avatar Written by Graeme on Sunday, June 26th, 2022

I am in Chicago right now and don’t have time to write anything up. Not even sure how things will go anyway really thought Avs would wrap it up last time

Here are Scotts thoughts

Avalanche vs Lightning Bets:

Scott: This has been a great series. Overtime game 1, a big win for each team in games 2 and 3, another overtime in game 4 and then a good close game 5 which saw the Lightning keep their hopes alive when they won 3-2 in Colorado.

Now the series moves to Tampa Bay for game 6. You know the home town fans are going to be going crazy. The Avalanche did win game 4 on the road so they know what it takes to pick up the win here. But it’s the Lightning and they are such a hard team to try and predict in this series.

Before the series began I called that the series would finish in game 6. So I have to follow my original pick and take the Avalanche to win.

Avalanche win incl OT

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Western RattlersD

Deliberately not betting, so I can watch the game on the ice. Too tough to call anyway, game to game. I think the Avs have the advantage in many ways, but must apply themselves every shift to use their speed, disruption skills and offensive skills, which Tampa can’t match. What Tampa does to score seems very predictable in terms of sending in one man to the net, the same men to the same positions, and getting screened shots and chaos. Kuemper has been guilty of letting in the odd easy stop, so that has always worried me. My lean would be full game Under 6.5, but not betting it. Time to relax! May and June can be crap months for betting, apart from the horses maybe. WNBA in the early stages has been very qwerky on results. CFL hasn’t settled into patterns yet. Not a better on MLS much, and MLB I really don’t like to bet on. Anyone got suggestions for the summer?




I like Bolts over 26.5 SOG. Might look at some player props. Agreed it’s a coin flip on result. Maybe bet the tie in reg?

Eric Børgesen

Lets get this site going again! Been sleeping since the pandemic! New season, new energy! 🥳

Eric Børgesen

Cant wait!! Oct 7th 🥳