avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

It was a nice winning night last night with the NHL tips to continue a great month.

Our lone 1 unit play came in with the Boston Bruins beating the New Jersey Devils. It was tighter than expected I have to say and the Devils really came to play in that one. However it’s a testiment to the Bruins quality and ability that they picked up that win. If they keep up performances like this they’ve got to be one of the favourites for the cup although home ice wll be key.

We went 2-1 with our 0.5u tips. Our loss was the Avalanche which was essentially a blind bet that I think had to be made at those odds. As it is the Avs had a weak game and the Habs worked very hard and got the deserved win. Why the hell can’t they perform like that all the time???

We won with the Stars over the Panthers. That was one I had given an extra look at yesterday to see if we could advise it as a 1u play. It was very close to being one but couldn’t pull the trigger. Stars got the big 6-1 win there.

Then it was a bet on the Knights to complete the winning night. Easiest bet in hockey.

How about those Oilers? What an absolute shit show they are. A 5-0 thumping from the Sabres. It’s unreal how bad they’ve gotten. And that “great road team” the New York Rangers have now lost 3 in a row on the road. I really should look up who wrote that article so I can call them out for being such an idiot.

Two games today, one 0.5u tip. Let’s look at both:

Blackhawks vs Leafs: I don’t think either team is worth backing.

The Hawks are a complete and utter mess at the moment, but they are still at home and while they have heavily disappointed here the last few times out, they still generally perform better here. They’re a team that seem to get motivated at the weirdest times and who knows – with the job on the line, maybe they perform for Quenneville here.

The Leafs have just one regulation win in January. That’s not good at all. Reilly is out too. They’re trying to find the best offensive setup and are making a fair amount of changes. A lot of their performances are pretty flat lately and they’re lacking that killer instinct they had early in the season.

The more I look at it, the more I like the Hawks actually and I’ve been pretty spot on with them at home lately. However I just can’t advise this one.

Flames vs Kings: Have to place a 0.5u value play on the Kings to win. Flames still seem to struggle at home. Last time Kings were in Western Canada they pulled out some good results – beating the Canucks & Oilers and having a close 4-3 loss here in Calgary. They also have a decent enough record in Calgary.

It’s a big game in the Pacific with the Kings able to move above the Flames with a W. Their road record is fairly solid. It probably doesn’t matter who is in net for them at this point – Quick or Kuemper, I still feel the same way and that it’s got value.

I think the Kings might pull off a sneaky win here so am backing them to win including overtime/shootout. Not something I am insanely confident about or anything hence just a 0.5u play.

OHL / WHL / AHL / KHL Betting Tips:

(All below systems are based mainly on mathematics and statistics with very little human input and are deemed experimental. )

WHL Betting Tips (20-16, +1.68u): Regina Pats in reg 1.75.

AHL Betting Tips (16-15, +1.54u): Syracuse Crunch in reg 1.80 – 0.5u.

OHL, WHL & AHL & KHL Betting:

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Americans: Bovada.
Everyone Else: 888 Sports.

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Thanks G.
What a coincidence. I read that article too.Rangers have a good road record? They’re 7-11-3 on the road! Think I read that on an espn preview.
I agree it’s hard to bet on the Leafs or Hawks. In their last gm (Mon) and even If Vasilevskiy was in net, the Hawks had 40 SOG,a 4 minute pp, 5/3 pp and couldn’t score. In their last gm (Mon) Leafs lost to the Avs 4-2. Minus the empty netter and had they allowed that ‘goal’ by Mathews, the result may have been different so I’ll give them a break. This one goes to the
hungrier team with ‘puck luck.’
Kings are on a btob. Canucks beat them 6-2 so they should be motivated and hope they get the lucky bounces:) Good luck!

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Yeah it’s one of those articles written and shared by multiple sites. Unfortunately I can’t seem to figure out who the author is. But this is the article in question for those wondering:


Always bugs me as a lot of the time they start an article with a clear narrative and when the facts don’t support their narrative they just come up with whatever they can to support it rather than changing their narrative, and that was one in particular that really bugged me.


Sounds like one of my posts LOL


Haha I lol’d at that.

Oliver Trigg

I’ve seen articles talking about how good the Sabres have been on the end of back to backs. There is such shit out there it’s crazy. With so many fake stats. I almost wonder if it’s propaganda by the bookies…

Johnny Hockey

“Over 5.5-System” (https://f1bets.blogabet dot com/): Hawks/Leafs


Blackhawks and Kings with 5u.


That’s a strong play. Why so confident?


Both teams play execrable lately and nothing lives forever in NHL. It’s true also Leaf is on the same side.:))
My intuition ( which sucks this month ) say Chicago and LA.

Western RattlersD

No bets today. All four teams are currently crap. Tomorrow holds some promise with all teams but one playing, last game before the All-Star Weekend break.
Toronto; who are they?
Chicago: over the hill and far away?
LA: inconsistent, having troubles scoring
Calgary: inconsistent. What do they want?

Oliver Trigg

Calgary however, are not nearly as crap as the Kings. Sure they lost to the Sabres and Jets, but they had just been on streak. The Kings? Nah not so much.


Tough night and also hard to predict both games.

Hawks really out of mind. Do not really know when is good time for them to win. Whenever I thought that they ll win they lost.

Calgary has trouble with the home games. They have great performance on away games but not same at home. That is why it is hard to say that Calgary will win. Same goes for Kings as well.

I will pass that night but if I would bet then I would pick hawks and Calgary wins ML.

Anyway, I hope you guys have better chance to go.

Good luck!


I like the Flames to bounce after losing two close ones including one to Sabres. I watched the third period of that game and the flames looked solid but couldn’t get one in. Kings are simply awful and don’t seem to have the motivation to bounce back after a bad loss. Flames are in the hunt and will be motivated to win at home. I’m taking them in regulation at -110 for 1u. I’m parlaying flames ML with under in Leafs-Hawks


Juri Safoshin

Blackhawks vs Leafs – draw, match going to OT. As i don’t like draws and the odd is nice.

Flames to win, took regulation win at prematch.


Congrats on winning the OT

Juri Safoshin

Thanks, sometimes get really lucky )

Geir Aage R Jensen

Kings win Reg with 10 units

Oliver Trigg

Jesus 10 units. Why???


Don’t think I could ever back 10u on a game. Well I have on football, but I wouldn’t on hockey ffs.

Juri Safoshin

Great stake.
Good luck.


Does anyone know a site that shows nhl teams trends/stats? for example how many goals a team scored in 1st period, 2nd period and so on. Maybe discusses rankings in power play goals scored and allowed, where they rank in first period scoring etc? I know the kings are a joke in the first period but is their a site that’s helpful in these cases? Thank you

Kris- -na

Google it 😉

Kris- -na

In their last 7 games Kings have been outscored in the first period 11-1
But compared to Flames, season stats are not that bad…

Oliver Trigg

Avs finally crashed, but Knights and Bruins still helped me cash out a profit. What was interesting yesterday, is that from the list myself and SDB created, 6 of the 7 teams that played on our back list won. Of the fade teams 6 lost. The Canucks pulled out a win, but considering their opponents, the Kings, were on the fade list, Im not questioning my list here. Sabres and Oilers were both on the avoid list, and after Sabres hammered the Oilers 5-0 that decision was vindicated. The Oilers are like a box of cheap chocolates, you never know what youre going to get, but its most likely shit. For tonight’s games, both Hawks and Leafs are on the avoid list- I would prefer the Leafs, but Hawks have dominated the Leafs at home so this one is so hard to call. You never know what you’re going to get with the Hawks, and that’s precisely why they’re an avoid team for me.

I have one pick today, and that’s Flames Reg. Yes, they’ve lost 2 in a row at home now, but they’re coming up against a Kings side who can’t buy a win. I don’t care about the value on the Kings, they’re on an end of a back to back and got trounced by the Canucks. I usually say do it bet against embarrassed teams, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kuemper start for the Kings and the Kings have been embarrassed over and over lately and had 0 response. Calgary surely do not want to lose a third game in a row in front of their home fans. Ultimately this play comes down to the fact the Kings are a fade team right now, and are just so miserably bad that I don’t see them winning on an end of a back to back.

Anyone got some nba tips for tonight? Would love a good one or two.


Kevin Driessen

Pacers -6.5 – 1 unit
Pelicans under 224 – 2units

Kevin Driessen

hope you took em both…

Oliver Trigg

I got caught up unfortunately with work, wish I had. Appreciate the tips though, and would be keen to see you post some more!


Today is very boring so I started looking into tomorrow and I feel like my main bets will be the same as yesterday. Bruins, Knights, Dallas, all Reg and PL+some Parlay, I will probably do the bets today because I think the odds will be lower by tomorrow. Do you agree on that?


For me, it’s Calgary. Though, 60min line is only 1.83 which just isn’t good enough for even 0.5u.

Money stays in my wallet tonight.


Great decision! Better safe then sorry. Lots of options tomorrow. I.e. Leafs in a btob in Dallas:)


I am not betting but I am leaning Hawks ML. The reason to not pick is Leafs lines changing between Komarov and Kadri. I think they will improve their game.



Following G&S pick, I am on Kings +0.5 @ 1.91 with also 0.5 units.


Leaferzzzz -115
Both teams are box of chocolates but I like the goalie advantage for the visitors.

Over 1.5 1st Kings-Flamerzz -105

Can’t back my team here, I really want to with the odds. I am 100%, sure they will show up. Tons of pride and good leadership in that room, being embarrrased and their last game now with All-Star break there is no way 2 stinkers in a row can happen. I can honesty see this game going to OT.

I’ll be watching this game close for a live bet play.


Cashed on the one and only play last night (Knights ML). I have one play for tonight:
Blackhawks -110.

I also think Kings come out with more of a sense of urgency after getting embarrassed @ Vancouver. We all know the Flames don’t play the same way at home then they do on the road.

Steve Dimase

What site do guys use in the US? anyone???

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

1st period Kings Flames borefest. Calgary had 1 shot til 9 min mark.

I’m going to play the OT, hoping stays 1 zip mid 2nd.

Anyone that live bets this game. LA


I wish they all played out like that one !

At +275 I hope someone else jumped on that OT Play :))))

Live wagering is where the $$$ is at.


Talk about luck! Congrats on winning the OT bet!


Hit +240 Philly Wash Sunday

Hockey gods will put me back in place very soon I’m sure lol