avatar Written by Scott on Monday, January 9th, 2017

A good day of hockey yesterday.

A slow first period for the Lightning and Penguins but the goals started early in this 2nd and in the end it was the Pens winning 6-2.  The Sens snapped their 4 games losing streak when they beat the Oilers 5-3. 

The Jackets got back in the win column by beating the Flyers 2-1 in OT.  The Wild also picked up a win when they beat the Ducks 2-1.  The Hawks beat the Predators 5-2 and the Hurricanes beat the Bruins 4-3 in OT.
Only 4 games for us today and we only have 1 tip.

Flames vs Jets Betting Tips:

The Flames have won 3 of their last 4 games. They are 6-4 over their last 10.  They last played the Jets on December 10th and won 6-2.

The Jets are having a tough year and things are only going to get worse for them.  Laine was rocked in the last game and has a concussion.  He was the Jets leading scorer and was leading all rookies in scoring also.

I think the Jets are going struggle even more without Laine and the Flames should take advantage of this.

Flames win incl OT/SO

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Today’s bets:
NJD-FLA: New Jersey in regulation
MTL-WSH: Montreal in regulation
WPG-CGY: Calgary in regulation
LAK-DAL: LA over 3 goals
Any thoughts?

Norbert Buzási

I want to see your thoughts behind Montreal in regulation.


The Canadiens are 15-3-2 at home. Montreal has scored 3+ goals in 5 of its last 6 games. Montreal has won the last three meetings. I also think Price will be great today.

Norbert Buzási

Alright, we’ll see 🙂 good luck!


Washington has won 9 of the last 10 they have played in Montreal and Holtby has a better GAA on the season (1.9) than Price (2.1). Not saying the Caps are going to win, just playing Devil’s advocate. GL!


Caps are also in much better shape. For me this is the key point! Of corse anything can happen, but I am going with Caps.

Petri Kontiola

+ Habs have many injured players ( Gallagher, Galchenyuk, posibble Markov, etc.)

Henry Del Valle Sr.

I like Montreal but can’t pull the trigger because of the stat you just listed. 🙁


Yeah, it’s interesting, the road team has won 6 of the last 8 meetings between these two teams. Also worth noting Holtby has a 1.2 GAA so far this month in 4 games (4 goals allowed) and 2 shut outs. Again, not saying the Caps are going to win. I think it’s going to be a really good game because the Habs offense has been playing well the last two weeks (3.33 goals/game). Tough one to call.


I’m seeing Flames @ +115 or +120


i got +115 for one bet and added more at +120. Can’t understand why there is so much chalk?


How to you pick the matches to bet on


I look at the “safest bets” of the day, then look at all of them closely, players, H2H, form, avg goals per game and other stuff as well! Then i choose the one i like the most each day and make a treble of the spand of 3 days. =)


How do you determine whether a bets is a safe bet?


Ive made up my own “rule of thumb” where each team that has over 45 (which is the number that the team has to have more than in my system) to be worth considering for me to bet on, its a bit complicated and hard to explain. But ye alot is based around the things mentioned in the comment above =)


Thanks. I’ve also placed the bet you put up for today.


I don’t understand what you are talking about, there isn’t a single NHL bet on your links. If you’re not talking about NHL, why are you here?


As mentioned in the post on 9th Jan, ive been posting here for a Little while, and quite alot of people want me to continue posting here, aslong as it is my bets… So ive said that for those who wants to follow this can by following my posts here. But IF you dont its completely fine by me, its just that i want to provide My bets for those who wants, cause people has been asking where i was during My break, and the reason i took the break was cause of me not betting on NHL, but as Said above People just wanted to see what i bet on 🙂 Hope that clears everything Up!


Tonight I am with,

Caps ML @ 2.10

January: 3/5 & 0.691u

For more tips follow me on twitter @pp83tips

GL to all!


I like the Devils ML at home tonight. Corey Schneider with a 1.82 GAA in his 4 starts this month and the Devils are 10-3-2 when he starts at home this season.

Henry Del Valle Sr.

I like this play too. Florida is a hot mess rightnow and they have so many injuries as well. Luongo is n net but he has been very bad lately.

Petri Kontiola

Devils, Caps, Jets and Stars.


I’m all over Flames ML +115 and Flames reg +180 for all of the reasons Scott listed. Plus, they have a respectable road record of 11-10 and are 3-2 in last 5. They’ve stepped up their GF to 2.8 in last 5 and GA is 2.2 in last 5. Flames have the edge in special teams with both PK and PP.

Caps-Habs – I like over 5 -105. In last 5 games Caps GF is 4 and Habs GF is 3.4. Both offenses are clicking and this is going to be a very competitive game with both teams pushing. Ovie is going to be focused and will score.

Stars-LAK – tough to find a sharp bet here. I like the under and LAK to win, but they are both at -150. Maybe a small LAK reg bet?

I don’t have Cats-Devils on my board, anyone else missing it?

Non-NHL – I like Clemson to cover tonight.



Lots of people seeming to be on Clemson. I don’t really follow College Ball at all, I’m all about the NFL, but should I take a shot with the Clemson Moneyline?


I don’t have a high degree of confidence about my bet on Clemson. Alabama is a very good team with perhaps the best college defense ever. However, Clemson destroyed Ohio St. and has a very potent offense and a very good defense. Unless there are a ton of turnovers it’s going to be a close game. So sure, put $5 on Clemson and enjoy the game.


Sounds like Under would be a good play as well. Was thinking maybe $10 parlay Clemson ML, Under 53, Kings in reg?


In last year’s championship game also between these two teams the score was 45-40 so I’d be careful about the over/under.


1-3 yesterday

Main tips:
Pens Vs Bolts over 5.5 ✅
Jackets Vs Flyers over 5 ❌
Hawks Vs Preds under 5.5 ❌

Goal by Crosby ❌

Been so busy today so no tips, sorry guys.

But GLTA tonight!


S&G, will you be getting back to the AHL, OHL & WHL tips?

Graeme (BetNHL.ca)

Yeah I’ll run some soft simulations this week see if we’re back to normal post-Juniors and hope to have tips the week after

Johnny Hockey

9/10 now… – Tonight one bet:

> Flames to win (OT/SO)

Arto Reinikainen

Few good bets last night even though i only went 3-3 total. Pens -1.5 livebet, when they were down by 1 gave me almost twice the odds compared to what they were before the game, Sens -1.5 cashed (thank you Gustavsson) and the Bruins-Canes went to OT for the 5th straight meeting. Some big odds there.

On the flip side, i had too much faith on the banged up Preds (man, what a shot by Panarin, that’s gamebreaking), Gibson was strong as predicted but the Ducks couldn’t score more than 1 goal and the Flyers couldn’t bet the Jackets in what i thought would’ve been a high scoring game (if that early goal by the Flyers wasn’t disallowed, who knows).

Interesting night of hockey today.

Panthers @ Devils im going with OT.

You’d think the Devils could beat the banged up Panthers at home in a must win game for both teams. FLA scored 3 goals in their last 3 games and gave up 9, and even though they didn’t necessarily play terrible, that’s just a huge contrast on the scoreboard. But Luongo is back for the Panthers, possibly providing a spark and i just can’t disregard the fact that the Panthers have won the last 4 meetings. And it’s not like the Devils have been a scoring machine either (5 goals in their last 3). Also this will be the 3rd game without the #1 d-man A. Greene for the Devils, and they lost both games without him. At the end of the day though, i can’t see the Devils giving up on this game in regulation (or the Panthers being good enough to hold a lead right now).

Capitals @ Canadiens, i have to go with Caps ML.

It’s a game of 2 positive teams going out challenging each other without sitting back. Oshie is out for the Caps which blows, but the Habs injury list is a lot longer so the Caps are still the better team. Holtby is red hot and 8-1-2 in his career vs MTL (Price 6-9-4) and the Caps have dropped 2 straight meetings against the Habs (one this year and the final game of last year). If you asked me “what team in the NHL is the toughest to beat 3 times in a row” Caps is one of those teams that instantly comes to mind. Habs have now poked the bear. WSH is also a great road team.

Bonus bet: L. Eller to score a goal (odds look to be above 5). His game has been coming in the last dozen of games, he’s been snakebitten but if there’s ever a time he’s going to score, maybe the magic of playing in his former home building helps. Also it makes sense with Oshie out again they need other people to step up. Worth a shot with those odds in my opinion.

Flames @ Jets is the one i have to skip tonight.

I see a lot of people going for the Flames, but they’re playing their 4th game in 6 nights while the Jets play only their 2nd game in 5. Also the Jets players have talked a lot about rallying over the loss of Laine, and the loss they had against Calgary in December was embarrassing + they play at home. You could keep on piling things that adds to the Jets motivation to win this game. But i also can’t ignore the fact that Laine’s been part of 5 goals the Jets have scored in their last 3 games, and also the Flames have won the last 3 meetings by combined score of 14-4 (although, all 3 games were played in Calgary, Jets won the last game they played in Winnipeg). All this said i’d still be tempted to go for the Jets if C. Johnson didn’t scare me so much. He’s never lost to the Jets in regulation and played a strong game 2 days ago. If a team is going to steal the win on the road despite being tired, it always comes down to your goalie playing extremely well and Johnson is capable of doing that tonight.

Stars @ Kings i like OT the most.

Dallas is a desperate team right now, and they’ve been playing better than their recent results would indicate. But there’s just so many ways the Stars can blow their chances to win in regulation. Below average road form, shaky Kari in net, team just not as good in general without J. Benn etc. Kings are a positive team right now and they’re a good home team.

However, i think the Kings are one of the most overrated teams out there, and having only scored 6 goals in their last 3 games, i can’t see them beating the desperate Stars in regulation tonight.

Good luck people !


After taking a look at the matches tonight, the only tip I really got a good feeling about is;

Habs Vs Caps under 5.5
(If Price and Holtby in goal)
I think this will be low scoring, Habs looks good at home, but I think both team will be careful and play good at defence.

Other thought is;
Jets Vs Flames over 5
Flames will be looking for a away win and probably go all in at offence. My thought is that Jets will get a few counter goals or probably a PPG (even without Laine), though I think the Flames will get away with the win in the end. (Maybe OT/SO)

Hope everyone gets a good night.


Feels like I’ve had a terrible few days, so been away for a few days just one pick former today, I’m taking the Canadiens Moneyline