avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Thursday, June 24th, 2021

After an 8-0 thumping, the New York Islanders were able to force a game 7 with an overtime victory against the Tampa Bay Lightning yesterday.

That one will take place on Friday night.

The Golden Knights will also be hoping for a Saturday night Game 7. This could be the end of the road for the Knights if they don’t win at the Bell Centre tonight.

The Knights have shown a lot of adversity this season in the playoffs so the Habs will have to be at the top of their game tonight.

Here are our thoughts:

Scott: It really is incredible that the Habs are one win away from going to the Stanley Cup Finals.  They have won two games in Vegas and now have a chance to win the series in Montreal.

Carey Price, again, was great.  Former Knight Nick Suzuki has helped the Habs fans forget about Pacioretty when these players were traded for each other.

With the Knights switching goalies again I think it hurt them.  Sure Fleury had a bad game so they went with Lehner who won for them.  But then they went back to Fleury and they lost.

And again the Knights are heavy favorites here.  With Montreal at home and having a chance to move onto the finals for the first time in 28 years I’ll go with them to win this game as the odds are too good to pass on.

Canadiens win incl OT

Graeme: The Habs were at ridiculous odds last time out and I said we just had to back them.

Unfortunately while they ARE underdogs, they’re not at anywhere near those odds.

Honestly, at above coinflip odds it’s probably still a good play based on the way the series has went. I really find it hard to commit to it as the odds just aren’t as good as last game though, but Canadiens win incl OT is the correct mathematical play at +130 / 2.30 odds.

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I’m really starting to hate the Canadiens and Islanders. Just fucking go away and let the big boys play hockey.


Clearly you don’t know who the “big boys” are!!! 💣💥🔥

Western Rattlers

In the last game, Vegas looked entirely, 100%, totally, absolutely spent, frustrated, lost for hope, lost for ideas, lost for sense of team, and worst in the league for ability to generate offense. Any team that fried, has major problems. Montreal is playing very fast and smart! Sports radio commentators were saying how what Vegas put into the Colorado series must have destroyed them for the playoffs, because they are less than a ghost of that team now.

How could this go anywhere now, but Montreal winning the series? I think tonight, the Habs, who have shown themselves FULLY justified in taking this series when Vegas is playing much better than in last game, win this game with great determination. Plus, Montreal would benefit with an extra day or two before the next series starts. Vegas will probably have an OK first period, with the last of their reserve tank gasoline, but will then hit a wall and it’s over for them. Montreal isn’t fucking around here, they really aren’t! This has HUGE willpower supporting it. Habs on the Moneyline and I’ll even put up Montreal at -1.0 or higher if it’s available. Give me the odds!