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March continues to be good to us as we rack up another winning night!

I particularly enjoyed winning last night because as you could tell from the tips, I wasn’t fully confident in any of the picks. Two of them in particular – the ones that won – were teams that I am extremely wary of.

One of those was the Pittsburgh Penguins. You’ve no idea how hard it was for me to make that pick, especially at the odds. Thankfully I only had to sweat for part of the game as the Pens went up 3-0 in the 2nd period and put the game beyond doubt in the third.

The other one was the Coyotes. Betting this time of year can be very interesting as you’re basically taking the pressure off yourself when it comes to picking a team. “If the Coyotes are a playoff calibre team, they’ll win a game like this”. So then there’s no pressure because hey it was up to them to prove that they are a playoff calibre team – and if they lose then welp, guess they’re not.

However the past couple of weeks I’ve been saying that I don’t believe the Coyotes are a playoff calibre team, so man it felt good to see them rack up that convincing 6-1 win over the Ducks.

Our loss was the Bruins against the Jets. Boston were down 2-0 and tied it up but just couldn’t take the lead. Would like to see the Jets build on that and take some consistency into the playoffs.

In the playoff races, Philly lost a key game to Washington and they must be sweating hard now as things are looking bleak. In the East, the Stars leaped into third in the Central with their huge 4-1 win over the Wild after the Blues lost to the Sens. The Blues lost to the Sens!!!

Speaking of the playoffs, I referenced this picture yesterday but completely forgot to upload it:

And the line yesterday was – why not put it in the recycling so they can use it again next year?

Tonight we’ve got an absolutely massive game in the East, as the two teams in the #1 and #2 wild card standings face off as the Blue Jackets host the Hurricanes. The Flyers look to get back on track as they head to Toronto. In the West, the Stars look to retain their place in the Central as they host the Knights. The Avs also look to do the same as The Coyotes did last night as they host the Ducks.

What an exciting night of hockey ahead of us. 4 massive games.

Flyers vs Maple Leafs Betting Tips:

I’m completely prepared to lose this one.

I went into this game with the hope of backing the over. But the WA line is about 1.70 odds at over 6.5. I just don’t think that’s a great price.

See – we’re sort of rolling the dice on this one, and if the Flyers can be competitive or not. They are on the 2nd leg of a back to back, and they just lost a crushing game in the playoff race to the Washington Capitals.

You just don’t know how a team will react. Their playoff hopes are extremely slim right now. I think if you run the numbers they’ve got about a 6% chance.

So it’s possible last nights game kills them off. In which case they don’t show up, and it puts the over in jeopardy. Of course knowing the way the Leafs are at times they could score 7 by themselves by the end of the 2nd.

But it’s also possible they’re fired up, knowing that this is a win or go home type of game. And if that’s the case, I would much rather back them to win at the price as opposed to the over. Especially against a Leafs team who keep showing up flat footed, and can’t seem to get going. They’ve got a couple of people with minor injuries and that’s affecting them too.

Voracek returns for the Flyers tonight too. Something like that can give a team a breath of fresh air and some badly needed confidence. They barely beat the Sens and lost to the Caps without him. But now their third top points guy is back.

It’s all on the line for the Flyers tonight and they’ve got to leave it all on the ice. At the price, I’m completely fine backing them here.

0.5u on Flyers to win incl OT/SO

Canada: 2.77 Odds at BetOnline..
USA: +170 Odds at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 2.77 Odds at BetOnline..

(Odds correct as of 2019/03/15 7:48:33 AM EST but are subject to change.)

Avalanche vs Ducks Betting Tips:

I begrudginly will back the Avs tonight.

They’ve really not shown much results wise the last few games. But I do feel for the most part they’ve been fighting and looking hungry. The Canes performance was lacklustre and they did just lose to the Ducks earlier this year.

They’ve had a few days off and hopefully they’ve gained focus and come out flying. They’ve been very weak in the first period all season offensively but I’d like to think they get it going early tonight and take it to a tired Ducks team.

Basically everything I said yesterday about the Coyotes beating the Ducks applies here. If you’re a playoff team Colorado then you win this one comfortably. Considering they have to play the Wild, Stars, Blackhawks twice and the Coyotes in the next two weeks….yeah, you don’t lose this one.

1u on Avs to win in regulation

Canada: 1.87 Odds at BetOnline..
USA: -125 Odds at Bovada.
Everyone Else: 1.87 Odds at BetOnline..

(Odds correct as of 2019/03/15 7:48:33 AM EST but are subject to change.)

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