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Well while we had no bets yesterday, it was nice to see we were on the right track with all of our leans. Most of them won yet were for the most part very close so our analysis was spot on which is nice to see on what was a tricky night.

We liked Bruins/Islanders over 6.5 and a late empty netter put that one over so it would have been too close for comfort. Similar to the Jackets winning – they won, but it was after a shootout.

We liked Caps/Devils over and that one did go over but it was a tad tight for awhile. We also liked Rangers to win and they did so but it was in a tough 4-3 victory as the Sabres rode them hard as expected.

So while we missed out on advising a lot of wins last night to add to our official record, they were all tight enough that it could have all went the other way. Hopefully you followed our leans regardless and made some money.

4 out of the 5 teams returning from bye week lost and the Jackets only won via shootout. So good to see the bye week curse is alive and well. I wish we had been able to back it but despite the historical data from last year I had cold feet this time around.

It’s Friday, January 19th and only 3 games on the board as the Knights visit the Panthers coming off a huge win last night. The Habs head to Washington and the King go up against the Ducks.

Knights vs Panthers Betting Tips:

Panthers haven’t played since last Friday and now they’re going up against the best team in the NHL. The Knights have had some solid road form going for the most part and are coming off that huge Tampa victory. However they showed they can follow results like that up as last time they beat Tampa they went out and thumped the Caps 3-0 followed by the Ducks 4-1 on the road.

It’s the 2nd leg of a B2B but last time that happened for the Knights they beat the Hawks 5-4 so I’m not too concerned about that.

I’ve said it on here before though – I hate betting against the Panthers at home. They put in some real gritty performances here usually and they’re games I always hate watching. However coming off the bye week against a much better team and with Reimer letting in a lot of goals lately and being the underdogs? Hell yeah I’ll go with the Knights.

Knights to win incl OT/SO

Canadiens vs Capitals Betting Tips:

The Capitals can be a tough team to back. Even when they win the majority of their wins lately have been in overtime/shootout which really sucks when the odds don’t really play nice with that. The best I can see is 1.62 in OT/SO.

This is one however the Capitals really should win. Their skill and ability is just too much for the Habs. I’d like to say they’ll be motivated for this one being at home and after that game last night but meh – it’s the Capitals. Just another day at the office for them.

The Habs are just a mess however and Grubauer has been fairly solid lately. Habs can’t really rise up for games and I think they’re realizing their season is over.

Capitals in Regulation

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Unit/Confidence Betting Tips:

(We are experimenting with adding unit/confidence to our betting tips. For more details see this post.)

Knights to win: 1u.
Capitals in reg: 1u.
Ducks to win in reg: 0.5u. With the Ducks current form and Cogliano back it should be a breeze but the Ducks are always a tough team to call and it’s a rivalry game so Kings may raise their game for it.

OHL / WHL / AHL / KHL Betting Tips:

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. )

AHL Betting Tips (13-15, -2.22u): San Diego Gulls incl OT/SO at 1.80 odds.

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