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We missed the over last night by 1 goal. We were hoping Mike Richards would be back to really help the Kings offense. Unfortunately he wasn’t, and the Blackhawks offense was quite last night. Pity as the goals were there for the taking – Quick conceded 1 goal in just 20 shots, while Chicago conceded 3 in 28.

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Tonight, Wednesday June 5th 2013, sees Game 3 in one of the most bizarre hockey series in recent history. One of the top two teams in the NHL, the Pittsburgh Penguins, are getting absolutely SCHOOLED by the Boston Bruins. I mean this isn’t even close. Home advantage has switched to Boston, and now Pittsburgh are in serious danger of being sweeped.

Even more scary is the Pittsburgh goalie situation which is really unraveling the Penguins. I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision on who to play tonight.

We’re going to go with two tips tonight. The first one:

Goal Before 9:30

Odds on this one are quite good, 1.76 odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

8 minutes and 23 seconds for the first goal in Game 1. 28 seconds was all it took for the first goal in Game 2. These two teams start off fast. Pittsburgh know that they need to make a statement from the very beginning of the game. They need to take the game and control it – an early goal will do that.

Boston meanwhile, want to put pressure on Vokoun/Fleury as fast as possible and have them doubting themselves. This is offense all the way and a goal in the first 9:30 is very likely.

We’d also look at the Highest Scoring Period – 3.10 odds on the 1st period being a high scoring one, and we can really see it going to that one.

Penguins to Win:

To us, winning the Stanley Cup doesn’t make you a “champion”. It’s all about how you got there, and overcoming adversity – that’s the sort of thing that makes you a champion.

Blackhawks did it. 3-1 down against the Red Wings and they came back and picked up the win. Boston have did it – Game 7 of their Leafs series says it all. But the Penguins have yet to do that. Pittsburgh have yet to say at any time during the playoffs – “Yep, we’re worthy of being champions”.

Now’s their chance.

2 games down to Boston, 2 complete demolition jobs by the Bruins and 2 huge road games.

If they can come back after the previous 2 games, then they’re worthy of being champions.

And that’s the sort of thought that is going to be going through the Penguins heads. Man for man they have the best players in the league. But are they worthy of being champions?

Tonight’s where we find out. And with so much to play for, we have to recommend the Penguins to win the game. 1.95 odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

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