avatar Written by Graeme on Saturday, January 20th, 2018

It was a disappointing 1-2 night in the NHL as only our 0.5u play on the Ducks came through.

We had the Caps, top of the Metro and #3 in the East going up against the extremely poor Montreal Canadiens, who were throwing the 0-5-1 Niemi to the wolves. So of course the Habs won. Habs actually looked like they were motivated to win a game for a change while the Capitals looked like they were still on vacation. Extremely disappointing performance from the Caps there and it’s crazy how the bye week can affect some teams.

Pacioretty meanwhile did what he could to make himself look good in the shop window.

I’ve always hated betting against the Panthers at home and they were one of the bye week teams to come off fresh and get off to a good start. They kept going and battled all the way and got a big win over the Knights. It was a well deserved win for the Panthers and a rare poor performance from Subban.

Ducks/Kings was a bit of a sweat but the Ducks pulled out the W which was nice.

It’s always good to look back at your losses(as well as your wins) and really dissect them and see if you can learn anything from them. For the Knights game, looking back I’d probably drop it to a 0.5u pick but would still have went with them. This is due to the Panthers home performances plus Subban not having played in 2 weeks – and his last two games saw a 3.5 GAA.

For the Capitals pick with the performances and quality of both teams, plus Niemi being in net and then the odds on the Caps – I wouldn’t change a thing. Just too hard to anticipate that the 2nd game back the Caps would perform like that as most teams shake off the bye week after Game 1.

Flyers vs Devils Betting Tips:

Both backups in net tonight although really that’s not that big a factor but it can be nice.

Flyers offense hasn’t been too hot the last two games but they were high flying prior to that and the Devils have had a lot of goalfests lately.

Hoping this one is ripe for another.

Over 5.5 Goals

And if you’re outside the USA, it’s 1.86 at most places but a whopping 1.95 at BetOnline. – seriously sign up there if you want the best odds the majority of the time. They have the best odds for all 4 games we’re advising today.

Canada: 1.95 Odds at BetOnline..
USA: Bet at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 1.95 Odds at BetOnline..

(Odds correct as of 2018/01/20 11:33:32 AM EST but are subject to change.)

Senators vs Leafs Betting Tips:

It’s the “Battle of Ontario” which is always good for goals – present form be damned.

I think I said a similar thing a week ago when this game came about and I’m fine with it again. I think we’ll see more of an effort from the Sens tonight. They seem motivated mentally and we’ll put that Blues thumping down to bye week blues.

Their goals for and against at home are great and the Leafs are better at scoring on the road so seems good to me. Andersen called them out this week too so that should get them hyped up. Hopefully that doesn’t affect HIS performance though.

Over 6 goals incl OT/SO

Canada: 2.08 Odds at BetOnline..
USA: Bet at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 2.08 Odds at BetOnline..

(Odds correct as of 2018/01/20 11:33:32 AM EST but are subject to change.)

Avs vs Rangers Betting Tips:

One of the first things I do when it comes to tips is read the media previews – just to get a feel for things and see what info is being fed to the general public. And I spat out my morning tea reading the preview of this one and talking about Rangers great away record going back to the 2016/2017 season and how they’re “one of the best road teams in the NHL”.

Sorry but when you’ve won just two road games in regulation all season long, you don’t deserve that moniker.

Not to say they’re horrible on the road or anything but when you’re below .500 on the road it’s silly to say something like that.

Avs are obviously on a tear and the bye week didn’t affect them. Their home game performances are excellent at the moment and the Rangers are without Shattenkirk. Although in hockey I notice more often than not a key player loss actually affects a team positively the first game back – hopefully not here.

Not sure how much longer Avs can keep it up and really the Rangers will be a tough opposition in this one but we’re going to hopefully ride the Avs streak. Avs win incl OT/SO.

Canada: 1.84 Odds at BetOnline..
USA: Bet at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 1.84 Odds at BetOnline..

(Odds correct as of 2018/01/20 11:33:32 AM EST but are subject to change.)

Unit/Confidence Betting Tips:

(We are experimenting with adding unit/confidence to our betting tips. For more details see this post.)

Sens/Leafs over – 1u.

Avs to win – 1u. Very tempting to go 2u on this one but always worried about complacency at this stage of a streak plus the matinee games are sometimes weird.

Flyers/Devils over – 1u.

Lightning to win in reg – 0.5u. We think this is a ripe spot for the Lightning to get a big W and get back on track. 2.50 at BetOnline..

OHL / WHL / AHL / KHL Betting Tips:

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. )

OHL Betting Tips (19-7, +12.24u): North Bay Battalion incl OT/SO 1.65.

WHL Betting Tips (20-16, +2.44u): Kamloops incl OT/SO 1.74. Lethbridge incl OT/SO 1.97. Spokane Chiefs in reg 1.9. 0.5u for Spokane.

AHL Betting Tips (13-15, -2.22u): Toronto in reg 1.63. Ontario Reign incl OT/SO 1.98. 0.5u on Texas Stars 3.15 incl OT/SO.

KHL Betting Tips (19-14, +2.21u): Sibir incl OT/SO at 1.75.

OHL, WHL & AHL & KHL Betting:

Canadians: Bodog and 888 Sports.
Americans: Bovada.
Everyone Else: 888 Sports.

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Johnny Hockey

“Over 5.5-System” works very good so far (https://f1bets.blogabet dot com/). Tonight: Avs/Rangers, Sens/Leafs & Hawks/Isles

> Early games: Stars ML & Flyers/Devils over 5.5 (https://horsepower2016.blogabet dot com/)

Johnny Hockey

Tyler Hall to score (@2.85)

Arto Reinikainen

Well, it was the Caps i feared to see last night. After 2 periods i knew they were going to lose, that was the worst i’ve probably seen them play in years. At least the Ducks won (passed on the Vegas game).

Also not really a reaction to that game, but i think in general in this 2nd half im really interested in seeing what we see from the Caps. Just talked to buddy of mine last night who is a Caps fan and watches every game, and he brought up that he hasn’t really been impressed by their play this season. He feels like their record is what it is because they have experience, good goaltending and have been able to win those tight games, and Ovi has been good. However things always ramp up in the 2nd half and we’ll see if the Caps can answer the bell. I don’t buy the idea that they’d go far in the playoffs this year just because expectations would be different. They are notably worse compared to last year, especially defensively. And when they don’t show up, they lose outright, not like last year when they were still able to win most of those games at home.

Just something to keep in mind, if i see them play bad, im not going to pass on jumping on it “just because it’s the Caps”.

Oliver Trigg

Yesterday was an example of one of the hard lessons you learn from gambling. Good bets can lose and bad bets can win. Knights was a good bet in my opinion, whilst admit the Caps previous performance made that pick a little less ‘good’. That being said, nothing would have made me pick Habs yesterday, and Niemi in net definitely wasn’t going to attract me. Some little voice in my head after I lost those two games told me to throw a bunch of money on the Ducks to win in reg, and this was after a scoreless 2nd Period. That was a very bad bet- but yet it won and bailed me out big time from the earlier losses. It isn’t a tactic I would advise, and one I am still telling myself off for. It was reactionary, and usually going for broke will leave you broke so whether or not I won it was giving in to a bad practice. I was confident yesterday, and it bit me in the arse, but I’m going to keep going and wrestle the money back from the bookies-

Early Games –

POTD 1. (early pick) Avalanche Reg/ML (75%/80%) – The Avs have scored the first goal in their last 8 games, and outscored their opponents 34-13 in their 8 game winning streak. I’ll say it again, that Rantanen-Mackinnon- Landeskog line is superb. The Avs win tonight, and they put themselves 2 points ahead of the THREE teams who could take that spot away from them right now. If that isn’t motivation, then I’m not sure what is. The Rangers on the other hand are without Hayes, Shattenkirk, Staal and Kreider, and a team that has struggled with consistency especially on the road is going to struggle to win games against hot teams without a full roster (that being said Staal sucks ass and is a handicap more than anything). The bookies are no longer giving us underdog prices for the Avs, but the odds are still nice enough for me to jump on board. Avs have won 6 of their last 8 in reg, so I have also placed some on the reg win as I see it probably ending that way. Ignore the historical data, because this Avs team is a world away from years past.

Stars ML/Reg (85%/80%) – I’m not going to go deep here. The Sabres have won just 5 of their last 20 – so have a 20% win rate. That’s more than enough to illustrate how bad this team is. The Stars are the better team, and fading the Sabres is a solid strategy (you’ll win 80% of the time) and the odds are nice on Dallas. Forget road stats, home stats blah blah – the Sabres are bad and the Stars are by far the better team (they’ve won 8 of the last 11 meetings too).

POTD 2. (Early pick) – Flames ML/Reg (85%/80%) – The Flames left the bye week hot as anything – on a streak of 7 games, and I don’t step in the way of streaking teams. I ride them until they lose. the Jets are just 7-13 overall on the road and 3-11 in their last 14 on the road, and are not the same team on road ice simple as that. Calgary has already dished out a 6-3 beating to the Jets at home, and that was back at the beginning of the season before Calgary found their legs. Hellebuyck has struggled on the road and Mike Smith has been superb all around lately. With no Lowry or Scheifele this seals the deal for me. Not to mention the Jets have gone 1-10 on the road against winning teams. There is no bye week advantage for anyone here, and I see Flames managing the Jets just fine.

Later games- (will add reasons later)

Bruins Reg/ML – This is another strong pick of the day contender.

Penguins ML/Reg- Good value, and Sharks have been poor even in the games they’ve won. I am bad at picking Penguin games but Pens have dominated the Sharks in years past, and the Sharks can’t keep the puck out the net. Plus money on the Pens is great.

Blues Reg- Coyotes are pesky to pick against on reg, but Blues have handled the Coyotes pretty well over the years, and beat up on the Sens enough to give me confidence they take this in reg. Will play this small- odds stink.

Hawks v Islanders over 5.5 – Wanted to take Hawks (due to historical dominance) but Hawks are so unpredictable its not worth it. With awful goaltending and defence, over 5.5 is the play again with the Islanders.

Senators ML – Call me crazy, but I’ll ride the Sens who have dominated the Leafs who have won 13 of the last 15 meetings. Leafs really don’t look good at all offensively. Sens are at an underdog price again.

Wild ML – At a slight underdog price, I’ll take the Wild who have dominated the Lightning at home. The Bolts are not looking as good as they were lately, and Ill take the side that was won 9 of the last 11 games against the bolts played on their home ice.

Canucks ML- Oilers aren’t good enough to back at reg and I’m not about to take -180/ 4/7 type odds to win on ML for them. Canucks have shown they can put up spirited performances and are looking healthy and good again. Oilers are probably without Lucic and Nugent-Hopkins , and I like the great value on a Canucks side that was a lot of attitude and fight.

I will add confidence ratings later, after I’ve decided what later games I will be taking.

Good luck everyone, and lets hope we cash not crash today!


We’ll get there so bookies beware! Thanks for the analysis:) Good luck everyone!


Nice points and write up Oliver. Should of read this before I asked people on here what they thought of my two picks. Lol

Johnny Hockey

Nice value on the Nucks, yes! Also on Habs, Isles & Panthers. I like such odds these days…


Hey OT do you think the hawks and isles over at 6.5 is worth it??

Oliver Trigg

6 scares me. I will never touch a 7.


Thanks G.
Totally agree it’s really important to analyze your picks; The reason(s) for the bet; stats? goalies? injuries?previews? pregame shows? friends? Deciding factors?
I know, it seems tedious but can be the difference between a win and a loss. Just like the teams, sometimes we underestimate the opponents. i.e. Habs/Caps. Again motivation and lucky bounces are key.
Seven teams returning from a bye
so if you wanna play Russian roulette…
Four are playing each other.
Cal/Win & Edm/Van
Others are Hurricanes, Hawks, Wild. No Thanks:)
Rangers have won 2 against the Flyers 5-1 & Sabres 4-3 but I like the Avs chances for the same reasons.
Haven’t researched any other gms yet:)


Dallas 1st period ML – not best odds -140

Hitch made it clear he wants his team coming out hard and starting on time.

Jersey team total over 2.5 for -113 strong play here with Jersey scoring at least 3 their last 5 games. They always play well against Philly.


Devils getting hammered early. Ouch !!


Knights and Caps disappointed last night, hoping today is a lot better. Today’s parlay:

Dallas ML, St. Louis ML, and NJ/PHI Over

Best of luck everyone! Let’s win back some of yesterday’s losses!


I lost on the Caps as well. They are very annoying. Always playing to the level
Of the competition. To Only score a goal against Anti Niemi who’s been awful last couple seasons is not good for a great offense. They got a BS 6-5 goal with a minute left but it was already over after Max P scored an EN goal.


I like the Av’s(-125) & Flames(-135). I’m not buying this NYR win streak. I don’t believe they head out west and get a win today against a very hot Av’s team who’s getting excellent play from McKinnon and Bernier. I’m a bit nervous Flames hot streak may get extinguished during the layoff but the Jets were off as well and they don’t play good road hockey.

Thoughts are welcomed if you agree or disagree let’s beat the books.


Hi Lazzo,
IMO, even though Cal and Win are on even ground coming off a bye, you may want to consider a small bet, irregardless of their record prior to the break. So far, of the 24 teams returning, we have 11 wins & 13 losses. Hope your pick(s) come through:)


Very true thanks Syd. Teams off byes haven’t been very good last couple seasons.


As far as Stars/Sabres I stayed away but of course if I had to bet I would lean Stars. But these are the weird games Buffalo wins when they have a few losses in a row. Lean U5.5 early game start.

Johnny Hockey

North Bay Battalion looks good. Anybody here who watches OHL?


Hey Johnny,
Been keeping an eye on the stats in general. Did you checkout the preview on the OHL website? In previous gms this season, 3/4 have been high scoring and decided by one goal. NB has a 6 gm winning streak and Wolves 2 gm losing steak.
Anything could happen in this one. Hope you bet on the Colts in their last one. Still haven’t got a 3 gm losing streak:) Good luck!


Tonight picks,

Jets win ML
Rangers win ML
Canes win ML
Toronto win ML
Pens win ML
Oilers win ML

Dont have much time to share my comments.

Goos luck!


hey lion, ty for the tips. Wich ones are you more confident? 🙂

Geir Aage R Jensen

Rangers ML

Oliver Trigg

Injured and coming up against the best in form team in the NHL right now. Nope.


I think Oilers

Geir Aage R Jensen

Over 5.5 goals in Rangers and Flames match

Western RattlersD

I would lean OVER for the Flames match except with both teams coming off their bye week, it’s unpredictable, and probably a lower-scoring, or at least more sloppy game. Winnipeg on the road scores considerably less than at home. Flames have a hot goalie. This game might be best left alone for O/U and sides.

Oliver Trigg

3-11 on the road. I still don’t get anyones faith in Jets on the road. They’re simply not the same side on the road, end of. Not to mention Calgary are 19-6-1 in this series.


A little late in the chat room i have a erly bet a tripple over5,5 Philadelphia Dalas -1,5 and Valencia

And later lots of bets for me tonight all singels
Colorado in/ot 1,76

This one smalest bet Flames in/ot 1,71

Blues -1,5 2,25

Predators reg time 1,80

Islanders-Blackhawks over 6,5 1,80

Feels like christmas tonight!!!

Oliver Trigg

Preds on reg versus the Cats is not a good bet.


I can agree tha is the worst one of those bets but I feel so confident so if I lose one ore Two steel plus

Just watch!


Sorry i also played Edmonton -1,5 2,67

And over 1,5 in first period 1,90

Lots off plays I dont usally do This but This is just one of those nights!!!

Sacha-raphael Gagne



Ouch…Got burned by Devils/Flyers over. And it looked so promising after just a few minutes. Come on Avs!

Edis Hadzic

blues ML pens ML leafs and oilers over 5,5 bolts under 5,5

Johnny Hockey

Early games: I lost with the Over, I won with Dallas -> Tiny profit

> Later games: Hmmm yeah, I think I’ll take the Blues in reg too. On one side zhis is like a must bet tonight, one the oter side you know how it is sometimes… These “easy” games…

> Some value bets which I’ll maybe play: Habs ML, Panthers ML, Isles ML, Canucks ML


Habs, Senators, Blackhawks and Oilers with 1u;
Duchene, Donskoi, Hartman and Maroon with 0.5u.


Wow those Avs are good! Watch’d
the 3rd. Even if the Rangers have injuries, Avs were great on the forcheck and puck support. Congrats to all those who bet on them:)


Preds get Arvidson back in the lineup tonight. I love the Preds at home, one of the best in hockey. Panthers play better at home not on road plus on B2B. I hate playing regulation bets, too many games head to OT. So if you play the Preds I would play them on the ML and bite the juice. It’s a team you can trust. I’ve been burned too many times in regulation. Just my opinion, I know it’s frowned upon playing high moneylines but if theirs any 2 NHL teams I follow closely it’s the B’s And Preds.

Oliver Trigg

I cannot take that juice. Not a chance.


The Preds screw me time and time again. Hate that team, they give up late leads all the time, especially in the last minute.

Juri Safoshin

Senators vs Leafs – draw
Sharks vs Penguins – draw
Canucks with OT


Geir Aage R Jensen

Montreal win Reg


Anyone think the Hawks bounce back after their bye week? Last time they played Lost 4-0 to detroit. Isles on a little losing streak as well.


I put some pennies on Montreal’s win. Bruins really leaking.


Nucks for the late night upset

2 sh$t teams nucks have value with oil injuries and actually don’t play that badly against