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Quite the interesting night of hockey last night. The Blackhawks struggled, but got back to their winning ways via a shootout victory against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Leafs put in a fantastic two periods, but it wasn’t enough to hold out the NHLs best offense, with the Penguins coming back to win 3-1 – now they know how Bruins fans feel. Lightning dropped the ball(puck?) against the Islanders, and the Canucks went goal crazy in a 7-4 victory over the Nashville Predators.

With the end of the season getting closer and closer, every game is really starting to mean something. I still can’t believe we could see a playoff series without the Rangers, Flyers and Lightning yet that’s what we’re looking at. The Western Conference has no surprises but the East is just a bloodbath, as the Winnipeg Jets have slowly but surely slipped into 8th place.

We’ve got three games on the board tonight. The Flyers take on the Devils in what is obviously going to be a big game. The Nashville Predators take on the Flames and the Red Wings visit Edmonton. Edmonton have the quality to make it, but they’re going to have to start taking a lot of energy from the fans.

Let’s get on with the March 15th, 2013 NHL Betting Tips and as always, we’ll do 3 betting tips for all you poor guys still betting Pro Line.

Devils vs Flyers Betting Tips: Flyers To Win

This is a big, big game for the Flyers. Whether they make the playoffs or not could fully depend on this game. The Devils are a few spots above them, and this is a huge and important win. Bryzgalov even said they needed to win these two games – or rather they couldn’t lose both – and they lost on March 13th.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but tonight is the Flyers Stanley Cup. This is an incredibly important game for them, and I’m going to back them to pull out the win. We’re getting 1.71 on the Flyers not kissing their playoff hopes goodbye, and I’m happy with those odds.

Predators vs Flames Betting Tips: Flames To Win

Both teams are fairly evenly matched, however the Flames really put on an outstanding performance against Detroit last time out. This is a team that is very happy to be at home for the time being, and looking to make the most of it. Predators of course have quite a few bad injuries like Wilson and Gill, which is hurting them.

Momentum will be with the Flames here to help them pick up the 1.71 win and make us some money.

Red Wings vs Oilers Betting TIps: Oilers to Win

This is a big game for the Edmonton Oilers. The Oilers haven’t played too many games at home this season, so they’re looking forward to the first of an extended stay at home with the always loud Edmonton crowd backing them.

If they want to stay in playoff contention, it’s games like these where it matters. The Red Wings have had the Oilers number this season already but the Oilers don’t want to suffer the three game sweep. Plus the Oilers have put in some great shifts recently including beating the Blackhawks and the Blue Jackets.

Oilers are a team on a nice run, and we’re getting a sweet 2.00 odds on them at TitanBet.

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