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6 games yesterday.

The Leafs beat the Kraken 3-1 with Matthews scoring his 38th and Samsonov getting his first win since early December.  Kaprizov scored a hat trick and Gustavsson made 40 saves when the Wild beat the Canes 5-2.

Horvat scored the overtime winner when the Isles beat the Stars 3-2 in OT in Patrick Roy’s debut as head coach and the Rangers scored 5 unanswered goals to beat the Ducks 5-2.

6 games again for us today.

Jets vs Bruins Betting Tips:

The Jets come in to this one on a 2 game win streak and are 9-1-0 in last 10.  They are in 1st place in the Central.  On the road they have gone 14-4-2.

The Bruins are coming off of that stomping they laid on the Habs, they are 6-1-3 and riding a 4 game win streak.  At home they have gone 14-3-3 and are in 1st in the Atlantic.

This should be a good game.  First you can see the records they have based on where they play is close and then you see that GPG is also close with the Jets ranked 12th and the Bruins 11th and GAPG has the Jets 1st and the Bruins 4th.

This is a game between two of the top 3  teams in the league and one that could go either way so I have to pass but will for sure be watching.

Knights vs Devils Betting Tips:

The Knights are on a 3 game win streak and in 2nd in the Pacific.  They are 16th in goals and 6th in goals allowed and on the road they’ve gone 9-9-3.

The Devils lost their last game and are 4-5-1 last 10.  At home they are 9-11-2 and are 7th in GPG with 3.44 but 28th in GAPG with 3.42.  So they are just barely averaging more than they allow.

Seeing the Knights road record and the Devils home record has me worried about tipping either team here.  Sure the Knights are on a 3 game win streak but those 3 were won at home. 

Panthers vs Predators Betting Tips:

Panthers are struggling.  They have lost their last 4 games, all at home, but 2 of them were in OT.  They rank 15th in GPG with 3.16 and 5th in GAPG with 2.64.  On the road they have gone 14-7-2.

The Preds are 6-4-0 in last 10.  They are averaging 3.09 in both GPG and GAPG which makes it hard to trust them.  At home they are 13-11-0.

With the Panthers on this slump and the Preds scoring and allowing the same amount of goals I’m passing on this.

Penguins vs Coyotes Betting Tips:

The Pens have gone 5-3-2.  They are in 7th in the Metro and have gone 10-8-4 on the road.  They’re 19th in goals, 5th in shots and 7th in goals allowed.

The Coyotes lost their last game and are 4-5-1 in last 10.  They are 22nd in goals with 2.95 and 13th in goals allowed with 2.98.  At home they are 14-9-0.

I like the Pens to win but it’s just their play of late doesn’t give me enough confidence in them to make a regulation play.

Blackhawks vs Canucks Betting Tips:

The Hawks won their last game but are 3-7-0 in last 10.  They are on the road here where they have been awful going 4-19-1.  They are ranked 31st in goals, shots on goal, shooting percentage and powerplay.  Also ranked poorly in goals allowed 29th and shots allowed 26th.

The Canucks have won 2 straight and are 8-1-1 in last 10.  At home they have gone 16-4-1.  They rank 1st in GPG and 2nd in GAPG.

I can only see this game going the Canucks way with them being the top team in the league against the 31st place Hawks.  But it would need to be -2.5 which  could happen but it’s not for me.

Sharks vs Kings Betting Tips:

They won their last game but the Sharks are still struggling going 2-7-1 in last 10.  They are in last place in the league and rank 32nd in goals, shots, shooting percentage, goals allowed, shots allowed and penalty kill.   On the road they are 4-19-2.

The Kings have had a rough month.  They have gone 2-5-3 in January and have scored only 4 goals over their last 3 games.  They have gone 14-5-3 at home.  They rank 14th in goals, 4th in shots, 2nd in goals allowed and 3rd in shots on goal allowed.

These teams have played twice this season with the Kings winning both by a combined 9-2 score.  With the way the Kings are playing I don’t have much faith in them and we would need to take them -1.5 so it’s a pass.

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Frustrating day here for me. With the first four games on the slate being lined almost exactly where I made the number. The most popular play for the books today will probably be a Vancouver and Kings parlay, which is why both of those lines are so heavily juiced to begin with and will probably only climb higher. Tomorrow has 9 games so maybe something there will jump out when the opening lines get released.


Tough matchups, just one lean for me today, of Vancouver winning moneyline and probably single goal puckline, even though this could go 4-1 for the Canucks, they have recently lost to Columbus and St. Louis and neither game was a back-to-back, those two games started and ended a long Canucks 7-game road trip.

Some of the teams that have beaten Chicago recently (Hawks on the road) by the puckline, the Canucks have beaten on the puckline on the road. Canucks are at home and play two more at home to finish off the list before the All-Star break. Players with serious play-through injuries are likely to be taking it easy. Indications are clear the Canucks play down to the level of lesser teams and the puckline is not assured. Jets beat the Hawks by one goal on January 11. Hawks are Bedard-less but will be digging deep to find contingency options. Probably a pass.

LA gives me no confidence in any way. Vegas is on a good rebound but have a LONG injured player list, so I can’t see anything there. Pittsburgh never, Arizona is inconsistent anywhere. Florida without Barkov reminds me of Calgary without Johnny Gaudreau; the offense drops 40% and confusion abounds.