avatar Written by Graeme on Monday, June 12th, 2023

Well, this could be the last time you are hearing from us until closer to the new season.

The Vegas Golden Knights won Game 4 to take the series back to Nevada, for a likely gentleman’s sweep.

If this is the end of the write-ups, we just want to thank everyone who followed us in what was yet another profitable season. It’s been a lot of fun this year, and I’m excited for next season due to really feeling I have a strong grasp on advanced metrics now.

They’ve helped me out a lot during the regular season, and made for an extremely profitable playoffs.

Looking forward to next season. And I’ll throw in a quick plug for my Patreon where you currently get daily MLB tips by Vin, and I personally cover F1 and Golf there at the moment. F1 in particular has been nice and profitable.

Knights vs Panthers Betting Tips:

Scott: Well the Knights can win their first Stanley Cup in this game and it will be at home.

They were up 3-0 but the Panthers didn’t give up and managed to get it to 3-2 but the Knights withstood their attack.

The penalties were way down in game 4 with each team only taking 1.

But the Knights are such a deep team that it’s impossible for the Panthers to try and contain one line. Stephenson, Marchessault, Stone, Eichel the players that can and are contributing for them is intimidating.

The Panthers were able to comeback to win the series against the Bruins after being down 3-1 but the Knights are playing so well that it’s going to be near impossible to win 3 straight against them.

No Bet but not going to be surprised when the Knights win the Cup at home.

Graeme: There’s really nothing new to add. Nothing has really changed in this series. Panthers I feel have been a bit unfortunate. They’ve put up solid metrics in 5 vs 5, but the difference has been the clinical finishing of the Knights.

You can’t count Florida out though. Looking at all situations, they’re converting 2.21 GF/60 out of xGF/60 of 3.19. Knights are overperforming with 4.17 GF/60 with an xGF/60 of 3.57.

The Panthers offense has just been shocking at converting in the series.

It’s hockey, that can all turn at a moments notice.

Knights in Regulation is probably the play here if you’re looking for something. Honestly if you think Florida is done, Knights -1.5 at 2.55 odds is the better play. While I thought I was done betting, I’m thinking I might sprinkle a half unit on that one.

Enjoy the game.

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SD BruinsD

Thanks for a great season guys, really appreciate the hard work and unselfish approach. Knight are going to close it out at home! Have a great off-season everyone.


Eric Børgesen

Will Go for the Knights reg (2,00), -1 (2,45) -2 (3,75).
Thanks for a great season if this is the last straw! 👌🏼🥳

Eric Børgesen

Wow that was awesome! What a way to end the season!!! Ha a wonderful summer and well see you in september 🥳🥳🥳💰💰💰


To WIN moneyline: Vegas
Lean: regulation WIN: Vegas
Lean: to WIN puckline: Vegas

Here we have a very different situation. Florida had a good run in the early playoffs, but they love the penalty box, have some serious limitations and haven’t scored a powerplay goal in this series, while Vegas has scored 6 in it. Vegas has outscored Florida 17-9.

Vegas is not like the worn-out Bruins in the playoffs. Nor are they suffering like the Leafs or Hurricanes who had great difficulty scoring goals. I think this game situation calls for a Vegas puckline win. Moneyline is looking like the most secure bet. Not touching the Over/Under. It could to 3-1 or 7-3 depending on the style of play that goes on. I can’t see Florida winning this. When Florida is desperate and tries harder, their method of playing over their head gets them in immediate serious trouble. They can’t be what they aren’t. Vegas is playing terrific all over the ice, a continuation of their regular season reality.

I want to see how Vegas parties!!!!!

Have a great summer everyone! Thanks to Scott and Graeme for another season’s efforts to decipher this sport. I think we’re in for a summer of major changes to teams, beginning with the Entry Draft and then dozens of trades and more coaching changes. So next season should be very interesting for lots of teams, games and betting opportunities. Stay in the news streams and get the early jump for WINNING in October!


Thank you for your consistent work through the year! I’m excited for new season!