avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, January 21st, 2016

It was a relatively quiet night for goals in the NHL.

The Avalanche beat the Sabres in a tight game. We were expecting it to be tight – unfortunately we were expecting a lot more goals. It was competitive enough but even with the late goal in the 2nd period by the Sabres it couldn’t go over 5, as the Avs threw in a professional and solid performance.

We DID win with the Ducks over the Wild thankfully. That one had me groaning early when the Wild went up 1-0 but thankfully the Anaheim Ducks came back and won 3-1.

A much busier night in the NHL tonight with 10 games as we get closer to the all star break. Can’t wait for that – going to be so fun to watch.

It’s one of those tough days for tips though where despite a lot of games it’s hard to see a lot of betting opportunities. One of those days where you can easily argue both sides for a lot of the games.

Let’s see what we can rustle up:

Penguins vs Flyers Betting Tips:

Penguins still have their troubles but they’re looking at lot more solid at home lately which is nice to see.

They’re going against a Philly team who have beaten them in their last 8 matchups – however the two have not faced off this season.

We like what’s going on at home at the moment for Pittsburgh, and are going to bank on them being up for this game. We’re going to take them in regulation – the reason for that is because the majority of their home victories lately have been very convincing. However with the Flyers history against them, and their ability to keep games tight(they haven’t lost by 2 goals yet in 2015) we don’t feel confident enough on the handicap.

The odds on the Penguins to win including OT/SO just weren’t worth it we felt.

Penguins in Regulation.

Canada: 2.12 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.
USA: +100 Odds at GT Bets
Everyone Else: 2.12 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.

One quick thing I’d like to note is that the experimental overtime system Likes the Philly/Pens game to go to overtime. 3.50 odds for that. I figured based on the Flyers recent games it would suggest that. As mentioned previously – we won’t be incorporating the experimental systems into our tips at this time because they’re experimental. But if all proves well – this is something next season where it would be the deciding factor in betting on in regulation or not.

Blackhawks vs Lightning Betting Tips:

I do want to note that Scott – being a Blackhawks fan – finds it very hard to tip them in tight games like this. He couldn’t bring himself to do it and suggested the Over 5 goals instead.

However I’m going to go with Blackhawks win. They’re a nice price. They’re keeping the run going – and I think with the all star break just a couple of games away that’s something that will keep their run going. They have that in their sights and mentality is “Let’s get undefeated till the all star break then go from there”. Tampa to their credit have got their own winning streak going – but I really wasn’t convinced on them in that game against the Oilers.

Blackhawks to win.

Canada: 1.99 Odds at 888 Sports.
USA: -101 Odds at BetOnline..
Everyone Else: 1.99 Odds at 888 Sports.

Jets vs Predators Betting Tips:

The Jets are a fairly solid team at home. They’re going up against a Predators team who are horrible on the road. 2.09 GFG, 3.26 GAA. Predators haven’t looked good in the last couple of weeks. Jets beat them last Thursday and that was a feisty game but the Jets came out top, and I think the odds make this one a relatively easy bet.

Jets to win.

Canada: 1.90 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.
USA: -110 Odds at BetOnline..
Everyone Else: 1.90 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.

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Arto Reinikainen

Yesterday i mentioned how i felt the Sabres were a pick i wouldn’t miss out on, but i actually changed my mind later on and went with OT. First the Sabres scored and it started to look like maybe i should’ve just stuck with my original prediction, but then Kane took a double minor which eventually led to the tying goal and at that point i was very happy i changed my mind.. But NHL being the NHL a GWG 30 seconds left in the clock stung especially when both the Blues and Ducks won in regulation.. Damn. I felt so strong about my picks that i had all singles and threw a little on a 3-game parlay. Even if you have a 2-1 night sometimes it doesn’t feel good at all lol. Oh well, that’s betting.
Some interesting games tonight.

Call me crazy but i like the Canucks to pull out an upset tonight. Boston wont get off easy, they’ve won 3 in a row and most likely get Krejci back while the Canucks are missing key guys like Henrik, Hamhuis and Sutter. On paper the B’s offense destroys the Canucks, but im sure both teams know this as well, which could lead to loss of focus for Boston and an opportunistic game from Vancouver. Miller has seen a lot of rubber lately and seems to have found his game for the time being. Boston also won their first meeting this year, and Vancouver isn’t really an important opponent for them division-wise, so im seeing a lot of signs here.
Penguins, Stars, Jets and BJ’s are my picks for home regulation wins. Senators, Hurricanes, Blackhawks and the Canucks road picks. Sharks-Coyotes feels like an OT game and the Wild should be a lot hungrier for the W than the Kings tonight which could potentially drag the game to OT as well.

Since it’s early there aren’t many goalies confirmed and some key players are questionable, so a lot could change. Especially with the Senators game, both Turris and Hoffman are unsure to play.



Yeah that’s the worst thing about variance – feeling really strongly about picks and some of them losing. There are times where we’ve felt so damn confident on 3 picks yet went 0-3. Always fun.

Canucks are a team where you just have to “feel” it – like you look at an upcoming game for them and stats be damned – you just feel like yep they’re gonna pick up a W here. Will be an interesting one.



I’d say Bruins, Pens, Tampa, Toronto, Nashville, Dallas, SJ, Wild


hope we are right ๐Ÿ˜€


Im puzzled by the sudden line jump to +111 for Jets win when it seems a majority of the public stayed with them to win. Was their smart money that came in to affect that line? What do they know that I don’t, haha


Jets are banged up


I am taking the Jets but not very confident with their game lately. Odds are moving in the wrong direction for sure.


Great night of hockey!

My bets:
Flames/CBJ Over – this is going to be a goal fest
Flames/CBJ over 1.5 1st

Oilers/Stars Over – both teams putting up their worst goalies and both teams play run and gun.
Oilers/Stars over 1.5 1st

Blackhawks ML – they are the better team and playing with high compete level

low unit 2-way round robin includes:
TML ML – Lack will let Canes down
Flames ML – Brobovsky isn’t at game speed yet

Nucks/Bs under 5 – good goaltending and Nucks are w/o Henrik
BH/Bolts over 5 – firepower on both sides
Sharks ML – the better team will win

good luck boys