avatar Written by Graeme & Scott on Friday, May 6th, 2016

Both series played last night saw them get tied up 2-2.

The Dallas Stars got a big and important victory over the St. Louis Blues. It was a very tight game with not a lot of shots on goal. The Blues started strong but the Stars came back well – it was good to see the heads not go down there, and they got the big important win.

The Sharks and Predators had a real thrilling game ending with triple overtime needed to separate the teams. The Predators ended up winning 4-3 there.

From a betting perspective that’s where you should be going back a few years and looking at any other triple overtime games(or double overtime that go almost to the end) and looking for trends there. After looking for some broad trends look for more specific ones – like factoring in tieing up a series, or traveling for the next game etc.

It was the night of overtimes as the Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat went to OT for the 2nd game in a row, with the Raptors coming out victors. Raptors started extremely strong but man did they lose a lot of energy in the 3rd quarter. That’s one aspect that I feel Lowry just isn’t that good on – getting the team riled up. It was a strong defensive performance that really got the Raptors back on board in that game.

Tonight we have just the one game as the Tampa Bay Lightning, leading the New York Islanders, play in New York hoping to take a 3-1 lead back to Tampa. That would be absolutely huge for them.

Lightning vs Islanders Game 4 Betting Tips:

Graeme: The Game 3 loss has to be a frustrating one for the New York Islanders. They played what they feel was their best game and came out nice and aggressive, but still lost. That’s got to hurt.

However from what I’ve seen from them in the playoffs so far I just can’t see the heads going down. They easily could but I see them taking this game by the scruff of the neck and tieing this series up.

The odds for an Islanders win are great as it is but I’m gonna go that bit extra today and take Islanders in Regulation.

Canada: 2.55 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.
USA: Bet at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 2.55 Odds at Bet365 (Americans: We recommend http://www.bovada.lv.

Scott: Scott The Lightning won game 3 5-4 but there was controversy.  Boyle laid a high hit on the Isles Hickey in OT just before he scored the game winner.  Either way the Lightning now lead the series 2-1.  This has been a high scoring series with a total of 22 goal being scored over the 3 games.  The Isles will be going all out to tie the series and avoiding heading back to Tampa down 3-1.  The Isles, despite losing the game, played great last game with 39 shots and 44 hits.  If they can keep that up they stand a good chance to win tonight. I’m betting two tonight.

Over 5

Canada: 1.81 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.
USA: Bet at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 1.81 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.

Isles win

Canada: 1.95 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.
USA: Bet at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 1.95 Odds at Pinnacle Sports.

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I’m gonna say
over 5


Scott, does two mean away win? In Europe that would mean that.


It means two tips. Over 5, and Islanders win. As opposed to most nights where individually we do 1 tip each.


Thanks for a profitless tip again, i’ll play for Tampa Bay Lightning..


Tampa in regulation.


Also Dallas, Pens and Preds. for future games.


It’s been a tough round 2 of the playoffs. I’ve lost 7 of my last 8 bets. Gonna ragebet on Isles ML


you’re not the only one

Eduardo Caldeira

ive been away sorry… my NHL playoffs has been so so…

but I have a service and sometimes I can’t have time to say my opinion due to work, but I always check to see if my mind is on the same side as yours kkkk but sometimes I do disagree with some choices… but its good because not everybody has to think the “same”

tbh I had a lucky night… I was gonna back the islanders but today I caught myself “late” for the reviews and when I was gonna bet it was already 1-0

so I skipped the ML and boy at least I was lucky this time kkkkk

but I played the Under 5.5 live, but I knew it was risky because this series has been high scoring… but I felt like this was the game that should be Under for the first time… the goalies are good but sometiems they have been giving cheap goals… since it was a must win for the Islanders and after the 1-0, thought they were gonna scrap a lot

luckily they did but didnt hang on to the lead

yesterday was on the sharks and that OT goal disallowed on pavelski made me so upset… looks like the NHL wants to give Nashville some hopes… sharks were robbed … and I followed that idea, sharks will still pass I think but probably in 7

Blues just the Over 5 and over 4.5 totals live so a win and a push there (didnt like the odds for the blues it was so low)

keep up the good work BetNHL , really appreciate seeing you guys trying to help others