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Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there.

I thought for Sunday rather than do soccer tips I’d have a look at the top online sportsbooks that we recommend, and then list what hockey bets are currently available.

I think it’s always good to see what is available for everyone to bet on right now as more than anything it can get the brain going.

I’ll also clarify country availability to a basic degree.

I’ll cover three sportsbooks this week then three others next week.

We’ll go with 5Dimes, B365 and Sports Interaction for now.

Quite neat seeing the differences each sportsbook offers:


These guys accept Americans and everyone else. They offer hockey video game simulations on a daily basis.

From a hockey perspective they have NHL series bets where you can bet who will win the series, who will win the cup, and the actual Stanley Cup matchup. That’s a bet I always enjoy making as it’s fun to fantasy book a bracket and how it will play out. Considering the favoured choice is Tampa vs Knights at 18.00 there is a lot of value to be had there.

BetOnline. also cover Russian and Swedish hockey.

Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

Not available to Americans but one of the best sportsbooks for everyone else. They offer various esports hockey games and also Comet Division Short Hockey.

NHL wise they have about 9 futures markets right now. Along with the basics, you can also bet on Correct Score After Game 3, To Win from Behind and Series correct Score. Each market is quite expanded too for example in the “to win from behind” market you can actually bet that a team will win the series and NEVER be behind. Little bit of extra value there for the heavy favourites on specific series.

Sports Interaction (SIA).

This one is Canadian only.

They offer Swedish hockey and a wide variety of NHL futures such as correct score.

They also offer the Pinata Pick which is a completely random bet at 125/1 where you can bet on how many goals are scored across the qualifying round. I love those sort of bets in terms of a gamble. I j ust bet it and got “244 goals”. Sounds good.

They are one of the only sportsbooks that are also offering Player Props. You can bet on the top point scorer in the qualifying round featuring McDavid as favourite followed by Draisaitl.

You can bet on top goalscorer, and you can also bet on particular series props such as “Patrick Kane to get most points in Blackhawks vs Oilers series”. Pretty darn cool.

On top of that they also offer NHL Draft bets such as who will win the lottery, who will be the 2nd pick etc.

Honestly I am pretty pumped about those players props for each series. If you’re a Canadian I’d advise signing up at Sports Interaction (SIA) as those bets are fun ones to start thinking about at this time.

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