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We’re less than a month away from the NHL season and I can’t wait. Well, sort of. Being a Habs fan I must admit my anticipation for this season isn’t what it usually is. Although hey at least there’s the possibility of the #1 pick – going to be a lot more interested in the prospects this year!

Other leagues however have already started up their seasons. One of which is the KHL which I will be providing betting tips for.Other leagues that start soon that I will be doing betting tips for are the Czech Extraliga, OHL, AHL and WHL.

I add one new league per year and the Extraliga is that one. This is the 3rd year for OHL, AHL & WHL and 2nd year for kHL.

When the NHL tips start, I’ll include all non-NHL tips within the posts each day. However in regards to the non-NHL leagues, this is the page to go with. I will be updating it each morning with picks for the next day so be sure to bookmark this thread. There’ll be no e-mail or social reminders etc.

Where To Bet KHL:

Canada: Sports Interaction. (Listed under Hockey-Russia)
USA: Bovada (Listed under Hockey-Russia)
Everyone Else: Bet365. (Listed under Hockey-KHL)

Couple of quick things to note:

  • Record last year was 20-14 for +2.96u for the KHL
  • This is just the second season of me doing KHL Betting Tips
  • I primarily use a mathematical betting system for all of my tips with just slight personal interference.
  • It’s early days and I may be jumping the gun without enough dat abut goddamn I just want to bet and watch hockey again

That latter three are important. For 9/12/2018 for example the system has Jokerit to defeat SKA St. Petersburg. SKA were the best regular season team last season and made it to the final of the West while Jokerit lost in the semi-finals. SKA I’d say are the better team. Right now however we’re dealing with a lack of real world data and Jokerit have arguably played worse opposition, so things can be tainted somewhat.

Anyway just like the NHL tips – no guarantees alright. I advise taking a portion of your bankroll and separating it and using purely that for KHL. That’s something you should do anyway – different bankroll for each league or sport. Smarter bankroll management. For reference my KHL bets are 1/10th my NHL bets.

Any questions ask away otherwise let’s get to the tips and a reminder to check this page each day. Bets will be 0.5u, 1u and 2u in terms of confidence. If you have any insights be sure to share them always happy to randomly bet!

September 25th: Czech Extraliga Betting Tips – HC Verva Litvinov @ 1.75u

September 20th: Avangard/Komotiv double 0.5 at 1.91

September 17th: 1u on Salavat/Lokomotiv double @ 1.75

September 12th, 2018: 0.5u on Jokerit at 3.25 odds. 1u on Spartak Moscow at 1.95 odds.

(Odds correct as of 2018/09/11 6:08:06 PM EST but are subject to change.)

Where To Bet KHL:

Canada: Sports Interaction. (Listed under Hockey-Russia)
USA: Bovada (Listed under Hockey-Russia)
Everyone Else: Bet365. (Listed under Hockey-KHL)

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