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We will go over the series between the Blue Jackets and the Maple Leafs for this article.

It’s still early into phase 2 and lots of changes are sure to happen before the playoffs start but we still have enough information to discuss the series

I am so glad that we have playoffs to look forward to. With Covid-19 being our main news over the past few months and now a piece of shit cop murdering a black man in the street to remind everyone that some cops and people are still racist assholes and this kind of thing needs to stop and should have stopped long before any of us were born. This isn’t the place to discuss such disgusting actions but as a white male I have no idea how terrible it must be as a black person to live in a society where these things happen and it’s not fair that a fellow person has to deal with such bullshit no matter their skin color. I’ll use hockey as a distraction until I turn on the news and see more racial injustices happening.

The current odds for this series has the Leafs the favorites at 1.60 odds to win the series and the Jackets 2.45.

Blue Jackets vs Maple Leafs Series Betting Tips

These teams had similar records and the same amount of points during the season. The Blue Jackets went 33-22-15 for 70 points and finished in 5th place in the Metropolitan Division and held the final wild card spot. The Leafs went 36-25-9 for 70 points and finished in 3rd place in the Atlantic Division.

They played each other twice in the regular season but both games were back in October.

October 4th (in Columbus) – Leafs 4 – Jackets 1
October 21st (in Toronto) – Jackets 4- Leafs 3 in overtime

Anything can happen in hockey and especially playoff hockey and no team knows that more than the Blue Jackets. They are the team that last year made the playoffs as a wild card team and swept the record setting Lightning in the first round.

These teams did have the same amount of points during the regular season but they play a different style of game. The Jackets are a defensive team who ranked 4th in the league defensively. The Leafs are an offensive team with the 3rd best offense in the league this season.

The Leafs had 4 players with at least 59 points. The Jackets highest scoring player was Dubios who had 49.

The Jackets will have a healthy Seth Jones who could be the difference for them in this series. The also have Werenski who put up 41 points for them. They have a huge advantage over the Leafs in the defense department.

In goal the Leafs have Freddy Andersen who went 29-13-7. He is and will be the starter for the Leafs in the playoffs. The Jackets went with Joonas Korpisalo and Elvis Merzlikins during the season. Both were great but either of them was the #1 for the Jackets as Korpisalo started 37 games and Merzlikins started 33. Either of them has any playoff experience so the edge goes to the Leafs here.

Conclusion: This series will be close and I expect it to go the distance. But in the playoffs goals will win the series and the Leafs are the far better team offensively so I’ll give them the edge. And if they win the series it would be their foryst series win in 16 years. But with the Jackets built for playoff hockey and the odds for them to win the series at around 2.45 I think that betting on the Jackets to win the series is a better play and one that I will be personally making. I mean the Leafs did lose to a zamboni driver right?

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