avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Saturday, July 3rd, 2021

We said prior to Game 3 that Tampa are that team who will capitalize on any mistakes you make. Alas the Habs made quite a few in Game 3, and it resulted in a big victory for Tampa.

It was disappointing to see – especially that mental collapse in the 2nd period, and this seems to be all she wrote.

Hopefully the Habs get at least one win. This seems like the perfect time for it to be a gentleman’s sweep. Plus then Tampa get to win on home ice.

It is what it is. Here are our Game 4 thoughts. And if this is the final time we’re writing this season – thanks for sticking with us during what was a tough, tough season. It was an interesting one to say the least.

I really have nothing to say.  The Lightning have been the better team.  The Habs had a great run but they ran into a team who has no weaknesses and is firing on all cylinders.

I hope the Habs can go on a run and somehow make this a series but they haven’t given me a reason to back them.  They have been in a similar situation once in these playoffs when they were down 3-1 to the Leafs and came back to win the series.  But I just can’t see it happening for them this round.

I think the Lightning wrap this up and win the Cup for the 2nd year in a row.  I hope I’m wrong and the Habs win to extend the series.  I’ll instead just sit back and enjoy the game.  No matter who wins and in any sport I always enjoy watching a team win the trophy they played all season for.

No Bet

Graeme: I honestly don’t feel hard done by; Tampa are just a much better team than Montreal.

Their ability to capitalize on any mistakes must be so tough for the Habs.

Honestly with the way it’s all gone, unless Habs pull off another miracle I think Lightning in Regulation at about 2.00 odds is a good price.


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Western Rattlers

Have to agree with you. My take is that while Montreal learns, adjusts and gets better quickly in a series, and I’d expect them to again score more than one goal/game in remaining games here, Tampa is just that much more ahead of them in depth and scoring ability. And Tampa clearly wants the Cup, they’re going at this 100% every shift. Montreal is now in the situation that will draw on their skills and adrenaline, and I’d expect them again to leave it all on the ice and play well, Tampa just looks like the winner again.

I can’t pick an Over/Under, it’s too unclear what will happen. Tampa in regulation looks like a possibility then. I’d expect something like 3-1 Tampa.

It might be worth looking at in-game betting for Over/Under, and if either team or both teams open up the game, it could become a 6-3 result quickly, but I still think Tampa wins it. I have no confidence in guessing ahead of time on this one.

Western Rattlers

So tonight may be it for the 2020-2021 year.

Either way, THANK YOU to Graeme and Scott for another season of tips and conversation, you’ve been very helpful as always. It’s been two seasons now of quite untypical NHL situations and challenges, and just that much more interesting too.

Good luck to everyone with your betting activity between now and NHL 2021-2022, I think we’ll see some good opportunities in soccer, MLB and WNBA now that their seasons or tournaments kick into good phases of the year for betting with more confidence.

July and August this year are going to see a large number of changes in the NHL! Lots of teams are very unsatisfied and will be making roster changes (some could see huge changes), the Expansion Draft and Entry Draft come up very soon, so keep watch on changes and could be we can get a better’s edge on the start of next season!

Have a great summer, everyone, and thanks to all those who’ve posted comments this year too! Cheers!


Tampa wants to lift the cup at home this year.
Habs in regulation @3.30

Eric Vilhelm Børgesen

First of all! Rest in peace to the CBJ goalie! Sad news on a day like this. Hope it will be marked before the game. Does any one know the circumstances to how ?

The game tonight.
Cannot see why Tampa shoudnt win. As with this kind of games, when it comes to the last minutes and tailing you could see a few empty net goals.
Tampa reg, -1 and -2
If it is the last game, thanks for this weird season. Go get your vaccine jabs and lets see some more hockey after the summer full of sport!
Btw We are going to win the Euro’s 📈🏆🇩🇰