avatar Written by Scott on Monday, March 14th, 2016

We went 1-1 last night for a small profit

We had the Rangers to win against the Penguins and even without Malkin the Penguins came away with the 5-3 win.  Crosby picked up a goal and an assist.   This was a big win for the Pens who, with the win and the 2 points, moved ahead of the Red Wings into 7th place in the East and now trail the 6th place Isles by only 2 points.

We had the Lightning to beat the Blue Jackets in regulation and they did when they came away with the 4-0 win.  Big game from Stamkos who had 2 goals and added an assist.

The Leafs shutout the Red Wings 1-0.   Leafs goalie Bernier made 38 saves to pick up only his 8th win of the season. Of those 8 wins, 3 have been shutouts.

A busier night of hockey tonight with 6 games.

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Panthers vs Islanders Betting Tips:

This should be a good game.

The Panthers are on a 2 game win streak and are 1 point behind the Bruins for the lead in the Atlantic Division. 

The Islanders are on a 2 game losing skid, are in 6th place in the East and have only a 2 point lead over the Penguins.

With Halak out the Isles will need to come together and find ways to win.

With a win in this game the Panthers can sweep the season series against the Isles.  Both of these teams can score and are both  currently ranked in the top 10 in gpg.  I see this one being  a great game with lots of  the line for both teams.

Over 5

Predators vs Oilers Betting Tips:

The Preds are on a 2 game losing streak and sit in 4th place in the Central and 7th in the West.  It’s games like this one against a bad team where they need to pick up the 2 points to help solidify the playoff position.

The Oilers are in last place in the West and 29th in the league ahead of only the Maple Leafs.

Predators in regulation 

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Value Bet: Devils vs Ducks:

Now this game is a huge mismatch.  On one hand you have the Devils who have had an up and down year but have had more of the down and find themselves on the outside of the playoffs.  On the other you have the Ducks who have turned around their miserable year and are now in 2nd place in the Pacific Division.

Now I understand that this game should go the Ducks way but for the value here we can’t miss out on this. 

The Devils can sweep their 3 game West coast road trip with a win after they beat the Sharks and the Kings.  And for the Devils to do that, the get to take on a Ducks team who has lost their last 3 games.

Again I won’t be surprised if the Ducks win, but the odds for a Devils win in regulation is just unbelievable.  Based on value alone I’m all over this.

Devils in Regulation


1st period high confidence system has Ducks tonight 2.33 at 888

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2/3 Yesterday only loss coming from LEAFS



Do u guys like the Chi pick?


I agree with those 3 picks…
below are some others i’m on tonight…


I am thinking CHI OT.


hopefully they can pull off a win


Just to be sure, Devils in Regulation at 5.00 Odds at Bet365. I have to choose the option 3 way betting?

Johnny Hockey

Had allready placed a bet on the Over 5.0 (Panthers vs. Isles) and one on the Preds (regulation) too.

Now I also have Over 5.0 at Canucks vs. Jets in mind – Whats your guys thoughts about this?


I like the blues

Johnny Hockey

Ok. Thank you.

Johnny Hockey

@betnhlca:disqus what do you think about these two picks?


Sorry just saw this. Like Canucks/Jets Over 5 and Blues you’d think should beat the Flames.


Like the blues too


1st period high confidence system has Ducks tonight 2.33 at 888 http://www.betnhl.ca/go/888-sports.php


Tonight picks,

Islanders win %80
Canucks win %80

I wish you good luck!


Lion King, where are you today?


Tonight main bet on
In regulation


Love Preds this game with lots of goals scored. Could be a 5-3 game with Laurent Brossoit in net for Oilers. Based on his recent games it seems he might not be ready for the show. I have Preds scoring 2.5+, Preds winning in reg, Preds PL and Preds winning first period. I have 1.5+ scored for first and O5 in parlay with O5 in Cats-Isles game.

Also have the following with low unit bets:
Ducks scoring 2.5+ – Road trip catches up with Devils and Ducks score at least 3 to win in reg.

Blues scoring 2.5+ – Blues are hot and face Calgary team that has lost nine of their last 11 games, while giving up an average of 3.46 goals per game.

Blues in reg

LAK-CBH O5 – Both teams have the ability to put up crooked numbers. I don’t see the under happening, worst case is a push.

Cats-Isles O5 – Both Lou and Greiss have been leaky and both teams have potent offenses.

Cats-Isles O1.5 for first

Jets-Nucks OT (low units) – value bet on two teams that are pretty closely matched and Nucks are tied for second most OTs

good luck boys


**Insider Tip**

Tonight is the Canucks For Kids Telethon. Every year, during a game, the Canucks hold a telethon to raise money for their foundation. I’m sure science can prove it, but it is just common sense that people are more generous when they are happy. Canucks fans are happy when the Canucks win (except for Team Tank) therefore, by winning, the Canucks have an opportunity to raise more money for their foundation. I’m sure the players (who do a lot of good work themselves) are aware of this, and will be very motivated to win.

Now, I feel like a bit of a sleezeball mentioning this, but a) I don’t bet on the Canucks and b) I contribute to this cause so … My conscience is clear-ish.

I don’t think the Canucks have had a 3-game winning streak this season let alone a 4, but … There are the facts, do with them what you will.

Go Canucks go!


Hmm … sorry guys …. Hope the Kids Fund still got some money!


Who likes Chicago today


Here’s what I like tonight:

Isles/Cats – Going to OT
Hawks beat the Kings in a close one, going ML
Flames squeeze the Blues on the ML (risky!)
Preds smash the Oilers in regulation
Ducks take care of Devils by 2+ (PL)
Go Canucks Go

Good luck tonight all!


goal scorer tips for the day?


Shea Weber and Sami Vatanen.


any others? =D


Toffoli and Brock Nelson.


Islanders, Blues, Predators, Ducks and Jets.


Do you like BlackHawks


Maybe OT there. I prefer to stay away.


Only blues failed you :S


Fking Blues. They win last six games with Flames in regulation and right now break the trend.


Do come with tips for tonight, maybe i will
Back it up.. Nice tips buddy ?


Devils up to +345 3 way on bodog, how often they hit this? 3 in 10 times?

Arto Reinikainen

Good night of hockey for us today.

Panthers – Islanders OT (Panthers ML odds of 2.20 are good value as well, and they could always get it done in regulation, so this is a tough decision, but OT odds of 4 are just too good to pass on).
Kings – Blackhawks OT
Blues in regulation
Jets in regulation (2.70 is a very good value for this one IMO)

Preds and Ducks odds are terrible and im not 100% convinced they will win, although both are very likely due to both these great teams needing wins. Upsets at this time of the year usually happens just because the better team is in the comfort zone, but tonight that’s not the case. Might throw something on a Preds ML + Ducks ML combo.

Good luck !


Hey again! 😀 have checked around and was thinking of 2 doubles..

1. Blues win regulation + Preds ML
2. Panthers-Islanders over 5 goals + Chicago ML

or do you suggest taking Jets ML as the odds are much better than Chiacgo ML.. feeling Chicago can win? 😛

Arto Reinikainen

Chicago is the team i would lean towards winning, but at the same time i don’t think their odds are good enough. One of those games where i feel like it would work out 55% of the time, and the odds are somewhere around 1.80, so somewhat below the value. So my thought process was because there’s a good chance it goes to OT and odds for that are 3.85, it has way more value. But yeah if you want to go for the Hawks, it’s a decent pick. Not good, but not bad.

Jets on the other hand i feel like are a good pick tonight. Canucks have won 2 in a row and just beat the much better team in Preds. A pretty big drop in quality of the opponent, but when you look at the rosters they aren’t any better than the Jets and WPG wouldn’t mind winning on the road for a change. How many times do you see teams out of Playoff contention winning 3 games in a row ? That doesn’t happen often, simply because their roster gets exposed when they let up on the work ethic and get into that comfort zone – something they really can’t afford to do if they want to win games. But if they lose at least i have an excuse, Canucklehead mentioned it’s a kids night of some sort so maybe they want to win for the kids (although i haven’t found these type of events affecting results over the years). 😀


Luckily i went for Jets and Preds in one combo and the other was Blues which screwed up.. Soo overall a small profit 🙂 Thank u for the tips Buddy! Hope for more tonight ?✅

Arto Reinikainen

Heartbreaking late gwg by the Isles 🙁 i hate it when those 4 odds slip through the fingers. unbelievable finish to the game though, you rarely see a team get so fired up, they just refused to lose.

Kings winning by that big of a margin was a surprise but then again the numbers really don’t do it justice. It’s rare for the Hawks to miss so many good scoring opportunities and it wasn’t because of lack of effort either, just one of those nights.

Didn’t think the Blues would sleep on this game, as teams going through a winning streak rarely give it up to bad teams (without brodie and bennett + russell they’re bad compared to blues, let’s be honest here) but sometimes it happens, unfortunately this was one of those nights.

Ducks and Preds take it home as expected and Jets proved to be a good value bet tonight.


I followed one of your predictions the jets in regulation in a parlay and won 25$ 😀

Arto Reinikainen

Nice ?


Yeah Blues cost me some money, the rest would have been mostly OK. Its a loss but could have been worse.


WTH are the Blues doing……

Eduardo Caldeira

i just went for the first 2 picks… really didnt believe on the devils but damn what a crazy night (the first pick I went over 4.5 goals live) for hockey… blackhawks losing 0-5 to the kings? LOL and de devils what a slump… never thought they were going to get beat up so bad… oh well they were lucky in my opinion on the last two on the trip to california so… wasnt very confidant… jets picking up a huge win… calgary also killing allen today lol very crazy… idk what to say… it was a goal fest tonight