avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, January 6th, 2017

The World Juniors ended on an amazing note last night, with what has to be one of the best gold medal games I’ve seen.

That was an incredible game with Canada channeling the Leafs with the way they kept blowing leads, as the US came back twice from 2 goals down and won in a shootout.

The way the US kept fighting back was incredible and it was just an amazing game.

I haven’t had a chance to watch much NHL action from last night other than the highlights – but there was a lot of disappointing performances out there which affected our betting tips. The Kings getting blown out like that was a shock for sure.

The Jackets run came to an abrupt end with the Capitals demolishing them, but for me the most interesting result of the night was the Wild beating the Sharks 5-4. It looks to be a tremendous fighting performance from Minnesota and really good to see. They’re joint favourites to win the cup at the moment and I could easily see that happening with performances like that.

I’m loving Eric Staal in particular. In the fantasy league we’re in we drafted Eric Staal because we were being rushed for a pick and were a few beers deep. We received multiple mockings for that so we decided to go along with it – renamed our team the Wild Stallyns, used a picture of Staal as the logo for the team. And oh snap – thanks to Staal and a few others look who’s top of the league:


Onto todays tips – no best odds today as rushing to get it out before the 1pm cutoff.

Leafs vs Devils Betting Tips:

The Devils are coming into this one off two solid victories over the Hurricanes and Bruins. Neither of those teams however have an offense as explosive as the Leafs offense is at the moment.

The Leafs nice win streak ended at the Capitals but with the way they blow leads and pick themselves up this season we’ve got to go with them to continue to do so.

We just don’t rate the Devils as a team much this year. They’ve had a lot of problems and very poor performances and if it wasn’t for Schneider they’d be a basement team. Even with him going up against a Top 5 offense in the Leafs, it should be too much for them.

Leafs to win incl OT/SO

Islanders vs Avalanche Betting Tips:

The Avalanche are of course a disaster at the moment. However they randomly pull out upsets – such is hockey.

We do like the Islanders to win here. They’ve had some solid performances since the break however we’re wary of the Avalanche upset.

So we’re going to take enhanced odds – we’re going to bet Islanders in regulation as opposed to just win. Because if the Avs play like they normally do the Islanders should clean their clocks. Winning this one in OT would just feel dirty.

Ducks vs Coyotes Betting Tips:

The Ducks come into this on the back of a 2 game winning streak. They’ve been quite disappointing this season considering some of the quality in their team, but they’re easily the better side here. I really like the performance of John Gibson as well coming into this one.

This has been a season full of inconsistency by a lot of teams, and a lot of upsets. Regardless of all that though, we feel the Ducks in regulation is the right pick.

Blackhawks vs Hurricanes Betting Tips:

Hawks struggled a bit yesterday but as I said – the Sabres always ride them hard. The Canes however have beaten the Blackhawks in the last 3 games.

This was an interesting one as we initially weren’t going to bet it – it didn’t make the cut. But when I was doing my bets and writing these tips I called up Scott so we could revisit it. We both just feel strongly enough about the Hawks tonight. We just find it hard to see the Canes winning these two massive back to back games. If they do it then full credit to them but we’re taking Blackhawks in Regulation.

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Norbert Buzási

I’m on board with the Isles, but I’d take the Canes, and the Devils as well. I’m not putting any money on them, but since they are pretty much 50-50 in my opinion, I’d take the better odds. Cheers!


I’m with ya on Carolina… ?


The Running Treble
Day 8/61
Another win and another day! 0 losses so far 😀 Lets keep it going.
Todays bet: https://gyazo.com/35c051bf8b031c7ed3d62febbe5acef2

Spreadsheet: http://www.betdog.eu/profile/Lawellys_Predictions
Won: 5
Lost: 0


Ya, but how are you doing with hockey? None of your bets at these links are NHL


I explained it yesterdays post =)


Why would you even take a bet that was only paying 1.14 ??? Just so you can pad your stats…. next


Avarage odds per bet is 2.78


Total ROI over 8 days 145%
150kr > 657 kr
But its your choice to follow, read the idea behind the challenge written in yesterdays post…


I was enjoying these bets. Gonna try something like this myself. If you feel like posting winning bets like this it’s all good with me 😉


Awsome to hear! I will continue posting as far as people like you enjoy them, thats my drive to keep on posting. 🙂 And btw, IF i do not make a post one day it will most likely be on my spreadsheet!


Cheers man!


The hawks backup goalie is in tonight… I think if I were a betting man I would take a chance and pick Carolina!! Also they just came off a big win against St Louis….


Darling is 6-2-1 with a 2.09 GAA and .933 SV% in nine starts on home ice.


Well looks like im grasping at straws here… I just have a feeling Carolina will win


Canes have a lot of great energy and bring it every night. Not an exciting team, but like CBJ their coach has them all going in the same direction and what they lack in depth they make up for in competitiveness. They could certainly knock off BH, I just don’t think +120 is enough to make anything larger than a 1-2 unit bet. good luck!


When you say 1-2 unit bet, what does that mean ?? Im not familiar with the betting terminology


a unit is usually considered 1-3% of your bankroll. If your confidence in a bet is low, you’d wager 1-2 units, but if it’s high you might wager 5+ units. In the case above, I am not confident that the Canes will win even though the odds are favorable so I’d only wager 1 unit. hope this helps. Scott or Graeme can probably provide a better explanation. Check out their blog post on this subject: http://www.betnhl.ca/blog/bankroll-management-a-follow-up.php



Henry Del Valle Sr.

Anyone think that Toronto will be in a “look ahead” spot tonight versus NJ? I mean, that game in prime time on Saturday vs Habs is very huge. I’m looking for angles to take Devils but I know they don’t have the firepower to match Leafs.


Henry Del Valle Sr.

Calgary ML – Nucks streak ends.


Preds-Cats – no bet, two inconsistent teams.

TML-Devils – I did like the Leafs ML -130 but with Anderson in net I like the over better.

Canes-BH – I like the way the Canes play but you never know what you’re going to get out the BH, they have the ability to dominate. Canes are 6-16 on the road and 2-3 in past 5. BH are 14-8 at home and 2-3 in past 5. Darling is 6-2-1 with a 2.09 GAA and .933 SV% in nine starts on home ice. Hard to tip the Canes with +120.

Isles-Avs – I’m all over the Isles reg +112 and over 2.5+ -138. In last 5 games they haven’t scored fewer than 4 goals per game and they are playing a team who has given up 4-3-6-4-6 in past 5 games. Over has some value too, but no bet because Avs offense is anemic.

Flames-Nucks – o5.5 +130. Going to be a great game between division rivals who have both been playing very well lately. Can’t pick a side but I like the over: Both teams will press and both teams have been scoring well in past 5 games–Flames are 3.8 GPG and Nucks are 2.8 GPG.

Yotes-Ducks – no bet, Ducks should win but there’s no value to be found. Maybe Yotes get lucky tonight, but I wouldn’t bet on it.



TOR@NJ-Seeing the Leafs at 1.71 on the Moneyline compared to the 2.2 the Devils are at I think that’s out of whack and you have to take the Devils at home. The last couple games they’ve gotten back to clamping down and playing those greasy 2-0, 2-1 type games.

NSH@FLA- Jekyll and Hyde type teams. Not touching it.

CAR@CHI- I simply can’t back Chicago and the Canes are the most annoying team to bet against. Complete stay away. Also think Chicago deserves to miss the playoffs with the way they’ve been playing.

NYI@COL- This seems like a spot where Colorado could finally win a game at home. I don’t know if I trust the Isles to impose their will. Add the fact that the Isles aren’t very good on the road and this feels like a trap.

CGY@VAN- This is the game I see the most value in. Calgary opened as a small dog and have now gone from 1.95 to 1.8 on the ML and that’s for a reason. They are undoubetdly the better team and if they are able to get to 3 I don’t think Van can score with them.

ARZ@ANA- Ducks in regulation should be a lock.Coyotes are listless and Anaheim is in need of stringing some wins together. Gibson in net as well

Altogether I don’t like tonight’s card. But I think the two best picks are Flames ML and Ducks in regulation.



couple of points:
in a home game where where the total is 5.5 Avs are 2-11. Isles are 8-5 vs teams with losing record.

In only 4 of last 12 games have opponents scored fewer than 3 goals against the Devils. Not sure that qualifies as clamping down.


I’m only referring to their last 2 games as far as the Devils go

David McGillis

I concur with all your picks & analysis although I can see the Leafs/Devils game going into OT and I’m pretty certain Chicago will bounce back tonight.

Best of luck!

Henry Del Valle Sr.

Love love love your Isles O2.5. That’s a multi-unit wager right there for me.


on my site I can’t include that prop in a parlay 🙁

Petri Kontiola

Devils, Predators, Blackhawks and Avalanche.


1-1 yesterday
Sharks vs Wild over 5 ✅
Blues in reg ❌

Tonight’s tips
Leafs ML
Preds ML
Sabres vs Jets over 5



How did you make a bet on a game that isn’t being played until tomorrow?


Timezone over here is a little confusing, sorry. That’s a tip for tomorrow ofc.


Last night: 6-10 (-0.14 units)
Today’s bets:
FLA-NSH: Nashville to win incl OT/SO
NJD-TML: Toronto in regulation
CHI-CAR: under 5 goals
COL-NYI: Islanders in regulation
ANA-ARI: Anaheim in regulation
VAN-CGY: under 5 goals
Any thoughts?


I like those picks except for maybe the Leafs. The CGY/Van line is 5.5 or at leas it was on my site, you have it at 5?


My site has most numbers and most .5’s


0-3 for me tonight hoping for a much better night tonight I’m taking panthers ducks and flames Moneyline


non-NHL tip: I really like Miami to cover vs Steelers +10. If you take that in a 6 pt/4 pt teaser the spread goes up to +16. I combined it with a NCAAB game tonight–Rhode Island/Dayton ov131½. Rhode Island is averaging 75.6 ppg on 46.8% shooting from the field. Dayton is averaging 77.5 ppg on 47.5% shooting from the field.


I think Pittsburgh absolutely kills Miami. The Dolphins played a creampuff schedule and set franchise records for futility on defense this year. Pair that with the fact that Pittsburgh defense has started to play respectably and they were completely flat earlier in the year when they went to Miami sets this up for a huge revenge spot. Steelers 31 Dolphins 10


Could be. I have Pittsburgh to win, but I think it will be closer than your prediction. If this were a smaller single-digit spread—say, 6 or 7—I’d be all over the Steelers here. Pittsburgh hasn’t been blowing people out during their win streak, though; their last four games have been decided by a touchdown or less. With that in mind, I feel Miami has a better chance at eking out a cover than Pittsburgh does at dominating one. All good!

Johnny Hockey

A lot of upsets at the moment. I like some favorites again: Hawks, Isles & Ducks. But yeah, upsets again? I also like Flames/Canucks OVER 5.5


Well, Blue Jackets were smashed yesterday! Bobrovsky was terrible doing a favour to Caps pushing his mates down and knock them off the game with 3-0. After that, there is no story to tell.

Today I have no picks, but I like Isles vs Avs to go over & Canes vs Hawks to go under!

January: 2/4 & -0.149u

GL to all!

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

I like Canes and Leafs (ML) today, Chicago really didn’t look convincing against the sabres and got lucky to come out of that with an OT win in my opinion. Canes on the other hand have been good against the hawks recently, last 3 games they beat them and I look for that to continue here tonight.

Leafs are also just a lot better than the NJD right now in my opinion, their young talent is shining and I think they are underrated a lot of the time, they really are a delight to watch and I think they’ll outpace this devils team tonight.


Hey guys… how about those leafs tonight !? Wooo