AHL Betting: Kelowna Rockets in regulation at 2.10 odds.

Canadians: Bodog and 888 Sports.
Americans: Bovada.
Everyone Else: 888 Sports.

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NHL Daily Tips

Good last night with 2-1 and a push

What is going on in NHL at the moment?
First Pens against Caps with 15 goals!!
And then last night Stars against Rangers with 13!?

Tonight’s tips

Habs Vs Pens over 5
Kings Vs Sharks over 5


McDavid to score for Oilers


Norbert Buzási

O5 on the Kings v Sharks? I mean, the odds are good, but…

I can see the Habs vs Pens going over5 for sure, but I am more into Pens ml at the moment.

The Oilers should win too, and I don’t like anything else other than these.

My bonus would be Marchand to score. 😉

NHL Daily Tips

You might got a point, but there have been a lot of suprises lately. I just got that feeling about Kings Vs Sharks, even though both defence is pretty good.
Marchand is a very good choice, but I think McDavid will lead their team with some points and “maybe” a goal tonight!


Tough to pick sides tonight, but I’m definitely down for the over in the Pens-Habs game.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

As SDB says, not much to like as far as sides go..but here goes:

Pitt TT Over 2.5 – That offense is on fire and Price is struggling.

Edmonton in Reg – FL in B2B, Reimer in net. Talbot has been terrific and I don’t see him nor the Oiled Machine slowing down in this spot.

BOS/DET Under 5.5 – I have no substantial statistical information for you on this one, but I am in a gambling mood and I think Rask reasserts himself and the rest of the B’s play better in front of him. Being pullled in last loss to NYI will set the netminder on fire. Coreau hasn’t been bad at home either — 1.50 GAA in two home starts. I think it’s “Tuukka Time” here: Boston 2-1 in OT.

Best of luck!

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Quick question: Would you consider the Az/ WPG game a hot ticket? LOL


Jets ML, Habs ML, Under 5.5 Bos/Det

Sharks ML Oilers reg also good plays

Henry Del Valle Sr.

I like SJ to win the season series vs LA tonight. I just can’t wager every game.


Hi Guys, I would bet over 1.5 goals 1st period with the Pens vs. Habs as well. My #s say the total should’ve actually be posted at 6.5 O/U for the game. If I expect to get to 6 or 7 goals I hope to see 2 or 3 in the 1st period


Morning everyone,

Gary Bettman was looking a way to improve the NHL’s goals-per-game and I think he just found it thanks to Caps, Pens, Habs, Rangers and Jackets. For the next couple of days I’ll be paying close attention on the following players: Pastrnak (BOS), McDavid (EDM) and Kessel (PIT). They are respectively 0-47, 0-25 and 0-15 in their last shots on goal. Pastrnak has a shot percentage of 14.1 and is yet to score since december 14th 2016, McDavid has 10.3% and remains without a goal so far in 2017 and Kessel records 10.7% so far this season.

To score a goal:
>Pastrnak @ 2.6
>McDavid @ 3.0
>Kessel @ 3.5

Tonight’s value is on PIT moneyline @2.04 considering how deep the Habs are struggling and I think it is better than the O5.5 when odds for this pick are below 1.9