avatar Written by Scott on Thursday, January 26th, 2017

We managed to go 1-1 last night with the tips.

We had the Rangers to beat the Flyers in regulation. This was a scoreless game until 6 minutes of the 3rd when Simmonds scored for the Flyers and Voracek added another and the Flyers held on for the 2-0 win.  This is the Flyers first winning streak in over 5 weeks.

The other tip of the night was the Leafs to win against the Red Wings and the Leafs won 4-0. The Leafs looked amazing during this game.   This was the 2nd straight shutout for Andersen and his 3rd of the year. 

A full night of hockey with 13 games and the last night of action before All Star weekend begins.

Kings vs Hurricanes Betting Tips:

The Kings are the hosts for this years All Star game and they would love to enter the weekend with a win.

The Canes are on a 4 game losing skid and have been outscored 20-5 over it. 

The Kings have had a rough year by their standards but they’re a strong team and you can never count them out.  With them sitting in 10th in the West I expect them to turn things around.

With the Canes in a rough slump I like the Kings chances in this one where the should take advantage of Carolinas lack of offense.

Kings win incl OT/SO

Canada: 2.00 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv
USA: -110 Odds at Bovada
Everyone Else: 2.00 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv

Lightning vs Panthers Betting Tips:

The Battle of Florida is always a great game.

With teams heading into the All Star break I expect them to go all out.

Over the last 10 games between these teams there has been an average of 5.5 GPG.

The Lightning are tied for last place in the East with the Devils and the Red Wings with 49 points.  The Panthers are on a 4 game losing skid so they’ll want to end this now.

The Lightning have had 2 high scoring games in a row with totals of 8 and 7.  The Panthers had a 5 and a 3 but before that there were 4 games in a row that hit 7.

Over 5 incl OT/SO

Canada: 1.77 Odds at Sports Interaction + $20 Free Money Line Bet
USA: -135 Odds at Bovada
Everyone Else: 1.76 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv

Capitals vs Devils Betting Tips:

These teams are at opposite ends of the standings.  The Caps are in 1st in the East and  the league while the Devils are tied for last in the East.

The Caps have owned the Devils over the last 10 games going 8-1-1.   The Devils have won only once in the last 8 games in New Jersey and haven’t won at home in the last 5.

With the way the Caps are playing and the Devils bad play at home I can’t see this going any other way.

Capitals win in regulation 

Canada: 2.05 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv
USA: -105 Odds at Bovada
Everyone Else: 2.05 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv

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Yeap, Canes are on 4 games losing streak, but they’ve lost to Penguins, Caps and Jackets[X2]. Think they got a chance to make it a lot more sweet by wining LAK

Steve Dimase

I also like the canes.


Hello everyone ! Thanks for the analyse !
Many questions for all of you !
Does the Life still win the first period tonight or it will be a tie one ? Regards to the games last night yhe both are strong, and the both have played and win !
For Whashington I would try 2P and 3P win !
After I don’t know !
Last night was cool Phili RG ! Leaf 1P win ! And Canucks win with more than 1 ! Oilers win RG…. thanks for all the informations that every one of you gave ! Good Luck


Look, I’m a Bs fan and I just don’t understand why Pens are road dogs in this game. Bs are a terrible team right now and are likely to be without Marchand, who has to be one of the biggest a$$holes in the NHL. Although Pens are without Malkin they are still one of the most talented and motivated teams in the league. Pens ML and whatever else you want to go with because they are going to destroy the Bruins.

If you haven’t seen TML play this year do yourself a favor and find a chance to watch one of the most exciting teams in the NHL. They skated circles around Red Wings behind the excellent play of Anderson. McElhinney gets the start but he’s a good goalie. They are young, talented and very fast. I see them rolling over the Flyers tonight after a pretty easy game last night in Hockey Town.

that’s it for now, time to take the kid to school. More later…

Norbert Buzási

*Malkin, Hornqvist and Letang.


Hornqvist and Letang were both on the ice for the pre-game skate today according to a tweet from Dave Molinari, the Pens beat reporter.


And? They were winning without them couple of last games. They are out long days ago. For now MalkinG is only a new injured


just got DM from beat reporter, he says Hornqvist expected to play, Letang likely out.

Norbert Buzási

And Gino is going to miss the All Star game as well, but may be alright after that. I don’t know guys, maybe I’ll wait until they are confirmed, but as of now I am talking like they are all out.

Norbert Buzási

Hornqvist played 41 games, only Letang were out for them longer.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

I agree with assessment of the Leafs. I am gonna jump on the bandwagon and get me a nice JVR road jersey.


Hank, Leafs have some great young talent, and not just Matthews. They will make playoffs but I can’t seem them going deep because they don’t have the experience and aren’t a physical team. However, they are entertaining as anything.

Steve Dimase

nice odds on edm last night, 2 wins 1 loss 1 push

Jannik Sønderby

Hey SanDiegoBruins
Do you offer up your thoughts on NHL elsewhere? Or do you ‘only’ post them here at betnhl?
Would love to receive your wisdom on a regular basis 🙂


thanks, but I don’t know crap. I engage only here because it’s 99.9% hockey talk, and because Scott and Graeme are the best, even if they are wrong most of the time . Really, it’s a great bunch of hockey fans here and I enjoy reading your comments every day. GLTA

Petri Kontiola



I like your style ! “Whatever else….to destroy the Bruins” very good…. I was laughing…


What do you think of a round robin bet? Lots of sides i like tonight


good way to spread out the risk


Okay, gonna go 2 leg combination.

Caps reg, Habs ML, Pens ML, Sens ML, Wild ML, Stars ML, Sharks ML!


GL! I’m going against you on the Sabres-Stars game. I think Sabres are going to make it 4 str8


Haha thanks. You like all the others though?


more or less, I don’t trust Habs and Wild might have their hands full with STL


Has anyone seen this o/u of 8 in the lightning panthers game on Bovada? Fat finger?

Steve Dimase

the line is at 8? NFW


I saw it. Click Under 8, see what pops up in the side bar where your bets appear. I’ve give you a hint, it’s not under 8. Just a website display coding error.


They voided the bets out with them now as well… oh well

Smoking Barrel

What do you think about Blues-Wild going over5, and Pengs-Bruins over5,5?

Petri Kontiola

Panthers and Blackhawks in reg., Flyers and over 5.5, Stars and over 5.5.


The first period play I posted here yesterday cashed again at a juicy 2.60 odds, thank you Maple Leafs! Today’s free pick is…

Pittsburgh Penguins ML (2.20) – Great value on a team that is going to be looking to bounce back against an inconsistent Bruins team that just lost to the Pens 1-5 four days ago.


I’m going for for Capitals in regulation, Penguins and Wild win Including OT/SO as main bet and Hawks in regulation, TML Including OT/SO and Canes vs kings over 5 as secondary bet.


Montreal ML
Canucks ML

Steve Dimase

With all the games on today also the layoff for the allstar game I think I bet on every game gl all pickem right!!

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Nice! Love the action! If I were to do that then Inwiukd take a chance on Nash ML and Nash TT O 2.5. Go crazy!

Henry Del Valle Sr.

This is really a huge buffet of games tonight. Where do I start? 1-1 last night on my tips, but picked up the under in ED/ANA last night for a small profit.

Wash in Reg – same reasons Scott mention above
Wash TT O 2.5 The Caps have tallied 3 goals or more 8 out of 10 vs NJ. After getting shut out at Ottawa, pucks will be flying at Kinkaid.

More in a bit!


Hello Henry ! I’m agree with you Puck will be flying against Knkaid…. Wash win by 2 or more @235 it’s intersting ?

Henry Del Valle Sr.

That’s a close call. Devils have been so bad lately. Even so, Devils have kept games somewhat close and are 29-19 on the Puck Line. Caps are 19-28.


Thanks for the reply… if If you had the time could you explain me the story of the 29-19 on the Puck Line…. please…

Henry Del Valle Sr.

New Jersey has covered or won the Puck Line, so they’ve won that bet 29 times and have lost 19. Washington has not done so well when they’re favored by 1.5 goals. Washington has only won 19 games when favored by 1.5 goals and lost 28 times. Make sense?

Thomas Andersen

Chicago really made a disgrace last period against Tampa Bay 0-4, while
Jets had a little boost coming with re-entering Laine against Sharks in form.
Laine to score in this one tonight and might even be an outsider to win.

Jeremy Patoine

we did go 3/4 last night with a close lost against flyers.

3 games to watch to night..

WAS over NJD
OTT over CAL
PIT over BOS

interesting picks : WAS -1,5 OTT -1,5 PIT -1,5

Good night everyone

Henry Del Valle Sr.

TOR TT O 2.5 Leafs average 4.67 goals vs Flyers and have scored more than 3 goals in 8 of last 10 vs Philly.

Tor/Phi Over 5.5 Leafs 3rd game in 4 nights and they’ll go with their backup. I think they’ll be too tired to defend and will allow a few goals.

Blackhawks in REG- Darling is the. Eater goalie and, after Hawks got embarrassed against Tampa, they’ll come out and play better physically and defensively vs Jets. I know Jets have played well against Hawks lately (4st wins) but Hellabuck starts for the Jets and he’s been pulled in his last three games.

AZ ML -118 Yes I’m taking Coyotes who are looking to grab their first 3-game win streak of the year. Canucks are 6-17 on the road and 3-7 in back to back situations.

AZ/Van Under 5 – Smith has been playing really well for Coyotes and Miller has had decent showings vs AZ. I like this to be ow-scoring.

Sharks ML – Oilers are 2-8 in B2Bs, 2-7 L9 trips to San Jose. Both teams are playing well, but Sharks will be more fresh. Jones is 6-1 2.42 GAA for SJ. The key to Sharks win will be penalty kill as SJ has stopped 21 of 22 Oilers power plays recently.


Hey guys, is there any betting site that allow multiple bet on a single team eg: Betting that TML would win the first period and win the game in reg, which would give an odds of 7.50

Anyone know about it? and why would most betting site disallow it?

Eduardo Caldeira

i dont believe any site allows the way u said it

Petri Kontiola

Yes. In Romania we have Superbet and Fortuna. They offering options like first period and end of reg. time and one team win and over/under 5.5. Tonight for Stars win and over 5.5 odd was 4.1.


Bet are done we will see tomorrow ! Time to go to sleep… Good Luck to All
@henrydelvallesr:disqus :disqus @bluelinebets:disqus thanks for the informations


Like the Caps play guys I have the caps on the puck line personally.

For totals I have 4 over plays

Pittsburgh Penguins/Boston Bruins (O 5.5) for Game. -110

Toronto Maple Leafs/Philadelphia Flyers (O5.5) for Game. -123

Calgary Flames/Ottawa Senators (O 5.5) for Game. +119

St. Louis Blues/Minnesota Wild (O 5) for Game. -136

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Looks good I can’t disagree with any of them. Guys will be looking forward to vacation and I think defense will be optional tn


Morning everyone,

Busy day for me but taking time to share some thoughts going into tonight’s game.

Great turnaround for TML, I think Babcock’s build up improves on players as they stick and apply to his game’s plan more and more this season. They’re serious condidates to earn a spot in the playoffs. Good things are happening as well in Ottawa, where we the Sens where off to a slow start entering this season.

Tonight’s no-brainer is on Toronto to get a point @1.62
>I know people aren’t betting -or at least tipping- this around here, but the way I see both teams’ evolution reminds me of what Scott talked about WSH@NJD: to teams going into opposite directions as TML’s rising and PHI is slumping…

PIT@BOS – Pens ML @2.23 (amazing) & U5.5 @1.98
>Letang and Malking out is NOT a problem considering how fast and firepowered the Pens are. Matt Murray will be between the pipes and is likely to face Rask and I feel both goalies will stand up before the All-Star Break. If Rask doesn’t start for the Bruins, PIT becomes tonight’s no-brainer-bet obviously.
***Rask gets his 9th straight start

LAK@CAR Canes ML @1.82 and CAR P1@2.95
Losing 4 in a row doesn’t represent the Hurricanes so far this season. Even the best teams had their own struggle and I believe Carolina will continue on their red-hot record playing at home. You might consider the O5 for this matchup also @1.94 as I see at least a push on this pick.

WSH@NJD Caps in regulation @2.04
All the information required has been written already. I do like the aggro pick on the handicap, where you can get 2.9 on Caps -1.5. Hotlby faces Kinkaid. TJ Oshie OUT***

CGY@OTT Sens to win @1.7
Playing some decent hockey compared to their opponent. At home they are 14-7-5. They Just beat the Capitals 3-0. Tommy Wingels is likely to start after recent trade from San Jose. Yep, definitly worth the bet.

CLB@NSH 2-2@10.50 odds
Individual thougts on this game is that Preds are finally getting things done as they are actually in a playoff spot, but there’s a lot of hockey left to play. If the Jackets take this night off before the break, then too bad. But we get to know Torts (sorry if you are actually reading, Tortorella) and there’s no way he will let his team take a night off. It should be a good game I my system leans toward the exact score of 2-2. Meanwhile, standard pick would be this game to go to overtime.

BUF@DAL Sabres to win @2.28 & (P1) +1.5 goals@1.90
Buffalo is playing so real offensive hockey. Eichel is rising big time and Dallas is starting Niemi in net. They allow plenty of shots and goals. Over 6 is interesting at 2.55 odds and the risk-reward play is certainly valuable because bet is considered push if game stops at 6 goals.

I see a thight game between Habs and Islanders. Price faces Greiss, Galchenyuk out and both teams to play tight. Writing this, they are going to play the exact opposite, but I’ll stay away from this game and not pull the thrigger on the U5 @1.98.
I like VAN to continue their good work out there against a 2-game winning streak in Florida for the Yotes but I also see this game going to OT and I don’t want to flip the coin on 3-3 formula, so no bet.



And we’re off…