avatar Written by Scott on Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

A good night for us last night.  We went 1-0  with the tips and 2-0 for the unit betting.

We had the Wild to beat the Senators in regulation and they did 3-1.  This game was tied at 1 after 2 periods but the Wild scored twice in the final frame for the win.

For our unit betting we had the Avalanche to beat the Leafs.  The Avs won 4-2 for their 10th straight win.  The odds for this were very weird.   The Avalanche came into this game on a 9 game win streak but the odds for them to win were around 2.55.  Just amazing and I hope you got in on that.

The Lightning beat the Hawks 2-0.  This was the Hawks 4th loss in 5 games.  They’re in last place in the Central and are now 7 points out of a playoff spot.

The Sabres beat the Flames 2-1 in OT.  This was the Sabres first win in Calgary in over 14 years.  The Red Wings shutout the Devils 3-0 in Schneider’s return.  The final game of the night saw the Coyotes beat the Islanders 3-2 in OT.

A nice, busy night of hockey with 12 games scheduled.  Some parts of the country are getting hit with a winter storm so we will have to see if there are any cancellations.  Graeme texted me saying he took his dog outside and had a hell of a time staying upright thanks to all the freezing rain we have covering our area.

We could only agree on one tip.  Plenty of options just too many questions about each game.  We have an additional 3 unit bets to go with our tip.

Devils vs Bruins Betting Tips:

The Devils are going to be without Taylor Hall again with a hand injury.  They are 2-5-3 over their last 10 games.

The Bruins are rolling right now.  The are on a 16 game point streak going 12-0-4.  They have been awesome at home going 15-5-4.  They will be without Charlie McAvoy who had surgery to treat an abnormal heart rhythm.  Yikes.  Wish him nothing but the best with his recovery.

The Bruins are on such a roll I have to back them in this game.

Bruins in regulation

Canada: 1.78 Odds at 888 Sports
USA: -140 Odds at BetOnline.
Everyone Else: 1.78 Odds at 888 Sports

(Odds correct as of 2018/01/23 10:57:27 AM EST but are subject to change.)


Unit/Confidence Betting Tips:

Bruins in regulation – 1u

Avalanche win  -.5u
We have to back the Avalanche and their streak against a struggling Habs squad.  Seeing odds around 2.20 for a win.

Knights in regulation -.5u
The Knights 18-2-2 home record decided this for us.

Stars in regulation – .5u
Bishop is amazing at home going 15-5 with 2.01 GAA and a .932 save percentage.  Panthers .

(We are experimenting with adding unit/confidence to our betting tips.  For more details see this post.)


OHL / WHL / AHL / KHL Betting Tips:

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. )

WHL Betting Tips (20-16, +1.68u):  Seattle Thunderbirds in regulation 2.00 odds.

OHL, WHL & AHL & KHL Betting:

Canadians: Bodog and 888 Sports.
Americans: Bovada.
Everyone Else: 888 Sports.

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Hello All,

I am really liking the Stars, Knights, Penguins, Kings, Blues in NHL parlayed with the Celtics and Thunder in NBA as well as with Rider, Buffalo and Tennessee in NCAAB.

I know that it is never a good idea to parlay so many games; however, I am going to take a shot at it and hope for the best.




@Scott & Graeme, Other than Bovada is there another site you reco for Americans?

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

The list of books we advise for Americans are:

Bovada: http://www.betnhl.ca/go/bovada.php
5Dimes: http://www.betnhl.ca/go/5dimes.php
Intertops: http://www.betnhl.ca/go/intertops.php
GT Bets: http://www.betnhl.ca/go/gtbets.php

Note that GT bets rarely have best odds or anything – more just a good site to hit the bonus at.

5Dimes have did some shady shit in the past and they have some weird practises like asking for your password in a plain text chat and shit – but in saying that I still have a decent chunk of bankroll there as they have the best odds quite a fair bit and I can bet on stuff there for good odds I cant elsewhere(ie: WWE). Just only have whatever you NEED in there.

Johnny Hockey

Again such crazy odds for the Avs 😀 -> They’re must bet again!


perhaps no Bernier?

Johnny Hockey

Hm yeah, let’s wait for it. But I think I’ll go with them even without Bernier. Avs are so hot right now.

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

We’ve bet it with the assumption that Hammond is in net. Dude has been trash of course but still think the odds are worth it.

Cristian S

Tonight picks:
Colorado ML
Vegas Reg
Bruins Reg
Bolts ML
Parlay: Vegas ML-Bruins ML


Hi Cristian,
Just curious. What are your reasons for favouring the Bolts?

Cristian S

At these odds I can’t ignore Bolts. Preds were struggling with Yotes and Bolts aren’t like Yotes. It is true that Bolts are without two key players Hedman and Palat but I think they can manage these loss. Maybe I am wrong but this îs my pick for tonight: Bolts ML.


Thanks for the response. Hope they come through for you.
Fingers crossed:)


Good Day !!

Only had one of three regulation picks hit last night but today is a great day to come back hard and strong !!

Bruins should stomp the ? tonight both Kinkaid and C.S not up to their game right now and Hall is out again + b2b . Bruins PL looks and good and the over even better.


Thanks Scott & Graeme for that Bruins Regulation pick I feel more confident now ?


Thanks Scott. Good tips.
Everything points to a Bruins win in Reg:
Jersey on a btob; 3rd gm in 4 nights; shutout last night @ Det; scored 1 goal in 2gms; Hall (48 points) injured; Bruins 15-4-4 at home;
On paper the Avs outshine the Habs and more than capable of extending their streak; If the Habs have anything in their favour it’s hoping Bernier is playing tonight (possibly fatigued) and gives up a couple of ‘soft’ goals.
Like the Knights chances too based on their home record 18-2-2 plus Jackets have a 2.55GF (28th) and 10-10-3 on the road. Plus their schedule has been really weird recently. They had a 6 day bye then played last Th with 4 days off.
Like the Preds chances vs TB based on: 16-4-2 at home;
TB is playing btob with 3gms in 4 nights; scored 4 goals in last 4 gms; Domingue (If he starts) is 4.08 GA; They shoutout Chi (last night) but scored 1 emptynetter and gave up 40SOG.
Good luck tonight!


Bruins, Penguins, Stars, Oilers, Avalanche ML and Blue Jackets ML with 1u.


Hi magus,
Just curious. Why do you favour the Jackets over the Knights?


Sounds like a good night last night for all. Had a half unit on the Avs last night. Then backed it after Avs first goal with a live bet one unit to win in regulation @ 2.25 !?. Anyways i will be looking for the same thing tonight. If the Avs get first goal live bet win regulation at hopefully 2.00 Also Avs have 23 of 27 wins when scoring first goal so money well spent IMO. Also tailing Scott and Greames unit plays tonight. GLTA!

Oliver Trigg

Sweet sweet Avs cashed me in yesterday, and Wild helped that out. Unfortunately my other parlay of Avs Reg and Flames reg was ruined by Flames taking the night off. That Flame (sorry) seems to be waning somewhat. The juice is quite high on a lot of games today (like Blues -125 / 3/4 reg???? wtf is that about). Today I’m going to post a little list SDB and I made up, of teams we think are tail, fade or avoid along with the tips.

Tips first-

POTD- Vegas Reg/ML (80%/85%) – Knight are officially the bets side in the NHL and come into this game with the best home record in the league having dropped just 4 games at home all season. Jackets have won just 8 of their last 20 on the road, and are struggling for any kind of offence right now. The Jackets are only winning games by suffocating their opponents offensively and winning in narrow fashion, with their last 5 wins being by one goal and three of those wins being in OT. Sorry, coming up against the best team in the league having just played one game in almost two weeks in that kind of form isn’t going to fly. The Knight have got to be feeling good about being top of the NHL, and I don’t think its a position they want to drop. Watch them win this game in reg in style to make up for their last home game loss to the Oilers. The Jackets aren’t the type of team with their form and injuries to down the Knights.

POTD 2. – Colorado Avalanche ML/Reg (75%/70%)- How can I not play this again? Avs have been superb, and have been cashing us in big time. Fact- they are the hottest team in the NHL right now. Fact- they’re at an underdog price again. Fact – they shouldn’t be at an underdog price. Fact- I’m all over them. Again don’t overestimate the rest factor here, Avs have more than enough skill and motivation to down a Habs side which is so pathetically bad right now. Avs can potentially go to third in the Central tonight with a win over the Habs provided the Blues and Stars lose. Whilst thats unlikely, the Avs have two games in hand over the Stars and 3 over the Blues. Add to that, the Wild are right behind the Avs and if Avs don’t keep winning they’re out of the playoffs. If thats not motivation I don’t know what is. Habs have won just 1 of their last 5 games, and I’m not sure they’ll manage with injuries to beat the Avs who have won 8 of their last 10 by 2 goals. The Avs have outscored their opponents 39-19 in their 10 game winning stretch, and I will as such even advise a small play on Avs PL – which is at a crazy +300 or 3/1. Avs go for 11th straight win. *** I am assuming Bernier is in net, if he is not perhaps hold off on this and see how the first few minutes of the game go.

Bruins Reg (75%)- On almost any other day this would also qualify as a pick of the day. The heavy juice necessitating taking reg is the only reason its not. That being said, Bruins have won 13 of the last 14 meeting at home to the Devils, and have lost just 5 of their last 20 games. The Bruins are hot, and a Devils side who have lost 7 of their last 8 on the road aren’t about to change that.

If any of you want to take, I’m taking – Avs ML & Knights reg on a parlay, as well as Avs Reg & Knights Reg on a parlay and finally Knights ML and Bruins Reg.

Tail, Fade and Avoid List (some teams make both fade and avoid as it depends on the situation)

Teams to tail right now – Bruins, Flyers, Knights, Avs, Jets (at home) , Wild (especially at home), Stars (more so at home- possible avoid on the road).

Fade- Islanders, Jackets, Caps, Canes, Rangers, Canucks, Hawks, Sabres, Devils, Leafs, Sens, Kings.

Avoid- Islanders, Sabres, Coyotes, Preds, Bolts, Sharks, Flames, Blues, Ducks, Panthers, Wings, Oilers.

These above lists aren’t created just on play and performance but also factor into the odds. For example we put Preds, Bolts, Sabres and Coyotes in the avoid because often right now the odds are shit on these games. You have to either fade Sabres and Coyotes in reg or take Bolts and Preds in reg and the juice is often high. Of course there are situations where it is smart to play them, but this is more a basic guide. I took Stars heavily in reg against the Sabres, because in that instance the tail of the Stars and good odds prevailed over the avoid of Sabres. Sabres are in the fade, because where you can fade them profitably in ML or reg it is worth it, but they have a tendency, like last night versus the Flames to give up more of a fight that you’d expect. Coyotes are a full avoid because of the shit odds you get to beat against them, and the spirited games they so often put up (beating the blues 5-2 and taking the game to OT versus the Preds and beating the Isles in OT). Other teams sit in the avoid category because its so hard to determine what sort of game you’ll get from them. Hawks should probably be in avoid as well right now, but have had a tendency lately to put in bad games rather than good so they fall into fade right now. Islanders are also so hard to read right now, thumping hawks 7-3 just to score 1 goal against the Coyotes the night after. I hope you get the gist of what I’m saying. Feel free to comment.


Oliver Trigg

Preds may be worth a look tonight, with Domingue in net for Bolts. Small play on Preds.

Oliver Trigg

With Saros in net for Preds this is actually worth a medium play.

Maikel Vd Ven

Nice post like it!
I dont see pittsburgh?
I bet on them tonight because they have some thing to make right against hurricanes!

Oliver Trigg

Sorry they’re meant to be In the AVOID category. They’re just too inconsistent to profitably bet on I think.


I wrote down my picks and thoughts for today, what do you think about it? My certainty about those picks are expressed in units. Will be happy for any comment.

Main bets:
Bruins Reg, PL (2u, 1u)-POTD, Win streak should continue against this very inconsistent Devils Team.

Knights Reg, PL (2u, 1u)-POTD, The home stats say it all, Jackets coming off a bye week.

Dallas Reg (1,5u) Dallas coming home after 4 road games (3 wins, last against Sabers 7-1) so they seem to be in a good form. Cats performance on the road has been pretty poor, 2-8 in last 10 road games.

Avs Reg (1u) Lets keep riding the Avs until they crash, they have pretty good chance against Habs who do not play a good hockey right now.

Parlay Bruins Reg and Knights Reg (1u)

Sharks ML (0,75u) Sharks have played fairly well lately, are on the home ice and definitely could take the win, the odds are fairly good

Flyers ML (0,75u) Wings on B2B, flyers showed some good performances lately

Preds ML (0,75u) Preds have been pretty solid at home, Bolts on B2B

Kings ML (0,5u) I really do not like Nucks play and Kings showed some real effort last game against Rangers

Pens Reg (0,5u) Pens have performed better lately, playing home against Canes who they lost to last time 0-4, time for payback?

Blues Reg (0,5u) Sens are playing really bad and Blues should show up home after the last catastrophic performance against Coyotes, the odds are highly unfavourable though…

Oilers Reg (0,5u) Edmonton stepped up last 3 games and showed some good plays, also, Sabers are on B2B, but Sabers has been very pesky and got many games into OT

Oliver Trigg

I agree with you pretty much across the board. Where I disagree is playing the Sharks, Pens, Blues and Oilers. The Juice is far too heavy on those teams, considering their inconsistency. I think Oilers and Blues definitely win, but the odds are too harsh for me to be involved. I might even take a small bet on Jets to beat sharks.


I will probably pass the Sharks game just like Ducks game-both can go literally either way. I will place a small bet on a parlay Oilers and Blues, it increases the odd, lowers the steak, and I think it is worth a shot. I will probably also pass the Kings game, however, I will probably place some bet on Pens Reg as I really think tonight might be the payback.

Oliver Trigg

I actually like Jets a bit, like Kings and like Ducks. Although none are my main bets


I agree. The ML odds for the Blues and Oilers are ridiculous. I like their chances of course but the bookies are giving them too much credit. Blues were shutout at home 2 times in Nov and 2 times (1 at home) in Dec.
Oilers? Anything goes with them.

Oliver Trigg

Blues got hammered by the Yotes and yet the bookies are ignoring that. Oilers as you say can do anything.


Overall, it was a really profitable night, mainly because of the Bruins and Knights wins.


Great work on that list guys keep up the good work im so greatly grateful for this!!


Congrats on the wins last night and like your picks. Thanks for detailed analysis too:)

Maikel Vd Ven

Dallas reg bruins reg penguins reg ava ml and vegas reg.
Gl everybody!


I must say you hade exelent picks last night the crew in this site!!

And today looks very Good as well i am backning you tonight!

Good luck to all!


12 game dance card. Lots of choices here, teams needing bounce back, hot teams looking to show the league their more than a few wins put together few that will not be scoring and a few that just do it with ease.

I’ll find 3 solid plays. Hopefully lol


Can’t wait for your knowledge in today’s card


Deff will be on the late west coast games. Lots of great analysts already looked quick. No one likes the under 5.5 Boston game? Have a look at their last 10 meetings and if my bookie is offering -175 under 3G devils it’s cause he knows it isn’t happening.


I’m think 5-1 Boston


All the value tonight is in the Avs and Knights. We have talked a lot about the human factor in these games and tonight there are some great plot lines: Wm. Karlsson who was an extra part for the CBJ is now the leading scoring on the LVGK. He’s expressed how pumped up he is to play against his former team and how important a win is to him. We know how good the LVGK are at home and the CBJ are coming off a long rest when they only played one game in 11 days. Fleury has been insanely good. Unless there are some very unlucky bounces I see LVGK running away with this one.

In Montreal 5 of the Avs players will be returning to their home providence of Quebec, including Bernier who will likely go b2b. The NHL’s hottest team will be facing one of the worst teams, where rumors already have them rebuilding. I see Avs coming in to the Bell Centre and coming out with a dominant win.

Both these teams are among the NHL’s most elite and are playing with great energy and chemistry. The matchups favor the best team so bet these games with confidence. Love the parlays too.

Other bets that looking interesting:
Preds regulation – The Preds love to be at home with a 16-4-2 record and have one of the hottest goalies in the league in Saros. Lightning are without top 6 forward Ondrej Palat and on a b2b. Backup Domingue is almost certainly in net and he is pretty porous.

Pens regulation – Speaking hot goalies, the Pens rookie call-up Casey DeSmith has only let 4 pucks behind him in his last three NHL games. Pens have been playing much better lately and are 15-8 at home. Canes are slumping and are a dismal 11-15 on the road. This is a good spot for the Pens to get 2 points and I think they’ll get it done in 60 minutes.

Oliver Trigg

Think Kings and Ducks might be worth an add later potentially.

Edis Hadzic

pens ML kings ML ducks ML sharks ML


Very happy with the cash out feature bet365 offers, saved me big time last night! I switched my bets up when I felt a loss was imminent and quickly turned to profit! On to today’s picks.

“Confidence levels based on 5 stars”
Dallas (Regulation Win)***
Vegas (Regulation Win) ****
Colorado (Regulation win)***
Parlay: Boston/Dallas/Vegas (All -1.5 PL)*


Juri Safoshin

A am trying Ducks, Oilers,
and Canucks vs Kings – Draw, X stake, as some draws at regular time are rather likely to happen tonight.

I am also whitelisting Penguings, half a unit for regulation win on them, as I believe in em and have a friend who is a big fan.


Alright my friends, here are my final plays for today:

Parlay 1:

Penguins, Stars, Blues, Kings, Jets +1.5, Bruins and Avalanche.

Parlay 2:

Predators, Blues, Bruins and Stars

First parlay for fun only bet $25. Second parlay for $250. Hope it hits. Good luck to everyone


I will start with New Jersey today. They have not bad away performance this season. Not very good but still normal if you see the statistic. If I bet on their win on ML then its currently 2.95 and they wins 52% of games when they had that kind of odds. They are really dog and I cannot pass it today. New Jersey win ML.

Lets continue with Flyers. They have really good chance of winning today. Their odd is currently 1.74 and its quite ok. They have won quite many away games and it can be also the good one to go. They have won 61%of their games with such a good odds. So Flyers win ML.

Predators, I think they are the one of the best team in last 3 years. Their defense is really a wall in case they do olay against valuable teams. I think Bolts are one of them. They have good home and away performances. They are durable and stable. They have won 60% of their game with 1.74 and I think they will repeat that tradition against bolts as well. I believe they will. Preadators win ML.

My other hot dog Rangers today. Rangers has good chance to win against dogs today. They have also good away statistic against Ducks. It ll be tough one and hard to predict but I ll still put a flag on rangers. I cannot pass 2.60. Rangers win ML.

Thats it for tonight and time to sleep now. Enjoy your night guys.

Good luck!


I like the Flyers and Preds, gonna go with them, Rangers are an interesting possibility with those odds but I will just pass that game, however, I completely disagree with Devils, 1-7 in last 8 away matches is not a good performance whatsoever and if you consider the Bruins performance lately, I don’t see any reason to bet Devils besides the odds…


Great analysis. Keep going 🙂

Oliver Trigg

Get on the Avs train already lion. They’re the hottest dogs in the game right now


Just out of curiosity, could someone please recommend a good site for Canadians to bet on for all sports. I am looking for one that allows betting parlays on all sports on one single ticket and one that you can cash out directly to your bank account. Currently I use body but I hate their withdrawal option.

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

The 3 I’d recommend the most:

Sports Interaction: Only accept Canadians and you can get some great odds on games involving Canadian teams. Also a $20 free NHL bet plus bonus through this link: http://www.betnhl.ca/go/sports-interaction.php

Bet365: When odds are equal I’m always betting here. Just always preferred their interface really especially when it comes to live betting and the ability to cash out etc. http://www.betnhl.ca/go/bet365.php

Pinnacle: Best odds the majority of the time. http://www.betnhl.ca/go/pinnacle-sports.php

Also a small recommendation for 888 http://www.betnhl.ca/go/888-sports.php as they have the best odds a good 10-20% of the time and often offer decent promos. Accounts at all 4 of them should set you good.


Thank you very much. I will look at them and see how I find the sites. Really appreciate it. Keep up the great work. You guys are awesome with your picks.


Couldn’t resist the Avs tonight.

Avs + Vegas ML – 1u

Bruins / Vegas / Stars Reg – 0.5u

Avs / Vegas / Stars / Blues / Bruins to score first – 0.5u (this was just a fun wager hence the half unit but returns big)

Geir Aage R Jensen

Pittsburgh win Reg

Nashville win Reg

Red Wings- Flyers over 5.5
Oilers Reg
Avalanche ML
Rangers ML
Stars-Panthers over 5.5
Jets ML
Knights-Jackets under 5.5
Blues OT


No love for the Jets ? Shark playing like 6 games in 9 days what’s up with that


Yes sir lol

Just walked in door and wanted to post my 7 pm play 12 games the choices are endless to be honest. God knows we all will be hitting are heads against a wall saying why did I pass on that.

I’ll put up 2 more. I really want a 3 0 tonight. 2 1 is a must in my world.


I got them PL +260


San is a lock for me.
Shark tank is extremely hard for teams to come in and win. We talk about teams heating up and to know when to jump on them and ride em to the bank. Sharks have surprised a lot and are proving they belong in the playoffs this year. They have a great record against Winni at home, love the way Dell has come in and played for them. This game has all the looks of an under play as well.

2 great goalies and 2 teams that could be fatigue with about of hockey played last week in a half.

Oliver Trigg

BERNIER CONFIRMED. Let’s go Avs onto 11!


With 12 games and after reading over all that posted I don’t know what I could add. As a lot have said Nash Vegas Philly Boston St loo better win if they want to keep moving forward as leaders in the league. I’m rooting for the Avs as crazy as this sounds I kinda think the Habs give em a game.

I’m playing the under 5.5 in the Boston I posted earlier on trends. I believe in them and follow them closely. Their my holy bible of the hockey world. With no Hall, for devils and having a close door player only meeting they will do their best to try and keep up with the hot Bruins, I can’t see Boston giving them a lot and with the last 9 straight going under I’m going to shoot for #10

Rask has a 944% verse devils
Schneider has 928% verse bruins

Post a few later


Looking for zeros after 1. If 1 scored I’ll live bet total 6 goals.. Devils taking it to Bruins this period, that’ll change in 2nd.


Sprinkle some on draw

+440 4 min to go


That’s hockey for ya 101

0 1st – 5 2nd – 0 3rd

Was kinda hoping for empty netter not gonna lie.


Hi everyone,

Flyers ML @ 1.81
Bolts TTU 2.5 @ 2.06



Vatenen hurt no good for the Devils


He’s back now


One play for me tonight: Knights ML


Avalanche??? I’m cheering
Come on ?
My first parlay is Avalanche Predators Bruins


I’m on Sharks. No time to look others over.


Can the Kings make an other come back??


Stick with your Winni call 3 zip !! Looking good !!!

Sharks are done im watching live


No they can’t. Nucks look good and first game at home in over 3 weeks, no way they fold.


Sure they can is just a game


5-1 now they are done ✅


Officials definitely with Vancouver , is disgusting


Q out K in f ?


An other PP for the Nucks ?


0.71u overall win last night.

Sharks / Jets was 0-3 to tie 4-4! Incredible.


Really liked San here. Stopped watching at 3 0 kinda glad it would have hurt more seeing them come all the way back and lose OT.


That’s lucky! Winnipeg looked downbeat to me. I caught the last 6 mins (uk based) and Jets couldn’t handle the energy at the end. Lucky to scrape through to OT.