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The Edmonton Oilers carried their momentum from the previous game into last nights game, and got a big 3-1 win in Dallas.

They are now just one win away from the Stanley Cup Finals and head home to Alberta looking to cement that.

The Florida Panthers are also one win away.

While technically I guess I should be rooting for the Oilers as “Canada’s team”, I’ll be in Dallas when the potential Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals is taking place.

So personally, I’m hoping for a Panthers vs Stars final, as that would give the Stars home ice and then for that to go all 7 games so I could attend. Sorry Oilers fans but I hope you get absolutely battered.

Here’s our thoughts on tonights game:

Panthers vs Rangers Game 6 Betting Tips:

Scott: The Panthers are on the verge of going to the Stanley Cup finals for the 2nd year in a row.

Kreider and Zibanejad both picked up points on the Rangers first goals and that was their first points of the series.

The Panthers were the better team in game 5. They controlled play for most of the game.

This has been a close series and it’s been a blast to watch. With this game in Florida and me picking them to win the series I have to go with the Panthers to win it here.

It would have to be Panthers in regulation and I’m not comfortable doing that with how this series has gone. All games, except game 1, have been 1 goal games and 3 of them needed overtime.

No Bet

Graeme: I tipped the Rangers to win this series as I felt they could suffocate the Panthers offense, while winning the offensive battles on their own.

We’ve certainly seen them stifle the Panthers offense a bit, but they have only won the one big offensive battle which was Game 3 when they took the lead in the series (and won me a nice and tidy little bet in the process).

They just aren’t able to create the chances. Even in that 5-4 victory, their xG was brutally low.

Looking at the metrics for the series the Panthers offense is just overpowering, and the Rangers offense cannot get going at all. Rangers even have a higher PDO.

Is there value tonight in the Rangers line? I’m not even sure when you look at the data.

I’m personally gonna bet the Rangers to win. 2.45 odds, backs against the wall, they’ve shown they can bounce back etc. Plus hey I want the Panthers to win for my dream Game 7 in Dallas so it’s win-win for me (although I don’t think the Stars will be their dance partner).

Really can’t say whether there is value in it though. Looking at the overall stats it suggests there isn’t, and it doesn’t even feel like a play that is going to happen in my gut.

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I’m off this series. Very unimpressed with the Rangers; they can’t skate, can’t make good passes, they panic and look disconnected. Florida still struggles against that. Zilch for me today.