avatar Written by Scott on Monday, January 2nd, 2017

We had the 2 tips last night and we went 1-1.

We had the Caps to win in regulation and they did but just barely when they beat the Sens 2-1. 

Our other tip was the Ducks to win in regulation against the Flyers.   The Ducks won 4-3 but it was in a shootout.  This was a great game to watch.  Kesler scored a hat trick .

The Centennial Classic was a great game.  Just past the halfway point in the 3rd the Leafs were up 4-1 and, in true Leafs fashion, they blew the lead and allowed the Wings to come back and tie it at 4 with only 2 seconds remaining.  Matthews scored his 2nd goal of the game in OT to win it for the Leafs. 

Another slow day for us today and yet another outdoor game.  The Blackhawks are in St Louis to take on the Blues at Busch Stadium for the Winter Classic.

Besides the outdoor game there are 2 others games and we can’t seem to find anything we like for a tip. 

Winter Classic Thoughts:

I have a tough time calling outdoor games as so many things will factor into it.  Your playing outside, it’s a huge spectacle with so much fan fare going on, the ice conditions rely on the weather and for some players this is their first taste of an outdoor NHL game and may be caught up in the excitement.

For the Hawks this will be their 5th outdoor game while only 2 players on the Blues have experience playing in 1.  So I would lean towards the Hawks to win this game based on expierence but again there are too many questions to make it an official tip.

Other Game Thoughts :

Bruins vs Devils – The Bruins have won 2 in a row and have had success against the Devils.  The Devils are struggling right now having lost 10 of 12 and seem shook up.  But the Devils are anxious to get some wins and try and move themselves out of 2nd last place in the East.  The stats would suggest that Boston will come away with the win but the Bruins have struggled at times this year and I can’t back them in this one.

Avalanche vs Canucks – You would think that the Canucks should come away with the win in this game but they’re so inconsistent that I am worried about that.  The  Avs will limp through a stretch of games and shown up with a huge effort for the next.  The Canucks are at home and on a 3 game win streak but I just can’t get behind them to win this game.

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Arto Reinikainen

Happy new year everyone ! Let’s hope 2017 will be a good year for betting.

I must say i agree with Scott – difficult games to predict tonight.

My first thought of the Hawks-Blues game is that the Hawks win. They’re one of the best teams in the NHL when they kind of have their backs against the wall. Having lost 4 out of their last 5 and after dropping to the Canes, they can’t be happy. I already recall 2 games this year where they were in a similar position, 3-2 wins over Ducks and Preds. It seems like they enjoy these games on the road and especially Kane always comes up big against tough opponents. Also i see Crawford having an edge over Allen, who has been very average lately. But all this said, it’s tough to see the Blues losing 3 in a row against the Hawks and needless to say, even if they fall behind they will give everything they got tonight to come back. Also i think the Blues have an edge in depth as Hossa and Kruger are out for the Hawks. Can’t really say what will happen for certain.

Bruins seem like a safe pick against the Devils, but NJ gets Hall back in the lineup which is a big boost for them, and i can’t help to think that the Devils will have more drive tonight. Overall they’ve been a good home team this year and things can’t get that much worse for them right now, putting the pressure on the Bruins to get the 2 points they really can’t afford to give up to a team that’s looking to be out of the playoffs midway through the season already. But all this said i can’t really confidently say the Devils are good enough to win.

I’d be all over the Canucks if they didn’t play their 3th game in 4 nights & 4th in 6. It’s a game where fatigue often kicks in, and as the Avs have had a better schedule since christmas break, im afraid the game could turn into a frustrating one if i backed the Nucks. They could still win it in regulation though – the Avs are just that bad and i think despite winning 3 in a row i think the Canucks are looking for a big game offensively. But they could also lose a lead/fall behind because of fatigue and pressure on them to get the 2 points against a bottom team in so many ways, that i’d have to go with ML and don’t like the odds in that one.

I already decided in 2017 i want to do a better job being patient and not making bets im not fully comfortable with, so this will turn into a fun night with no bets, sometimes those can help too in the long run.

Mark Anderson

that Hawks pick not looking so good now, a 4-1 thumping :shocked:

Arto Reinikainen

It’s a good thing i stayed away from it then 🙂


They are playing way under their potential, they are a mess. In fact, I may start to fade them because they consistently underperform


Good resolution, in with you Arto

Johnny Hockey

I took the OVER 5.0 in Hawks/Blues – Just for fun. For me this is the “best” bet for today.

Norbert Buzási

Me too. The way this game is going, I am hoping for a 2-2 and a push at best. (I took it with OT)

Norbert Buzási

I’d say mission accomplished. This game didn’t look like reaching even five the way the goalies performed most of the night. That was it for me tonight. Wish you guys better luck!

Jens Denmark

My picks tonight:

Hawks ML
Bruins reg.
Canucks reg.



Watching the hawks game, will look at the other games for my picks after the winter classic but more than likely looking at the bruins and canucks, not sure if I’ll pull the trigger on 1 or both as yet though


Pulling on the trigger on both Bruins and Canucks ML tonight whilst they both have their inconsistencies I’m confident they should both be able to get the W’s, check out my twitter page @ICE_Bets4NHL

Jens Denmark

I am on board 🙂 Damn, Hawks are getting outplayed big time.


Yeah I was hopeful after the 1st, but the blues definitely played better overall, feeling the loss of Hossa in my opinion.

Jens Denmark

Agree, he was on fire before his injury. I don’t think they really play as a unit right now – I am taking a break betting on them for a while 🙁


The Devils have been a courageous team recently, I risk on them to shock Boston tonight.

No idea about the O/U outcome though.


The rest of tonight’s slate is completely unpredictable. I don’t have any confidence in the Bs and if Hall comes back that could be a morale boost for the Ds. No bet, although I’d be inclined to go under.

Avs and Nucks are another game where it’s unclear who can prevail. Not enough talent on either team to see a clear winner, but I’d be inclined to go with Nucks on Home ice. No bet.


Devils – Bruins, 10 minutes into the 2nd and the result is only 1-0?!
What the…


A though game for the Canucks, scored for 3:2 with 3 minutes to go in the 3rd, being dissalowed a goal when they were 3:1 up.