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The cinderella story is looking over for the Panthers, as they are playing more like the Florida Pumpkins.

They were thumped 7-2 in Game 2 by the Knights, with Bobrosky being chased from the net after conceding 4 goals in 13 shots.

It’s not looking good for Florida. Their only hope is to turn it around at home.

Of their 12 wins in 18 playoff games, they don’t have the best home record with 4 wins and 3 losses. They’re actually a better team on the road.

The Knights meanwhile, have 6 wins in 8 road games so those numbers don’t look good for Florida. This is very reminiscent of that Canadiens vs Lightning year.

Panthers vs Knights Game 3:

Scott: Well my faith in the Panthers is quickly going away.

Game 2 saw them get beat 7-2 and the Panthers pulled Bobrovsky.

They were down 2-0 after the 1st and 4-0 after the 2nd. The Knights have dominated this series so far, outscoring the Panthers by 8 goals, and Marchessault has been incredible.

Gudas left game 2 and he has been a big piece to the Panthers and if he isn’t 100% they are in trouble.

The games have been physical but the Knights have been the better team and the emotions have gotten to the Panthers.

I’m skipping this game and will see how the Panthers perform at home down 2-0 in the series. They were down 3-1 in the 1st round series against the Bruins so it’s not over yet.

Graeme: Looking at the metrics, I’m just not seeing anything that really leans towards a Panthers win just because of the venue change.

A lot of their magic in these playoffs was due to Bobrovsky and that just isn’t happening anymore. They’re also unable to handle the style that the Knights play. You could forgive them in Game 1, but they should have been able to make the adjustments in Game 2.

This is one of those spots where it’s hard to think about this game in its own.

I bet the Knights to win in regulation last time out, and I won at 2.30 odds. I also have a bet on the Knights to win the series.

With those two bets, I feel quite happy calling it quits betting wise for the cup finals. It’s been a pretty darn profitable playoffs for me, and looking at my balance I’m happy with it, and the likely winnings from the Knights.

So from my own betting perspective – I’m basically done for the year.

In regards to this game? I mean, the Panthers are still putting up some impressive metrics. It’s just that combination of the magic of goaltending gone, and the clinical finishing of the Knights.

Switching to home ice isn’t going to magically change that for the Panthers. To be honest I don’t know what they could do to adjust and change things. The Knights are looking unstoppable.

In saying that, if there is one game where they are able to step up, it’s that crucial Game 3 at home after going down 0-2 in the series.

Regardless of my bets, if I was to take this game in a vaccuum, I don’t think I could bring myself to bet the Knights here.

The only bet I’d even remotely consider is the Over 6 in this one. The reasoning for that is I don’t think Bobrovsky can regain his mojo, so the Panthers have to attack. And their offensive metrics are good enough that they could make this a real shootout.

So that’s my thoughts. No bets, but a slight lean on the over based on how I expect the Panthers to play.

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To WIN moneyline: Vegas
Lean: full game Over 6.0
Lean: puckline win: Vegas

Both teams had time off before the start of the series, and both just had two days off. That plays as a serious positive for Vegas. Venue Schmenue.

I’ve reviewed stats, trends and situations on this matchup over and over, and today I’m not going to review that again. The Panthers are in a situation that’s over their head as a team and regarding most of of their top players, including now their goalie who, out of no fault of his own, may be suffering something similar to the dilemmas of Price and Markstrom.

It makes me wonder how they talk or don’t talk as a group, and how low the mentality is with Tkachuk, Bennett and that type. Leadership? Does Tkachuk remind anyone of Mark Messier or Jean Beliveau? Their composure as professional players is replaced by pointless, rule-breaking, violent belligerence, their persistent lack of any kind of strategic self-discipline is shocking. The referees have it relatively easy, but there is the ongoing serious issue of having to hand out misconducts because of intent to injure being so obvious. Intimidation of the Knights can’t happen, nor with they be lured into penalties, distracted or slowed down. The Panthers aught to see a sports psychologist this summer, at a meditation retreat.

The Knights have been preparing and designing for this purpose all season. They have the talent, cohesion and readiness to take this game and sweep the series.