avatar Written by Scott on Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Happy New Year to you and your family.

It was a good night last night for us as we went 2-1.

We had the Caps in regulation against the Devils and the Caps scored early and often when they won 6-2.

We had over 5.5 in the Isles vs Jets game and the Isles went over by themselves when they won 6-2

Our loss on the night was the Oilers in regulation against the Canucks but the Canucks won 3-2 in a shootout.

A huge game last night between the Jackets and the Wild.  This was the first time in NHL history that 2 teams had this long of winning streaks played each other.  But it was the Jackets winning their 15th straight game 4-2 snapping the Wilds win streak at 12 games.  The Jackets are first overall in the league with 56 points which is 1 more than the Penguins who have 55 but the Jackets have played 3 less games than the Pens.

A slow day of action today but the Red Wings are in Toronto to play the Maple Leafs at BMO Field for the Centennial Classic.  I won’t be having a tip for this game as I find outdoor games are so unpredictable.  But it will be fun to watch

Senators vs Capitals Betting Tips:

The Sens come into this game on a 2 game losing skid.  The Sens are going to start Mike Condon for the 14th straight time so fatigue may catch up to him.

The Caps beat the Devils yesterday and they held off 9 powerplays in that game and have killed 24 straight.  They play a bunch of hockey over the next 2 weeks so they will need to win while they aren’t exhausted.

I think the Caps are going to get the new year started right by playing some strong hockey and get themselves back to the top of the standings and that starts today.

Capitals in regulation 

Canada: 1.95 Odds at BetOnline.
USA: -130 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 1.95 Odds at BetOnline.

Flyers vs Ducks Betting Tips:

The Flyers have been having some struggles recently.  They have lost 3 in a row and have been shutout in 2 of those games.  They have lost 5 of their last 6 games.

The Ducks have had their own problems but they have been good at home and have had success against the Flyers.

Over the last 10 games between these teams the Ducks are 9-0-1.

The Flyers haven’t given me a reason to see this game going any other way.

Ducks in regulation 

Canada: 2.16 Odds at BetOnline.
USA: -105 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 2.16 Odds at BetOnline.

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Leafs against Wings suggestion?

Jens Denmark

Tonight I am picking the home teams:

Leafs reg.
Caps reg.
Ducks reg.



Not sure about the Capitals, it will be a close one.

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

I agree, Sens aren’t pushovers, will probably be a grindy match.

Jens Denmark

Agree, but I hope that Caps will keep the momentum from last night.

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

Odds on ducks reg are good, Mason confirmed though and the Flyers need a win and the ducks are so on and off, never know how they are going to play, could be close.


2-1 night for me with penguins rangers and sharks ML, tonight it’s just the 1 pick from me and I’m liking the value of the Redwings ML I don’t think they can be excluded from things just yet and they should be motivated to start getting the W’s before it is 🙂

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

I think Detroit have a real chance today, regardless of their problems this season, with injuries and what not, they still have a decent away record, where as toronto have a pretty average home record.

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

Wings threw the game


Yep, was looking good through 2, keeping fingers crossed they pull it back and send it to OT

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

Can’t see it happening, I’ve seen this happen a lot with the Leafs against teams not playing so well, they seem to overwhelm them with their youth and fast playstyle, they can’t do it to the more experienced sides much, because of the strong forecheck and defensive structure.

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

HOLY SHIT THAT COMEBACK WTF? i take back everything I said.


Yup 🙂 what a period, now for the wings to put it to bed, let’s hope the hard work pays off

Petri Kontiola

I like Wings, Caps and Ducks.


Alzner’s goal for the Caps just before the break was amazing.

4:15 pm here, Bulgaria

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

Jesus Gibson is on fire, Flyers have 43 shots.


The double save at the end of the 2nd period, fully extended in front of goal was crazy


Ducks – Flyers 4:3 after penalties, WHAT A GAME!
The 2nd period saw 3 goals scored within the first 3 minutes, and Gibson conceded 3 goals total, in 55 shots on target, including some tremendous saves in the 2nd period.

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

I could have cashed out some winnings because my other bet included was caps in reg, but when it went to s/o it was 50/50 anyway so i took a chance, didn’t pay off sadly as the ducks won, but was a good game regardless.


It was close, nothing to be sorry about.

You were just unlucky with both the Wings and the Flyers, they both are having a hard time now.
Both their games were really close though