avatar Written by Graeme on Friday, March 17th, 2017

That was quite the night of hockey last night with a good combination of close games and high scoring games.

What a win for the Devils that was – loved that Taylor Hall breakaway goal. The Hurricanes got a meaningless win which puts the Wild on a 3 game losing streak. And the Capitals continue to struggle with an OT loss to the Preds. Really thought they were going to turn things around.

Caught some of that Oilers/Bruins game live last night – and by live I mean the 3rd period. So yeah that was awesome. Tune in all excited with 11 goals in already and then bloody goalless. Amazing.

Massive win for the Leafs last night too.

Only 4 games tonight with a bunch of losers on the board – the only team with a winning streak going more than 1 is the Ducks at 2.

Only the one pick tonight.

Ducks vs Sabres Betting Tips:

The Ducks are still the inconsistent team they’ve been all season, but they’ve picked up two solid wins in a row against tough opposition – the Blues and the Capitals.

They’ve also got a good little home record going stretching back the last month.

Sabres are just a poor team. They’re able to match their opponents in terms of goals a lot and make things close – they’re one of those teams that I watch and think they just need the right sort of player to turn them around.

This is one game however that the Ducks should win and they won’t underrestimate Buffalo.

Ducks to win in regulation.

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