avatar Written by Graeme on Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Well as Scott mentioned yesterday – I’m off in Mexico for the next week at a resort.

Perfect timing too as Canada has just been hit with a brutal snow storm. Been fun seeing Scott sending me pictures of how brutal it is, and then I’m sending pictures of the beach in return etc.

I decided however to keep doing the tips while I’m away. I find that if I take a week off – as I did at the end of January – I lose track of everything and it takes me a bit to get updated. Better to be able to keep going and keep updated on the results that are going on etc.

My write-ups may be a bit short however.

Here are tonights:

Penguins vs Flyers Betting Tips:

Pens have a lot of defensive injuries at the moment however their offense is providing all the goals. Pens have Murray starting and he is coming off a huge shutout against the Canucks but was leaking goals before that with some pretty bad performances.

These two have had some high scoring matches and with the Pens defensive injuries to add to it I’m backing that to continue.

Penguins vs Flyers Over 5.5 Goals

Flames vs Bruins Betting Tips:

Hard to go with anything other than Flames to win incl OT/SO tonight.

Initially I wanted to go with the Over due to how competitive both teams are more but the more I look at it I just can’t see by the Flames.

They’re on a tear. They have a great confidence too – playing against tough teams such as the Penguins. Have to go with the Flames especially with Khudobin in net for the Bruins.

That’s it for me. Off to the beach.

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Graeme, hope you have a nice getaway.

I pick flames -1.5

Johnny Hockey

Bruins @ Flams = OVER! Should be a great game.


Tonight picks,

Bruins win %80
Flyers win %90

Good luck everyone!


Anaheim – St Louis OT 50%
Good luck!


Got what I wanted ☺ thx


Hi ,lion, can you predict just like this sample

hockey score predictions

Minnesota 1 Carolina 3

Florida 2 Columbia 4

Nashville 3 Capitals 4

Blackhawks 2 Ottawa 3 this looks like a 3-2 type game one way or the other

Toronto 2 Tampa Bay 1

Boston 3 Edmonton 1

Dallas 2 Vancouver 4

Buffalo 2 LA 3

John UduakD

Well; we have to hope for the best.


Good picks S&G, I take them in a combo. 🙂

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

I definitely think even though both the Bruins and Flames are playing their backups in goal tonight, Bruins has a better defence than can protect Khudobin, Flames defense can be leaky and the Bruins offence has been on fire lately, definitely see a Bruins win tonight, ending the Flames hot streak, I’m tempted to take flyers too mostly due to the pens injuries and the fact that the flyers have done well in this matchup


I don’t really know who wins, but I see Johnson as a better goaltender and the Flames play at home against Bruins with backup goalie. That’s enough for me to take them too. Maybe you are right, but I also don’t see Boston as a strong away team – not at the moment and not with this goalie.

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

I mean the OVER does seem the safest bet, what are your thoughts on pens vs flyers? Flyers do have a good record against the pens and with all the injuries they could struggle here, flyers are pretty good at home too.


Yes the Penguins are hard to understand. They are able to score them out, but they don’t need to. I can’t pick one of them, but with the leak in their defense the penguins might be forced to outscore the flyers. I would prefer if Fleury is in the net, because Murray seems to hold more than him. I like the chance of some goals most in this match, that’s all I can say.


What’s everyone’s thoughts on Ducks vs Blues? Or too much of a tossup?

Petri Kontiola

Flyers, Bruins, Avalanche and Ducks.


I like Penguins, Flames, Wings and Blues hahaha


Haha yeah me too. Although I think Ducks Blues is a toss up

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

I honestly do think the over for the flames/bruins game is the best option, bruins are not the type of team to consider as an underdog in this matchup, they’ve been playing a lot better too, both backups in and i do think it’ll be high scoring, I usually don’t go against the team on fire, but this could definitely be a spot where their streak ends.

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

congratz man, sad I didn’t tail, I changed my mind on the bruins game last minute.


Congrats! What was the combined odds?


The odds here in Norway was 44.14 in reg.

Petri Kontiola



Penguins and Flames ALLLL Day and Night

Trulegendz04 - Nithusan

What u guys think about Detroit Red Wings vs. Colorado Avalanche

Both teams out of the playoffs, have lousy stats, spells mutual boredom and chaos for the “side” betting, but perhaps the clear lean would be an UNDER result?

Orhan Cypriot Ugurcag

Howard is back in net for this one, regardless I could see the avs edging it.


Red Wings have the ability to score some goals and both goalies are shaky, so yeah I could see it.

Anderson Costa

What’s up guys!? Here are my picks for tonight.
Bruins/Flames – Over 5.5
Blues/Ducks – Over 5

Good luck guys!


Flyers, Flames, Red Wings, Ducks. All ML, GLTA


Flames ML, Pens reg, Blues ML, Wings-Avs over 5,5.

Goals: Malkin and Gadreau

Steve Dimase



Flames ML, Penguins ML my predictions for tonight. Also trying a combo bet on Avs, Pens, Flames and Ducks.

Anthony L.

pens/phil over 5.5
ducks draw no bet
bos/cal over 5


Bs-Flames over -120 – in the last 11 games the Flames have scored fewer than 3 goals only 2x, tonight they are facing the Bs back-up. The Bs are averaging 3.8 goals in the last 5 games.

Flames TT 2.5+ -126 – see above

Bs-Flames over 1st -115 – see above

Flames ML ev – Flames are super hot right now and playing with great confidence. They are going for a team record in front of a home team crowd that is going to be looking for history to be made. Bs are playing well but they are not a great road team and Khudobin is in net and he’s not that good.

Red Wings/Avs over



Boston Bruins/Calgary Flames – total Over 5½ (+100)
for the entire game held on Mar 15 at 9:05pm [Pending]

Pittsburgh Penguins/Philadelphia Flyers – total Over 1½ (-120)
for the 1st period held on Mar 15 at 7:35pm [Pending]

John UduakD

hi guys