avatar Written by Scott on Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Sorry for the delay with the tips today. It’s been a busy day with plenty more to do before the game tonight. This has been the best series of the playoffs of recent memory.

Tonight’s game is going to be amazing and probably the best game so far of the playoffs and maybe the best that we will see including the finals.

This is basically game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. With all due respect to the New York Rangers I just don’t see them matching up well with either of the teams playing tonight.

Gotta keep this short so let’s have a look at the odds for tonight’s game 7:

Los Angeles Kings vs Chicago Blackhawks Betting Odds:

Kings To Win: 2.15
Hawks To Win: 1.74
Over 5 Goals: 1.83
Under 5 Goals: 1.95

You can find these odds at Sports Interaction

Los Angeles Kings vs Chicago Blackhawks Betting Tips:

This is so hard to predict.

Let’s start with the over / under. Neither are at or above even so we should avoid making this bet.

Now let’s get to the game

This series has seen lots of momentum swings. First the Hawks after their game 1 win, then the Kings when the pulled off 3 wins in a row in games 2,3 &4. Now the Hawks have the momentum after winning games 5&6. The Hawks have gone from the under dogs after the Kings streak to the favorites after game 5&6

Hawks have been strong in these playoffs at home and the Kings need to find a way to stop the Kane, Saad and Shaw line who have looked unstoppable in the last two Hawk wins. But that’s the Kings problem right now. Do you take your best defensive pair off of the Toews line to look after Kane’s line? That’s a tough call and a situation that’s going to make or break this game and series.

Call me biased, call me whatever you want but I like the Hawks in this game. Kane is a machine in games like this . And so is Toews.

Take the Hawks in regulation for 2.10 at Sports Interaction

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No player props tonight?

stefan karlsson

Sorry Scott … The Kings got this .. but it`s going to be a nerve wracking game .. one off the best serie in a long time .. it`s a shame that these two teams not face each other in a SC final .. both off them deserve that.

Soo …
-The Kings are 6-4 all-time in Game 7s
-The Kings are 2-1 at home in Game 7s and 4-3 on the road
-The Kings have a combined 77 games of Game 7 experience (combined record of 70-7)
-Williams has played six career Game 7s (6-6=12)…Team has gone 6-0 in those games
-Richards has played six career Game 7s (1-4=5)…Team has gone 6-0 in those games
-Gaborik has played six career Game 7s (2-3=5)…Team has gone 6-0 in those games
-Carter has played four career Game 7s (1-2=3)…Team has gone 4-0 in those games
-Quick has played three career Game 7s (3-0-0, with a 1.33 GAA and .957 spct)
-The Kings have never played an overtime in a Game 7
-This marks the first time the Kings will play three Game 7s in one playoff year”

3-5 to the Kings … but i am going with over in this game becouse the last 5 hasn`t gone under 7 goals .. these two teams are soo skilled to score.

Looking foward to this game .. i wont miss it in the whole world.

Cheers guys .. buckle up your beer and put your jersey on.

Dominik Hoch

Over5 was @2.12 at Pinnacle Sports so I took that of course, looks good with five goals in the first quarter =D

Been following your picks for a while now, you do a great job, keep it up!

Dominik from Switzerland


Yeh I took the Over5 as well as over 1.5 1st Period and CHI to win the first 10 minutes!

stefan karlsson

Man Guys … im jumpi`n with joy now … put a huge amount on over 5 and a one smaller over 5,5 .. 1 goal PLEASE and i am couple thousend richer…


I’m now thinking Over 1.5 2nd Period

stefan karlsson

Nooo … Kevin … think twice … 2:ond can be blocked .. and it shows in several games that many goals in first blocks the second so think twice or use the third.


Turns out it was worth the risk, was a big risk though, did agree with you

stefan karlsson

Nice one…worth the risk and u are rewarded *smile*.

Dominik Hoch

nice one, but i’m not a fan of bets like those. when i have a good one going i’ll just take the win and enjoy the rest of the game. too often i’ve lost an amount of the original bet by doing bets like those…

stefan karlsson

Agree with u Dominik .. shell we go with Kings win on live bet .. *smile* .. i think they will get it.

Dominik Hoch

wouldn’t be surprised with anything in this series, lead changes all over the place…

stefan karlsson

With u … a great serie…i tipped 4-4,3-4,3-5 to night… so give me some luck on 4-4.

stefan karlsson

4-4 ….yeeeahhh .. i have hit the gold mine tonight… this is not real .. finally some payback .. and a huge one… hope u guys went well too…

stefan karlsson

Nickie Hjalmarson … comes from my home club HV71 … But i think Rangers… they can handle the Hawks i think … but with the kings i think it`s over for the rags…Kings are too heavy in all possitions.

stefan karlsson


stefan karlsson

Caatchinggg … that feels good… 3-3