avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022

The Tampa Bay Lightning reminded everyone that you shouldn’t count them out, with a big win over the Colorado Avalanche.

It was a do or die game for them and I must admit having bet Tampa, I was sweating when the Avs went up 1-1. But Tampa got fired up and were able to come back and take the lead.

Scott also won his prop on Hedman over 2.5 shots which was nice. I’m always wary of bets during the finals so nice to both win out.

Now we have an interesting Game 4. Tampa will feel very confident after that one. Avs also pulled Kuemper in that game.

Here’s our thoughts:

Avalanche vs Lightning Bets:

Scott: The Lightning came alive in game 3. It was a reminder of why they are back to back champs. After getting outshot 30-16 in game 2, the Lightning kept the shot count close, 39-32, and chased Kuemper from the game.

The Avalanche need to find a way to contain the Lightning who are still at home and will be riding that momentum. I’m not sure who is going to win this game.

It’s been a high scoring series so far. I expect the Avs will be better prepared for this one. I’m not saying they win but they should have a better game. Rantanen has yet to score in this series but had 2 assists in game 1, 3 in game 2 and 2 more in game 3. I’m betting that he will have at least 1 assist in this game.

Rantanen Over 0.5 assists for 1.71 odds

Graeme: I’m already shaking my head at this bet.

The over has hit every game yet it’s still over 6 only.

I know that when I play it, it’s going to end up being a super quiet game. Vasy & Kuemper both going to have beast games or whatever. Just always happens – feel like you’re the last one at a party etc.

But hey why not. Despite that Tampa win I am not sure I can pick them to win here – Avs might be able to make the adjustments now they’ve played them at home.

Over 6 Goals incl OT

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So the lesson for both is avoid getting trashed – it’s embarrassing losing the game early. But it’s a virtue that don’t survive third period. Most goals in third period. And off official betting on headlines in Swedish press “the Swede game hero!” (even if it’s only one assist to the “important goal”) Landeskog 2 points as his aunt was my class mate in my senior high school a good skier


And additionally It’s overtime time. 3-3/ 2-2 priority order

Western RattlersD

Lean: full game Over 6

I won’t bet that, I’ll maybe look at some props.
I didn’t see Game 3 as a great Tampa comeback. After two minutes, it was obvious Colorado was not supplying speed, and Tampa was allowed to shift around much less impeded than in the first two games. Paul’s goal was a sad performance by Colorado to let their goalie get so screened, and this barely able to skate player Paul stands there and lobs it into the net. A bantam player could have done that. I thought Kuemper was not sharp at all in his positioning, and the puck got in easy on two goals, when Kuemper should have completely blocked the right side of the net, but he was not acting on the puck, he was acting on the players, and that made no sense. A goalie is not there to stop the players. I can see one game going Under 6. Tampa players are getting really banged up and that accumulating damage will eventually show as poorer performance. Kadri is close to returning. I see Colorado having an edge tonight, but they must apply the speed for 60 full minutes, or Tampa can knock in a few goals again if Kuemper doesn’t sharpen up and realize what he’s supposed to do.


Tailing S&G