avatar Written by Graeme on Thursday, January 25th, 2018

It was a 1-0 night last night with our 0.5u NHL play. We also went 2-0 with our WHL/AHL Plays.

The combined results of the OHL/WHL/AHL/KHL bets this season is 77-53, a 59.2% winrate, for 18.67 units profits.

Great to see that. If you’re American, you can bet all of those at Bovada, if you’re Canadian bet at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 2.00 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

(Odds correct as of 2018/01/25 1:10:33 PM EST but are subject to change.)

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My picks for tonight:

Knights Reg, PL (3u, 1u)
Bruins Reg, PL (1,5u, 0,5u)
Stars Reg, PL (1,5u, 0,5u)
Pens Reg (1u)
Avs ML (1u)
Bolts ML (0,5u)

Parlay: Knights+Bruins, Knights+Stars

Leans: Sharks


Caps, Blue Jackets, Oilers and Canucks with 2u;
Stamkos, Janmark, Silfverberg and Maroon with 0.5u.

Geir Aage R Jensen

Hey, u think B. Connolly can score for Capitals to night?


Thanks. Was never really interested in the All star game either. Kinda boring. Skills competition is cool though.
Like the Preds chances. With Devils injuries (Hall dtod) and Appleby in net, 3.21 GA 5-8-1 Ahl;
only 3 goals in 3 gms;Leafs
*only concerns are the Preds last 7/8 were 1 goal gms and the Devils made a good effort against
Love my Leafs but the Stars have the advantage; Leafs are on a btob; Stars are 17-6-1 @home; Bishop is 16-5-1 1.97 GA @home;
Leafs Zaitsev & Reilly injured;
Wash@ Fla
Leaning towards Caps but only because the Pathers are starting Sateri 4.78GA 0-2-0.


My kid is out sick today so I’ll keep it short and sweet while he watches some TV. I’m considering bets on the teams that are playing the strongest right now and including one other team because I’m fading their opponent. I am on the ML if the line is -140 or better, anything else and I’m looking at regulation. There are also a few PL bets that are worth small bets.

Preds to win ML & regulation & small PL – Preds have been playing very consistently. They are one of the few teams that seems to have the skill and personality to do well for the remainder of the season. They’ve won 5 of the last 6 while the Devils have only managed two wins in the last 11. The Devils are very banged up especially in net where they start a rookie with no NHL experience. Look for the Preds to finish strong before the ASG.

Avs ML – I riding the Avs because they are still one of the NHL’s best teams despite having lost a close one to the Habs who were the better team that night. Meanwhile the Blues limp along getting a W here and W there. Their last good win was a close one against Vegas back on Jan 4. Since then they’ve only beaten the Leafs and Sens (apologies to anyone from Ontario). Avs will shake off the road rust and get a W tonight against a mediocre Blues squad.

Bruins regulation & small PL – Even without Marchy the Bruins are by far the better team, especially when the Sen are putting Condon in net with his scary 87.6% save percentage at home. In their last two meetings the Bs outscored the Sens 10-1.

Stars regulation & small PL – The Leafs have show a little fight lately but they are still the weaker team playing a team with a 17-7 home record. The Leafs will be looking ahead to the ASG break and won’t put up much of a fight against the Stars who are making a serious drive towards the playoffs.

Knights regulation & small PL – I don’t have to spend much time justifying this play. The league’s best team playing one the most inconsistent teams who are at the end of a grueling roadie. Isles will be mailing it in tonight.

My last play is the Caps ML. Yes, I know, Caps are on our avoid list because they are so talented yet have no fire in their belly and play down to the competition. However, tonight they run into a Cats team that has been leaking goals like crazy and puts a terrible goalie in net tonight as Reimer’s back-up. I don’t think the Caps want to go into the ASG having lost 4 straight and they are helped out by a leaky opponent. Oliver disagrees with me but I think it’s a worthwhile play. For a fun prop, play Caps to score first.

I guess that wasn’t short and sweet after all. Thanks for reading.


Shayan S

SDB, what are your thoughts on the Bolts tonight…. can they get it done?

Oliver Trigg

Don’t underestimate the Flyers. 5-0 at home in their last 5, and already beat the Bolts in Tampa this season. Bolts can always get it done, but aren’t themselves at the moment.

Shayan S

yeah, i think ill replace them with Dallas reg win. Thanks man. GL


I agree with Oliver. I think the strongest teams tonight are Preds, Stars and Knights. 2nd level Capitals and Avs (value)

Bob Rodgerson

Hope your child isn’t too sick, have you heard whether Bergeron is going for the Bruin’s, he is showing as day-to-day with an illness??


Per Bruce Cassidy, Patrice Bergeron is under the weather. “I believe he’ll play” tomorrow in Ottawa.


Hope your boy gets better soon. I began reading and the more I scrolled, I did start to think “this isn’t a quick write up..”

Nevertheless. Thank you for the comments above.

I was going to follow you on Dallas, but I can’t bring myself to bet against Toronto (insert “my beloved” before “Toronto” haha).

I feel Vegas train is about to leave this station again – all aboard!


thank you! I wish Toronto was more consistent, but they just haven’t had much success in putting together 60 mins. Tons of great talent so their time will come. I just don’t think they’ll rise to the occasion against a Stars team that seems to have a lot of fire this season. GL


Leaning Nashville in regulation with New Jersey starting Ken Appleby.. horrible AHL record goalie starting for stumbling devils… Also Capitals in regulation, Florida starting Harri Sateri with Riemer and Bobby Lou out yes they can be pesky at home but i just dont see it here… Finally Dallas in regulation with Mckelheny getting a rare start against a better team in Dallas at home where Ben Bishop has been great… all at half unit. Thoughts?!?


see below


Thanks SDB im pulling trigger on these along with Philly Tampa over.


I’m 50/50 on the over play, but agree with the rest

Oliver Trigg

Yesterday was as I expected- unpredictable. Either game could have gone either way. I didn’t stake anything major so not too fussed. Had a good chat with SDB about today’s picks, and done a fair amount of digging an research.

POTD- Vegas Reg (80%)- This is pick of the day because how can I go against Vegas’s 18-2-2 record at home ? I really can’t. This is the best team in the NHL facing off against the leakiest team around right now. The Islanders just seen to go out of their way to be the worst defensive team in the NHL, and their issues on the defensive end and goaltending have not got any better. Add to that an offense that is stop and start at the moment. One game they manage a 7 goal wheeling of the Hawks and Rangers and then the next manage 2 goals against the Coyotes. Vegas lost 6-3 in Brooklyn to the Islanders and will be out for blood here. When I looked at this, I thought “the Oilers had ruined the Knights 8-2 and then came and beat them again, what if the Islanders do that”. I can’t play on that doubt, this Vegas side is as good a side as you can back in the NHL, and you’ll lose out the majority of the time if you don’t back them. Heck I think there’s hardly been a game I haven’t backed them in this season, so they’re the natural choice here.

I have to say here are another two picks of the day, because they deserve the title.

POTD 2. Bruins Reg (80%) – I like this a little bit less than Vegas because Marchand is suspended for 5 games and Acciari is a game time decision. That being said, the Sens have allowed 3 goals or more in 11 of their last 13 games. You can’t win games if you have to score 4 or more on a nightly basis to win, it’s as simple as that. Last season Ottawa prided themselves on their defence. If they couldn’t score they certainly could restrict. This season, they can’t score, they can’t defend and they haven’t got a solid goaltender. In a nutshell, they suck. Bruins meanwhile are racking win after win up and haven’t got a regulation time defeat since the Caps back in December. Even with no Marchand, and potentially no Acciari, I don’t see the Senators scoring enough against the best defensive team in the NHL to win. And hello, Condon in net, no thanks. Bruins hammered the Sens 5-0 last time they were in Ottawa and although they have their offensive ability blunted somewhat tonight, they have enough to beat a shoddy Senators side.

POTD 3. Dallas Reg (80%) – Dallas are one of the best home side’s in the league, and have put the smack down on almost every side who have visited. A tired Leafs side who could barely best the awful Hawks, are unlikely to beat a Dallas side who are in a tightly contested central looking for points, have the rest benefit and are a home fortress. The Leafs are fairly safely locked in at 3rd in the Atlantic, whilst the Stars have the Avs and Wild behind them. Stars need the points more, are the better side, superb at home and better rested. Oh and yeah Leafs are using their backup goalie tonight. Stars kill it at home.

In summary 2 of the 3 picks of the day come against struggling teams using backup goalies. In Vegas’s case whatever goalie they come up against both Halak and Greiss (likely Halak) are in my opinion not worthy starters of any NHL team and are backup quality. 2 of the 3 teams are superb home forces, and all three sides are the far better teams right now form wise and on paper. I’ve actually parlayed all three for fun on Reg, and done a parlay of Knights Reg & Bruins Reg , and Stars Reg & Knights Reg.

Additional Pick-

Avs ML – This team has still won 10 of their last 11 games, so I won’t jump off the Avs train just yet. However, I will reduce my stake. Pure value play. Blues are not as good as side as they’ve looked with wins over weak sides Leafs and Sens. Heck they got hammered by the Coyotes and Panthers. The Avs are still the better team right now, and I’ll take the plus money.

Preds ML- I won’t play this especially heavy, as the Preds road form is still questionable. That being said the Devils have no Hall or Johansen and have a rookie goalie in net (Appleby). The kid has never been in an NHL game in his life before, and now comes up against one of the best teams in the league. This may be a trial by fire. Devils are slumping, simple as that so I’ll take Preds ML.

All the picks today match the list SDB and I made of teams to fade, tail and avoid. All four picks are tail teams, and all the sides they face are fade (or at best avoid). I think that list is quite a good guide so far so I’ll stick to it for tonight.



I think I will add Preds into my list, besides that we have the same picks.

Oliver Trigg

Stone is also probably out for Senators. He is an important player for the Sens offense, and one of the few Sens players who performs game in and game out.

Geir Aage R Jensen

Hey, what does PL mean??


Puck line(-1.5), it means that the team wins by 2 goals or more

Oliver Trigg

Puck line. In other words to win by more than a goal.


How do you feel about Detroit ?


He hates Detroit, I like them as a team and in this spot vs a Hawks team in total disarray. That said, not the strongest play today.

Oliver Trigg



15 games. Expect all the all-stars to put on a show tonight. Nothing feels worse than being at the all- star weekend having someone question why your there. A night of contenders and pretenders the leaders of the league need to take care of business tonight so their not talked about while this break takes place. Great posts as usual. Im going at least 2 and 1 tonight but love the pressure to sweep.


#1 Playing under 7 – Vegas Islzzzzz -120

Western RattlersD

To WIN in reg: Nashville, Vegas, Boston.
Over: Tampa/Philly
Under: Buffalo, Columbus
Lean to Win: Philly, Dallas

The day before another 4+ day off break for all the teams, I suspect the general trend would be for fewer goals scored. That gives me some extra confidence with the two Under picks today, between teams already hard pressed to score.

Pedro Carvalho

Today its like this ! Good luck everyone thats are my toughs ! Last night 5/6 !

Devils (with draw incluiding)
Buffalos (with draw incluiding)
Tampa bay lighting (with draw incluiding)
Vegas knight
Boston (with draw incluiding)
Pens (with draw incluiding)

Thats its what i like ! Good luck my friends!

Juri Safoshin

Regulation wins: Sharks, Canucks

Coyotes match – Draw, small stake
Panthers Caps – Draw, small one

Pens win, with OT

Surprise bet – Flyers regulation win at 2.70

Calle Medin

I’m a bit surprised that no one mentions Sharks tonight…


Sharks will demolished gassed out Rangers


I played Sharks Reg, small bet but still…


Love the Sharks tonight Rangers played like 8 games in 12 days right ?


Pavelec also in net and that guy is horrible ?


he’s had some decent games


Pitts -140

It’s juicy but use it with another in parlay. It’s as close as you’ll get to a lock.


No locks in any sport anything can happen sport


You are correct! My way of saying I really really like it ALOT lol


Got cha


Stars PL
Caps PL

That’s all I have



San Jose Sharks -1.5 (+180)
Vegas Golden Knights -1.5 (+135)
Dallas Stars -1.5 (+155)
Nashville Predators -1.5 (+200)


PL?? All of them?
Confidence level?
I’m too late for preds but tempted on a 3 team parlay


Had that gut feeling about Dallas that would not show up and there it is ?

Geir Aage R Jensen

Flyers-Lightning over 5.5
Montreal win Reg

Stars win ML
Penguins ML

Blackhawks win Reg
Panthers-Capitals over 5.5

Stomach feeling Rangers win


Rooting for ya but I can’t see a Rangers win today’s they are dying to get back home for sure and super tired


Take the under San Rangers solid bet he says lol . 5 mins into 2nd 5 goals lol little off on that one.


That’s a good night there ! Geeeeez

Calle Medin

Stars, LVGK and Sharks will be my tips tonight. Really believe in three home wins here.


15 games good luck all!!

I feel more confident on smaller cards, love the challenge but to many choices lol