avatar Written by Scott on Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

A good night of hockey last night.

The Leafs had a 4-2 lead at the start of the 3rd period and the Caps stormed back to tie it and then win it in OT 6-5.  This seems to be the normal now for the Leafs.  They have a lead and find a way to blow it.

The Sabres upset the Rangers 4-1, the Devils ended the Hurricanes 11 game home point streak when they won 3-1 and the Jets and Lightning had a high scoring game where the Jets won 6-4. 

The Habs beat the Preds 2-1 in OT and Weber scored a goal in his first game back in Nashville since the trade.  Radulov also had an assist against his former team in this one.

The Blue Jackets beat the Oilers 3-1 which extended the Jackets win streak to 16 games.  If they can win their next game they would tie the 1992-93 Penguins for longest win streak in NHL history.  Just incredible.

6 games for us today so let’s have a better night with the tips.

Rangers vs Flyers Betting Tips:

The Rangers have a good record against the Flyers over the last 10 going 7-2-1.  The Rangers are also a great road team on the year with a 13-6 road record.

The Flyers are in a slump right now they have lost 4 straight and are feeling the pressure in the standings.

The Rangers took a bad loss to the Sabres in their last game and I fully expect a huge bounce back from them in this one.

Rangers win incl OT/SO 

Canada: 2.15 Odds at Sports
Interaction + $20 Free Bet

USA: EVEN Odds at Bovada
Everyone Else: 2.09 Odds at BetOnline.

Canadiens vs Stars Betting Tips:

The Canadiens are still on their 7 game road trip and will look to continue their strong play during it.

The Stars are going to be without their captain and arguably their best player Jamie Benn who is out with a foot injury.

If Price gets the start in this one, he played last night, then I like them to come away with the win.  I just think the loss of Benn is a big loss for the Stars and there will be an adjustment period for them until he returns.

Canadiens win incl OT/SO if Price starts

Canada: 2.15 Odds at Sports
Interaction + $20 Free Bet

USA: +115 Odds at Bovada
Everyone Else: 2.15 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv

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Norbert Buzási

Woooo! The Rangers’ odds are going up and up and up. I don’t know if I should wait or pull the trigger right now.


How can you not take the Rangers for those odds?? I also picked over for that game

Norbert Buzási

I took them for 2.23 already, but I can see that going over that until the puck drop. That was my only question, not the Rangers. I knew I would pick them tonight even before the Sabres game. 🙂


My curious… why are the odds in favor of philly ?? Rangers are the better team ..

Henry Del Valle Sr.

The public likes the Rangers so the the big money is coming in on Flyers and are banking on them to break their losing streak.


Rangers are 6-0 b2b and have good record after getting beat. I’m betting they wake up tonight after getting humiliated by the Sabres

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Make that 7-0! I completely missed out on that stat. Something I definitely should be paying attention to.

Arto Reinikainen

Flyers haven’t lost at home (in regulation) since Nov 25th, and i think they only had 1 SO loss since then too. They’ve been on fire at home, and had that dominant game over the Ducks, so combine that with their losing streak everyone are waiting for them to snap out of it and i can’t blame people for thinking tonight would be a good opportunity to do that against a division rival.

Also the Rangers without Nash, Zibanejad (and Puempel right now is a worthy mention i guess, he scored 3 goals vs Arizona a couple of games back and provided a lot of energy) are actually slightly worse than the Flyers in terms of roster vs roster. Difference is pretty negligible, but still i don’t think you could say the Rangers are the better team in this one.

Im not saying the Rangers shouldn’t win the game though. They have that confidence against Philly right now and odds rarely seem to reflect that as much as you’d expect, Just explaining why i think the Flyers were the favorites here.


Looks like my rangers win and over bet plays… nice


what are you guys getting? I’m seeing +110 at my site


1-2 for me last night, just two picks from me today with flames and canucks ML, I may have a go at the 6 fold as well, check out my page @ICE_Bets4NHL

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Detroit ML
Philly ML
Montreal ML
Good luck!

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

Agree on Montreal and Detroit, was thinking coyotes too.


Jets are in great shape, so I will bet they do not lose in regulation.

Jets +0.5 @ 1.751

I also like Rangers vs Flyers to go over & Detroit vs Ducks to go under.
I will probably pick all into a combo.

January 1/2 + 0.10

GL to all!

David McGillis

Very well done my friend! ~Wiser Whisky guys clapping and nodding approval~




Flames Canucks and Ducks all should cruise should they not?

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

Ryan Getzlaf is out for the ducks due to injury this game, which is a pretty big miss, wouldn’t count out the wings here personally.

Jens Denmark

Good call 🙂


Hi there again! I have not posted in a while and it is because i haven’t been betting on NHL or NBA lately, aswell as i have been trying out a thing in Football/Soccer betting. I know that is not related to NHL other than betting, but i know that there is some people here that appriciate my predictions so if its ok i’ll happily keep on sharing my bets here, otherwise delete this comment or tell me it’s not ok! =)

Anyways to explain this in the best way ive done a explanation that explains the entire idea, which i’ve found out works great for me, and im calling it The Running Treble
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That is also the reason i’ve named the challenge “The Running Treble”, and the greatest thing of this is that it is a very safe way of betting, and you will win 3 times on the same team this way, and the biggest con, is that if 1 loses you lose 3 combos. But this is something i want to try out and see how much I can gain from it! So if you are interested in following ill be posting here, (again, if its ok) every day! =)
SO! Lets try this out together if you want, for 1-2 months and see how much profit we can make, and then i’ll continue from there depending on how its going, and maybe making some adjustments on the way! =)
I will be placing 50 kr on each bet ( ~5$ )
Ill also be happy to hear your opinions and ideas, or anything that could help improving this idea! =)

The Running Treble
Day 7/61
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Wins: 5
Lost: 0

Arto Reinikainen

I know it’s late, but might as well post my picks tonight:

Jets ML
Habs-Stars OT
Rangers-Flyers OT
Canucks in reg
Flames in reg
Red Wings ML

A lot i liked tonight after a few nights where i didn’t like anything.


Ducks 1st period DNB was a really nice pick!

Nice job!

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

Radulov is a beast