avatar Written by Graeme on Sunday, June 2nd, 2024

And then there were three.

The New York Rangers stumbled out of the Stanley Cup playoffs and it was just as I said yesterday – they were unable to create the chances. Another game, another really low xG. Very disappointing considering what their offense did to get here.

The Panthers have also did a great job at shutting down both the Bruins and Rangers offenses. The question is will they be able to do so against the Edmonton Oilers? Or will they be hoping Dallas makes a two game comeback?

Oilers vs Stars Game 6 Betting Tips:

Scott: Well the Oilers were able to draw some penalties and Nugent-Hopkins made them pay scoring twice with the man advantage.

The Oilers held the Stars to only 10 shots through 2 periods in game 5. After they were down 2-0 early in game 4 the Oilers have outscored the Stars 8-1 since.

This game is in Edmonton and the crowd is going to be insane with their home team having a chance to go to the finals for the first time since 2006. I picked the Stars to win the series but it’s not looking good for them now. As I mentioned in my series prediction that if I was wrong about my pick I’d be fine with it as it would mean a Canadian team is going to the finals.

Oilers win incl OT

Graeme: As I said yesterday – I’ll be in Dallas when Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals is taking place. Florida did the job to give the Stars home ice. Now I’m just rooting for the Stars to do the job here. And then of course, take that series to Game 7. Easy enough.

Being at home will hopefully be a boost for the Oilers here. They just have to hope the desire of the crowd doesn’t affect them mentally, and they stick to the game plan.

Their Corsi and Fenwick has been low most of this series. The last two games in particular are really interesting as their xGF has been lower than 2 in both games. No other playoff game was it like that.

The Oilers aren’t winning due to their goaltending – they’re winning despite that. They’re winning because of the excellent job their team is doing on defense. They’ve kept the Stars to single digit HDCF last two games.

For me – the big thing here is that the Stars couldn’t make the necessary adjustments in Game 5. They never seemed to figure it out – even when the Oilers were leading.

When you can’t adjust, either pre-game or on the fly, in such a critical spot? I don’t think you have what it takes.

I don’t think my Game 7 attendance is happening. But hey at least I’ll be in Dallas with a couple of Oilers fans so I can root that on instead. I’m going higher here – Oilers in Regulation

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McDavid OVER 3.5 shots
Full game UNDER 6.0 (parlay bait)
Oilers win the Stanley Cup

With goal and shot counts down for Dallas, I can’t see player props I like yet. Dallas is fading on offense and not adjusting, as Graeme points out above, but to some degree still hanging on, which is much more than I can say was going on with the Rangers over the last couple games. Oilers have more players I’d consider for props, but both teams are checking close and spreading around the offense, so it’s high risk with most players if the goal count stays low. The UNDER I think might be at risk here if Dallas stumbles at any point and the Oilers net a couple extra. Empty nets? Fatigue? Disappointment? Losing composure? Desperation leading to extra penalties or serious mistakes? Game 6 is as vital as Game 7 here. I expect composure to be at high levels until at least the midpoint of the game, but then who knows……..

Should be a great hockey game!

My guess it that if the Oilers win this game, the Stanley Cup is theirs. Florida had serious difficulty against a Rangers team that couldn’t skate, pass well, clear their own zone well, etc., and the Oilers are not showing a letdown in any of those areas.


Edmonton to win and Hyman to score Same Game Parlay +188

Regardless of who advances I still see Florida winning the cup. And there’s a world where I don’t even think it’s competitive. They are and have been the most complete team to me. Not just in the playoffs, but the entire regular season. I could be somewhat biased because I do have a Florida to win the cup future at +450. I’ll wait to see if Edmonton indeed wraps it up tonight and advances to maybe have a further detailed write up.