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It was the NHL Winter Classic yesterday at  T-Mobile Park in Seattle.

The home team Kraken beat the Knights 3-0.  There was a big crowd on hand to watch the game of 47,313.  The Kraken are now 7-0-2 over last 9 as they try to climb themselves back into playoff contention

The PWHL kicked off it’s inaugural season yesterday with New York beating Toronto 4-0.  This was a huge moment for Women’s Hockey.

13 games for us today.

Hurricanes vs Rangers Betting Tips:

This is a big game between the top 2 teams in the Metro.

The 2nd place Canes have won their last 3 games and are 6-1-3 last 10.  They are 12th in goals, 4th in shots, 15th in goals allowed and 1st in shots allowed.

The 1st place Rangers are also 1st overall in the league, 7-3 last 10, 10th in goals, 7th in goals allowed and 15th on shots per game.  Their special teams play has been great with their powerplay ranked 1st and their penalty kill ranked 5th.

Both have had similar results over their last 10.  They played once and it was the Rangers winning that one 2-1.  So I could see this being another close game.

Bruins vs Jackets Betting Tips:

The Bruins are entering the new year on a 3 game win streak.

The Jackets are 4-3-3 last 10 and are 30th in GAPG and SOGA.

They played twice this season with both teams winning once at home.

I like the Bruins to win but to get any value it has to be in regulation and I feel better just passing.

Capitals vs Penguins Betting Tips:

These teams played each other once already with the Pens winning that one 4-0 in Washington.

The Caps have dropped their last 4 games.  The Pens have won 3 in a row and are 7-2-1 last 10.

On the road the Caps have gone 8-7-2 and at home the Pens are 10-6-1.

With the way both teams have played it would seem a smart play to take the Penguins.

But ever since Crosby and Ovechkin entered the league there has been a rivalry which usually makes for a good game despite what the standings would suggest.

Blackhawks vs Predators Betting Tips:

Nothing here for me.

Canadiens vs Stars Betting Tips:

Habs on a 3 game losing skid.  They are on the road where they have gone 8-7-3 and are ranked 27th in both GPG and shots.

The Stars have won 2 in a row and are at home where they have gone 12-5-1. They are 2nd in GPG and 14th in GAPG.

I’m not touching the Habs and to get any value on the Stars we have to go -1.5 which is still low so it’s not worth it.

Lightning vs Jets Betting Tips:

The Lightning are 6-4 in last 10 but are on the road where they haven’t been good going 7-10-2.

The Jets are on a 3 game home win streak.  They are 7-1-2 last 10 and on a 2 game win streak.

The Jets “should” win this game but the Lightning are no pushover.

Flames vs Wild Betting Tips:

The Flames are 4-4-2 over last 10. 

The Wild are 7-3-0 but on a 2 game losing skid.

I have no faith in either of these teams so I’m passing.

Flyers vs Oilers Betting Tips:

The Flyers have dropped their last 2 games and are in 3rd in the Metro.  The Oilers are on a 5 game win streak and are beginning to look like the team they were expected to be this season.

The Oilers are better than the Flyers in GPG, shots, and shots allowed but the Flyers have the advantage in GAPG and penalty kill.

On the road the Flyers have played well going 11-5-4 but their two most recent losses were on the road.  The Oilers are 9-6-1 in Edmonton.

With the Oilers on this streak and still at home I like their chances.

Oilers in regulation

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(Odds correct as of 2024/01/02 9:07:05 AM EST but are subject to change.)

Islanders vs Avalanche Betting Tips:

The Avalanche are at home and they have played well there going 15-4.  Over last 10 they are 7-2-1, they rank 3rd in GPG and 12th in GAPG.

The Isles are 5-3-2 last 10, 20th in GPG and 18th in GAPG and on the road where they have gone 7-6-3.

All signs point to an Avalanche win.  We have to take them in regulation and with them at home I think it’s a play.

Avalanche win in regulation

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(Odds correct as of 2024/01/02 9:07:05 AM EST but are subject to change.)

Panthers vs Coyotes Betting Tips:

Both teams are 6-4 over last 10 games.

Statistically speaking the Panthers are the better team ranking 3rd in shots on goal, shots on goal allowed and goals allowed per game.

But the Coyotes have been decent at home going 12-5-0.  On the road the Panthers are 10-7-2.

The Panthers are favored here but I could see this going either way.

Senators vs Canucks Betting Tips:

The Sens went 3-6 heading into the new year.  They won their last game in convincing fashion against the Sabres.

The Canucks are leading the Pacific and Western Conference.  They are in 3rd overall in the league.

At home the Canucks have been great going 13-4-1.  They are 1st in GPG and tied for 3rd in GAPG.

The Canucks are the favorites to win here which shouldn’t come as a surprise.  We would have to take them in regulation and after the way the Sens played in their last game they may start the new year off on a good note.

Wings vs Sharks Betting Tips:

The Wings are having troubles going 3-7 in last 10.

The Sharks are on a 8 game losing skid.

I want to take the Wings here as the Sharks have been so bad this season.  But the Wings are slumping and I would rather see them snap this skid before I tip them.

Leafs vs Kings Betting Tips:

The Leafs put Samsonov on waivers which means that they are going to go with Jones as their starter.  They are struggling at the moment going 3-4-3 and losing their last 3 games and 5 of their last 6.

The Kings have lost their last 2 games but are still in 3rd in the Pacific.   They have been incredible on the road going 13-2-1 but not so much at home where they have gone 7-6-4.

With the Kings at home it’s tough to back them and the Leafs play of late isn’t encouraging so I’m passing.

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I was close to a play on the Rangers because I thought there was small value at -125. However when looking at some situational stats, I’ve opted to pass. I could be overthinking it but Id rather see how the teams perform against each other.

I will take a shot on Tampa Bay +115. I don’t feel good about the play. I typically like the Jets especially at home and with Hellebuyck, but this could be a potential bad spot for them. Watching a lot of the Jets last two games, it was a very physical series vs the Wild. They may not have recovered fully and if so could be a let down vs Tampa.

Tampa has its own issues so it’s really based on a potential rare no show for the Jets at home. I may be overthinking this one as well, as if I had not watched the Jets vs Wild the last games, I’d power rank the Jets above the Lightning and this would ultimately be a stay away. So not much confidence in the play but worth a shot for me.